A Juneteenth Red Pill: The Top 9 Lies Democrats & Media Tell Black People

For Juneteenth 2020 I thought it would be a good idea to expose the legacy news media, Democrats, academia, Hollywood and corporate America for the myriad lies they tell to and about black people in America. Minus the Democratic party which has become a bad joke that would cease to exist if not for the media’s unwavering support, the other four forces combine to create America’s most powerful and prominent messaging machine. So when they unite to speak lies that perpetuate black disparity and racial disunity more broadly, they need to be called out for it.

Real change, however, is a shy and elusive mistress. And sadly, our nation today is yet to even lay eyes on her with respect to our country’s next civil rights push (which will manifest socially and culturally, as opposed to legislatively). But when we do finally identify and attract that meaningful change our nation and its people are due, it will be thanks to a universal pushback on these 9 lies told by the American left in service to the otherwise-failed, very sleepy Democratic party.


Combating this lie is the reason I started this website, which is called Love Breeds Accountability. I gave it that name because it’s the most important message I’ll ever pass along. I’m not talking about neighborly love. I’m not talking about the love of a president, senator or congressperson. I’m not talking about the love of a community and I’m sure as hell not talking about the love of Google, Nike, Amazon, Chase Bank, Facebook or any of the other Fortune 500 companies that universally pander to lily white liberals while exploiting black American pain and suffering.

Consider this sad fact: A mere 28% of black kids in America grow up in 2-parent homes. Those kids eventually become adults. And statistically, those adults lag every other race in every meaningful metric. Meanwhile 83% of Asians grow up in 2-parent homes. And those kids also eventually become adults. And statistically, those adults lead every other race in every meaningful metric: education, employment, income, proximity to good health and separation from crime.

I’ve written about this exhaustively and you can read the most recent piece by clicking here. But to keep this section short and simple: it’s a lie that “racism” is to blame for the disparity that black people in America endure. And the media, academia, Hollywood and corporate America all want you to roll your eyes every time you hear someone talk about “2-parent homes.” One of their favorites organizations, Color Of Change, even invests heavily in arguing against 2-parent homes. And I’m not saying 2-parent homes are a silver bullet, or that we should come down on parents today who split up. I’m only saying that instead of rolling your eyes or screaming “RACIST!” when someone says “Generally speaking, when it comes to parenting, 2 are better than 1,” you might consider for a change saying “You’re right. That’s kind of obvious and easy to understand. And it would be good if more parents in the future — especially black parents who so disproportionately split up and end up raising their kids without a father in the home — paid more attention to that as a way to help reduce tomorrow’s disparity.”

On this topic, that’s literally all I ask. You can have, say or do anything else you want. But please just also at least acknowledge that when it comes to parenting, generally speaking, 2 are better than 1. Because the more you say it the more kids will hear it, aspire to it, and achieve it. And when that happens, the disparity will subside.


It’s disgusting how normalized this terrifying lie has become. The Democratic party has even made it part of their platform! And it has shades of “Don’t let black people read!” written all over it. In order to help dilute the integrity of our elections, and simultaneously signal to black people that they’re special and just can’t do all the things that everyone else can, the media and academia and all the others promote this lie in plain sight and pretend doing so makes them virtuous. Let me be very, very clear: black people do have the intelligence and capacity to get state-issued identification. Black people do not lack the ability to identify and execute the very simple requirements for getting an ID. People who argue for voter ID with respect to elections are not doing it because they think black people can’t get IDs. Those in the Democratic party and elsewhere on the left who suggest otherwise are inflaming racist beliefs and signaling to black people that they’re somehow “less.” Still, if anyone reading this knows a black person who can’t figure out how to get an ID, please send me an email to FeedbackForLBA@gmail.com and I’ll personally get involved to help out.

For the other 99.999999999999999% of you, please stop spreading this horrifically racist lie.


Again, I’ve written about this exhaustively but just to keep it very simple: It’s a lie that focusing on skin color is today or ever will be a healthy step forward for race relations, and no amount of academic psychobabble can change that reality. Thanks to the media, Hollywood, academia and corporate America it has become widely accepted to actually teach this stuff in schools. When your kids go to school they are literally being taught that “whiteness” is a disease which needs to be eradicated, while “black pride” is a progressive leap forward that needs to be celebrated. There is no universe where that laser focus on skin color will do anything except create greater racial animosity and division on every side of the coin. The idea that it’s wrong to ignore skin color, and that it’s healthy and positive to focus on skin color both firstly and mostly, is a lie.

(If you have the time and inclination, here’s a 7-minute short story that shows just how regressive and unhelpful it is to focus on the diversity of one’s identity instead of the content of one’s character.)


The Democratic party has always derived power from racial disunity. In the old days they said black people needed to be scorned, and white people should be pitied for having to breathe the same air as black people. Today, in 2020, nothing has changed except they reversed the races. Today white people are to be scorned, and black people are to be pitied. In both cases — the old days and today — black people were the pawns, and white people were too wrapped up in the moment to realize the evil and destruction they were enabling. America is not a racist hellhole. The vast majority of Americans truly have become the wide-woke realization of Dr. King’s dream. But the media, Democrats, Hollywood, academia and corporate America want us to believe that our country is a racist deathtrap for anyone who isn’t white. This despite the reality that Americans who are Asian out-perform white people and all other races in every meaningful metric. This despite the reality that people with brown skin from all over the world sacrifice everything and often risk their lives just for the opportunity to be a part of our country. Slavery is a sin that plagued mankind long before America got here. And there isn’t a nation on the planet that didn’t attain or hang onto its independence as the result of some kind of violence and/or force. But the media, Democrats, Hollywood, academia and corporate America want you to believe that America — the greatest nation in the history of the world, a majority white nation where a non-white race gets the best statistical results and other non-white races risk everything to come to from all over the world — is in fact, at its core or even in a meaningful way its surface, racist and evil. It’s a lie.


Here’s the simple reality about education that bigoted liberals don’t want to discuss because they’re afraid it will offend black peoples’ delicate sensibilities:

Education starts and ends at home. School is just the middleman. So more often than not, kids who fail have parents failing them.

The education system in America isn’t stacked against black kids. That black kids disproportionately struggle goes back to the reality that only 28% of them grow up in 2-parent homes compared to 47% of Hispanics, 71% of whites and 83% of Asians. I worked for decades around technologists and saw dozens of kids with brown skin who grew up with rocks for desks and bridges for chalkboards come here and blow the doors off American kids in STEM. And do you know what made that possible? It was their 2-parent homes where seriousness with respect to education, no matter the environment, was not optional. And then, after insisting their kids excel in education with barely a fraction of the resources or money that American parents have and American schools invest, those parents often sacrificed everything so that their kids could come here. And with hard work and the commitment of their families, those kids came here and carved out tremendous lives for themselves and their families. America doesn’t have an education problem. We have a broken homes problem. And the idea that education is somehow “stacked against” black kids is an excuse perpetrated by lily white liberal bigots who are either too afraid to have honest conversations in front of black people, or worse — like the Democratic party power brokers — derive power from black peoples’ pain and suffering and thus don’t actually want to see today’s problems get better tomorrow. No matter the motivation behind it, the idea that the U.S. education system puts students at an unfair disadvantage based on their skin color, is a lie.


Just like every nation that permitted or still permits it, slavery for America was a net negative. Because the left hate our country and love only what it might someday become if they can destroy and rebuild it, they try to exploit black peoples’ righteous anger and pain by claiming that without slavery our country would be poor and weak if not already conquered by another. It’s a lie. America became rich and powerful because we were the first nation in history founded on freedom and Liberty. To put it another way, we codified God’s greatest gift to mankind after life itself: free will. We said that individuals in America would be free to say and do anything they want, to declare and pursue unlimited aspiration, as long as they don’t infringe on the equally-due rights of others. Of course you can get away with scoffing at that considering it took 100 years after our official founding to end slavery, and another 100 years after that to codify equal rights for black people. But answer me this: if slavery is what made America so rich and powerful, then why aren’t African nations where slavery thrives still today all superpowers? It’s because slavery, if anything, hinders a nation’s ability to rise up. It’s a cancer on the soul of a nation that divides and conquers from within like any other sickness. What truly enables national greatness and exceptionalism is the freedom of all people to set and pursue their own goals no matter where they started or hope to end up. And America was the first to be founded expressly on that value, thus allowing the best of the best to rise up and make us more competitive than all others at an incredibly faster pace. The idea that something as toxic and evil as slavery actually helped our nation, is a lie.


Every identity in America — white, black, Hispanic, Asian, male, female, gay, straight, Muslim, Christian, Jew, atheist — endures at least some degree of bigotry.

And all bigotry is wrong.

And black people in America do endure more bigotry than others. But that’s because black people in America endure more disparity than anyone else. And frankly, that’s more sad. Frankly, I wish it was just a hatred problem because that’s pretty easy to identify and root out. We already marginalize all explicit hatred to the fringes, and rightly so. But hatred or simply “racism” isn’t what makes Americans across every spectrum — from cops to little old ladies and virtually everyone in between — aware that black people in America statistically have worse outcomes that might result in fewer opportunities, more hopelessness, and a resulting increased proximity to crime, desperation, anger and/or hostility. What makes people across every spectrum aware that blacks in America statistically have worse outcomes, is the reality that blacks in America statistically have worse outcomes. That, not simply “hatred” or “racism,” is where the bigotry comes from. And I don’t excuse the bigotry. To the contrary I acknowledge that every single time bigotry is unjust, unfair and unhelpful. But I won’t sit here and gaslight you and try to say it’s not there when it absolutely is.

As noted previously, most of America truly is the wide woke realization of Dr. King’s dream. The vast majority of people in our country harbor no racial hatred. But black people do get worse results, and it’s amazing to me that we can all acknowledge that out loud together but then act real surprised when the rest of the country — from cops to little old ladies — carry knowledge of that reality around with them. The “bigotry” most hang onto isn’t about hatred or a belief that black people are inherently less capable than others. It has nothing to do with people thinking their own skin color makes them superior. It’s the unfortunate result of statistical awareness. What I like to focus on, as emphasized in the first point of this piece and much of what I’ve written about over the years, is reducing the disparities that black people in America endure and thus improving the outcomes they get. And when we do that, the disproportionate bigotry that black people endure will level off and be no greater or worse than that which the rest of us — people of all identities — endure. But don’t believe the dangerous, destructive lies peddled by the media, Democrats, Hollywood, academia and corporate America. The men and women of all races who comprise America’s law enforcement community are not racist. They are aware of the same statistics that everyone reading this (including black people) is aware of, and that we all want to correct. The idea that cops simply “hate black people” or even “care less” about black people, and are gunning them down in the streets as a result, is a lie. And the people who spread that lie are the same ones who say nothing about the lack of 2-parent homes that most contribute to black Americans’ statistical disparities. It’s an issue they ignore because they either think black people are too delicate or weak to handle that conversation, or worse, because they actually derive power from black pain and suffering. Either way, people of good faith who want to actually solve for the disparity instead of merely virtue signaling about the bigotry, will reject the lie about our law enforcement community being “systemically racist” and instead focus on reducing the disparity that leads to black people statistically having worse outcomes.


Imagine if the entire country decided that in order to have a serious discussion about race in America, everyone must first stipulate that “WHITE PEOPLE ARE NOT EVIL.” How would you feel about that conversation? At first you might be okay with it…

Okay. Sure. I don’t think white people are evil. Obviously. Yeah, I can agree to that.

But then imagine that’s what the entire conversation became about. And everywhere you went people were celebrating it and demanding everyone else celebrate it too.

And then someone eventually gets fed up with it and says “BLACK PEOPLE ALSO AREN’T EVIL!” and, for making that statement, they’re viciously attacked and called racist.

Nobody is saying black people are evil. That’s not what the debate is about. This is specifically about white people because all across America, including in our schools, people are pushing the idea that white people are evil. And it has to stop!

How would you feel about that movement? Would you feel like it was actually a serious and helpful petition to advance the conversation? Or would you eventually be offended and even annoyed by it? Offended because you already know white people aren’t inherently or naturally evil, and annoyed because there’s a serious discussion we should be having but we can’t have it because everyone is too busy virtue signaling this ridiculous point that everyone already knows is true.

The idea that a conversation about race in America can’t be started without first stipulating that black lives do in fact matter is wildly offensive, irreparably unserious, and light years removed from virtually all Americans’ social journey where such basic facts were never once even remotely in dispute. The people who have told you that you’re starting a progressive and important discussion because Americans need to be told that “black lives matter,” are lying to you while trying to humiliate or gaslight everyone else. It’s a lot of things. “Helpful” or “progressive” aren’t either of them.


I grew up in a predominantly white community and when new kids came to our school, I tried to welcome them and make them feel good. One of those kids happened to be black. And he’ll tell you to this day what I said to him on that first day when he was eating lunch alone. And I remember it too because I realized that it may have been more important than some of the other introductions I’d made to new kids over the years. “Nice Trapper Keeper. I’ve got the same one.” And he said “Cool.” And then I asked if I could sit with him, and he said yes, and all my other friends came and sat down with us, and the rest was history. He was well-liked and accepted. That doesn’t mean he had an easy time being virtually the only black kid in our friend group and one of only a small handful in our school. I don’t know what that experience would be like and wouldn’t answer on someone else’s behalf about the challenges they face in their own life, no matter who they are or how those challenges might manifest, because the only shoes I’ve ever walked in are my own. But from a very young age I always fought for the under dog. In that case it simply meant being nice to a new kid. Other times it meant allying myself with kids in school who I thought might appreciate having an extra friend around. Always it meant feeling my blood boil when a group of clearly more powerful people would gang up on someone who was obviously incapable of defending him or herself against them. And it’s that aggressive posture in defense of the underdog, and in the face of the more powerful people who are prone to abuse that power and gang up on others, that initially landed me where I am on the political and social spectrum. I’m 43 years old now and have spent virtually my whole life watching the far more powerful, mean, artful, well-heeled, well-supported, anti-America left just beat the ever-loving snot out of the aptly-named Christian and conservative, America-loving right. And it makes my blood boil. Especially since the vast majority of the right really are just good people who are not racist and who want to be left alone to raise their families without big government or angry leftist imposition. But they just get pummeled by Hollywood and the media. And in recent decades academia, hijacked by leftism, joined in the fun and started pretending their bastardized iterations of math and science prove the Christian and conservative right are actually terrible people. (Work by a younger Brendan Nyhan comes to mind, which is just one of hundreds of examples.) They mock and they bully and they berate and they attack and they offend just for the sake of being mean, and in recent years they’ve begun to outright “cancel.” They lie about the Christian and conservative right, insisting in the name of combating bigotry that anyone aligned with the Christian and conservative right is a bigot whether they know it or not. These same leftists ironically lack the self-awareness to realize, or the integrity to accept, just how bigoted their own attacks are.

And they do it all in service to a laughably broken Democratic party that since its inception has derived power based on racial disunity. They exacerbate every shred of racial disparity and disunity they purport to combat. And they do it at the expense of everyone — including those they claim to be “helping” — except themselves.

And then, when it’s all said and done, they give themselves awards and pat themselves on the back for it.

And increasingly, yes, it’s true: they are actually creating brand new racism, including anti-black / pro-white sentiment, that didn’t exist before. Most in the grassroots are doing it unwittingly, but the more powerful among them are doing it purposefully because they know the more divided we are, and the more aggrieved black people are, the more powerful the left becomes.

No one among these destructive, dishonest, bad faith messengers are more powerful than the media. And when I saw Donald Trump not back down to the media even when they lied about him and said he called “all Mexicans rapists” (he didn’t), I surprised myself by getting on board with him basically right away. (I was a Cruz, Carson or Fiorina person before backing Trump.)

“Finally,” I thought, “someone who actually has some power and toughness, and who won’t back down to the media and their dangerous, destructive lies. Someone who will not only not back down, but hit those suckers back!”

And I’ve supported him ever since, and couldn’t be happier with the results.


I obviously can’t speak for all Trump supporters but wouldn’t be surprised if most agree with me on most if not all of this. The fact is, our message on the right has always been a much tougher sell. Not only are we up against much more powerful forces who want to destroy America and cede its authority to a global body with designs on empowering and enriching themselves by returning America back into the European fold from which we came, but also our message is much tougher to articulate. To align with the left you need only agree that “Giving is good.” And who wouldn’t agree with that?

But to align with the right you need to find a way to communicate that “Yes ‘giving is good’ but Liberty is better and I’ll need a few minutes of your time so I can try to explain what that means, why, and how.”

It’s an uphill climb for us on both of those fronts; the massively powerful forces working against us including those most dominant right here in our own country, and the complexity of articulating our value proposition.

We are the underdog. And some of you may be so dug into to your ferocity and certainty that Google, Starbucks, Facebook, Amazon, Chase Bank, CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, The New York Times, The Washington Post, the elitist communist sympathizers in academia, the out-of-touch headcases in Hollywood, and the fledgling Democratic party they all work so hard to prop up — some of you may believe all of those forces truly do have your best interests in mind, and just want to help. But I’m telling you right now, while those forces are creating more division which includes the ugliest and most historically destructive kind (white supremacists), the vast majority of Trump supporters and the Christian and conservative right more broadly are not anywhere near the evil, greedy, racist bogeymen that the most powerful forces in our country work desperately to make us out to be.

Those who work so hard to convince you that we are, are lying to you.

An increasing population of us are on the front lines of the next great civil rights movement that our nation must embark on; the one where, somehow, against all odds, we survive the tidal wave of hate aimed at us and our pursuit for equality; the one where we push back against all the lies I’ve outlined in this piece, even when it’s so easy for the rest of you to say our efforts to do so only prove how racist and evil we truly are.

I don’t know when it will be but I know a time will come when history looks back at the America we know today and notes that the true dividers, the true bullies, the truly regressive and illiberal forces who created the most disparity and disunity among us, were those who today are most entrusted and empowered to combat both: the legacy news media, Democrats, Hollywood, academia and most recently their happy-go-lucky hostages in corporate America.

And those forces are all lying to you.

And for Juneteenth 2020, I wanted to take a stab after being so exhausted watching things just get worse and worse and worse — especially exemplified these last few weeks — at trying to impress upon you that a lot of what you’re being told as absolute truths, are in reality absolute lies.


The Bigotry That Most Perpetuates Black Disparity Belongs To Those Who Deny This Fact

‘Systemic Racism’ Is Sponsored By Dems, Media, Hollywood, Academia & Corporate America

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Love Breeds Accountability

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  1. I suspect that only those who are themselves guilty of racial discrimination would feel any need to ‘virtue-signal’ about it.


  2. I’m not sure if you know who Thomas Sowell is, but please look him up. I’ll think you’ll like some of his books as they have a lot of statistics.

    One is about how married black people do better economically than white people as.a group. How could that be if there is systemic racism.

    In his book Black Rednecks and White Liberals he traces the heritage of the ‘ghetto’ culture to northern England.

    “When people get used to preferential treatment, equal treatment seems like discrimination.” Thomas Sowell.


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