Democrats In 2020 Literally Brag About Holding These Two Racist Views

The legacy news media and Democrats make two bigoted claims that I strongly reject.

1) Black people are less capable than others to get and/or keep an ID, therefore requiring an ID is “racist” because the person you might require it from could be black

2) Hispanic people are less capable than others of obeying U.S. immigration law and thus must be given a pass when they break it

Both of these wildly racist suggestions exist not only in plain sight but, with the help of the media who normalize leftist bigotry, are central components to the Democrat platform!

It’s astounding that the vast majority of our nation sits quietly watching this pity heaped on minorities by lily white leftists who think people with brown skin are lower forms of life, and then treat them as such, and then act real surprised when these black and brown people — just like any white person would under the same set of bigoted standards — wildly under-perform per capita compared to their white and Asian peers.

Many of you — so conditioned by the media, Hollywood, academia and the left’s newly-taken hostages in corporate America — have become so comfortable with your bigotry that you can’t even see it when it’s been pointed out to you in the most simple terms…

Black people are not too stupid to get and/or keep an ID.

Hispanics are not too stupid to obey our immigration laws just like everyone else must.

…so you’ll read this post and wrongly think “Gosh this guy sure has strong feelings about black and brown people!”

History however will look back on this post and correctly note “Gosh that guy sure had strong feelings about white leftists being just as racist in 2020 as they were in 1863 and 1964. Too bad virtually everyone he was trying to reach were asleep at the wheel!”


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