Fake Woke Cleveland Hospital Workers Get Humiliated During BLM Protest [VIDEO]

Several hospital workers from University Hospitals in Cleveland, OH were humiliated while pretending to care about black lives.

Forget about the fact that the “experts” purporting to represent the medical community have become a laughingstock thanks to a few voices among them who were propped up by the media for claiming that COVID-19 is a deadly threat to everyone on the planet except <checks notes> those who want to stretch their legs and get some fresh air while protesting, rioting and/or looting on behalf of left-wing causes.

If you missed that story, here’s a quick primer to catch you up: Over 1,000 medical community fake woke hipsters signed onto a letter actually saying that while yes it’s true they eagerly supported destroying our economy and killing 40 million jobs and over 100,000 small businesses and creating myriad downstream health crises by spending 3 months refusing to treat anyone whose ailments weren’t covid-related, and they did it all just to hype up what turned out to be a uniquely rough flu season where casualties from COVID-19 might this season take twice the number of lives that an average flu does — while yes, that’s all true and accurate — we should set it all aside and pretend it never happened if and only if we want to get out there to protest, riot and loot in the name of the wildly offensive, unserious, and socially regressed “Black Lives Matter®” movement.

So if you want to get out there and burn down cities and protest in the name of that utterly ridiculous “cause” that nobody anywhere ever disputed, you’re golden per the medical community.

But if you want to work, or engage in commerce again, or spend a day at the beach with your family; if you want to exercise your First Amendment right to protest anything that doesn’t track alongside leftist doctrine; if you want to be involved in the political process in any way including going to the polls to cast your vote this November, then per that same medical community you’re basically Hitler.

As if their utter humiliation over the entire COVID-19 panic attack wasn’t bad enough, they had to go and claim that none of it actually matters anymore as long as you’re ignoring it to promote the dangerously dishonest idea that America is inherently racist and thus needs to be destroyed so it can be rebuilt in a more communist or at least socialist mold.

And it truly is a shame because the vast majority of medical professionals — just like the vast majority of black people, the vast majority of gay people, the vast majority of women and frankly the vast majority of Americans — are nice, normal, honest, good people who don’t actually buy in to what the media are portraying as their dominant views.

But also like black people, gays, women and the American people more broadly, the medical community has let a few of their most insane and extreme idiots become the mouthpieces for the entire identity, and since they’re spouting off the leftist narrative that the media prefers, that’s what’s being amplified.

Well at least one good citizen wasn’t having it.

The fake woke idiots at University Hospitals in Cleveland, OH were enjoying a nice, fake woke “Black Lives Matter” virtue signal session outside the main entrance of their Lerner Tower facility.

And then this guy came along.


I mean is that not one of the greatest things you’ve ever seen?

This man is a true hero for standing up to these idiots. And I hate to be hostile to the medical community because I have dear friends who work as doctors, nurses and heck even maintenance personnel whose lives were made better thanks to careers in the healthcare community. More than one company I’ve worked for over the years kept their lights on in part thanks to the business they did with major healthcare facilities, or the insurers who support them. And as noted, the vast majority of these people — especially the doctors and nurses who truly do such important work — are incredible, and deserve nothing but gratitude and honor.

But for the love of all that’s holy, come get your boy. Because that same “vast majority” — particularly among the leadership who sit atop the storied medical hierarchy and thus have the clout to stand up and say something — are instead sitting by idly while a thousand of their peers go running to NBC News and CNN to proclaim that “racism is AKSHULLY a public health crisis” and while they eagerly destroyed our country to stave off COVID-19, none of that really matters anymore if you’re out there protesting on behalf of left wing political agendas.


That’s a real quote!

And don’t give me this “The idea that ‘black lives matter’ is not a left wing political agenda!” nonsense. As noted, nobody anywhere disputes that black lives do in fact matter. But if you really want to mitigate the very real racial disparity that black people in America endure and the unjust, unfair, and unhelpful bigotry that exists symbiotically with it, then you need to stop scapegoating “racism” broadly and lazily, and start appreciating the statistical science behind the ugly reality that a mere 28% of black kids grow up in 2-parent homes. Now stack that up against the 83% of Asian kids who grow up in 2-parent homes and, somehow, in our allegedly RACIST! country, manage to blow the doors off everyone in every meaningful metric: education, employment, income, proximity to good health and separation from crime.

If you truly want to mitigate racial disparity, bigotry and disunity then stop ignoring the root problem while creating brand new problems and ultimately exploiting the very real pain and suffering of black people in America just so you can feel like you did something meaningful with your day, all in service to a leftist and Democrat political agenda that has always derived power from black pain and suffering.

But if you insist on being idiots who ignore that sage and progressive advice, fine. We’re going to keep calling you idiots and laughing our asses off when you get owned like you morons all just did in this video.


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