America’s John Roberts & Jim Comey Problem: The 13th Disciple Complex

It’s becoming clear that America’s self-destruction won’t just be hastened by grassroots citizens who hate our country and stupidly believe they can build something better, but also by elitist leaders who love our country and stupidly believe they can save it by abandoning their charter and trying to manipulate public opinion.

Case in point the first time I saw it, John Roberts’ decision back in 2012 to side with the liberals and save Obamacare, declaring ultimately that it was constitutional for every American to be punished with a tax simply for the crime of being born. Roberts’ ruling wasn’t predicated on constitutional jurisprudence, but rather a cowardly belief that the people should sort these things out at the ballot box.

The reality: we already had sorted it out at the ballot box, which is how we got a conservative majority on the Supreme Court.

But Roberts — undoubtedly brainwashed by the onslaught of fascist, intolerant, bigoted, illiberal, regressive leftism that permeates every aspect of American life as it emanates 24×7 from the media, Hollywood, academia and even corporate America — couldn’t be bothered with making the tough but fair decision. Nobody actually thinks he believes that it’s constitutional to deem being born an act of commerce punishable by a lifetime of taxation for simply existing, but that’s what he ruled. And he did it based on fear of, and in service to, the mobs whom he thought — unlike those good conservatives — may get too rambunctious if he disappoints them.

A few years later we saw Jim Comey do something very similar. Rather than simply do his job and honorably adhere to his clearly-defined charter, Comey instead tried to play God and manufacture a string of bad decisions that he thought would best keep the American people socially and politically satisfied and satiated. Had Comey simply operated within his charter, Hillary Clinton or at least several of her top aides would have gone to prison for destroying evidence and also lying about it. But Comey thought that would be a bridge too far to impose on a presidential candidate; that the rules no longer applied once you reach a certain elitist station in American life. So he decided instead of doing his job that he needed to give her a pass. To satisfy Clinton’s critics he wrote a strongly-worded letter condemning Crooked Hillary’s actions, but stopped short of actually imposing any accountability.

Then, as the rank-and-file in the FBI and intelligence community more broadly saw morale crater amid a clear breach of bureau ethics and standards, Comey tried again to manipulate the narrative by coming out days before the election and declaring that Crooked Hillary was still under investigation. That, he figured, should help make things better for all those Americans and rank-and-file FBI agents who were incensed by the crystal clear flouting of law in service to political elitism and social submission.

It was an absolute debacle. Here was the head of the FBI choosing not to do his job, while instead trying and failing multiple times to manipulate the American people and the men and women who served under him into a place of appeasement.

Comey wrongly thought he was a genius who we believed to be beyond reproach and who could easily take us all on this insanely stupid roller coaster ride, and he did it because he was too afraid to do his job. So instead of doing his job he abused his power in an effort to manufacture what he thought the right outcome should be.

(And none of that even references the political partisanship that was simultaneously at play by Comey and the other corrupt intelligence community cops who saw their number one job being to protect and defend and the swamp, but that’s a story for another day.)

Fast-forward to John Roberts’ decision today protecting DACA. Apparently, per Roberts, President Obama can create DACA with a sweeping wave of his hand — but President Trump lacks the equal authority to do away with it. Again, this isn’t Roberts ruling based on constitutional jurisprudence. It’s Roberts being too afraid to rule in a way that might upset the mob, and thinking he might be able to buy himself and his court some credibility if he just throws them a bone here or there on some issues they really care about. There isn’t a serious person anywhere up or down the good faith legal ladder who thinks that a president who ruled unilaterally 8 years ago cannot be impeded upon by a president today who rules unilaterally on the exact same issue. If it was okay for Obama to say “Yes” with the stroke of a pen in 2012, then it’s okay for Trump to say “No” with a stroke of pen in 2018.

But in Roberts’ court of fear, capitulation and a spectacularly poorly-wired God complex, that’s exactly what we’re to believe. Of course the decision doesn’t actually legitimize DACA in any lasting way, it merely rules that this president — for entirely ridiculous reasons — lacks the power to do exactly what the president before him could; it merely rules that President Obama’s unilateral actions are to be protected, while President Trump’s on the exact same issue are to be shot down.

This isn’t Roberts asserting a serious legal ruling. This is Roberts being too afraid to do anything that might upset the mob, and passing the buck yet again to let the electorate decide at the ballot box who will get the power to decide what happens next.

(And again, I’m not even touching the legal merits of DACA. For my part, hard lined as it may be, I disagree strongly that children in America should be allowed to keep that which their parents steal. That goes for everything from cars to cash, and yes to lawful residency too. Moreover, I think bigoted liberals seduced Hispanics here in a benefits-for-loyalty scheme, hoping to metaphorically enslave yet another group of brown people who they could spend generations keeping dependent and exploited for votes. And I think the decision about what to do with the kids they brought with them is a problem of the Democrats’ making. It’s not my fault. It’s not Trump’s fault. It’s not the kids’ fault. It’s the Democrats’ and big business dirtbags who wanted to exploit these people for political loyalty and cheap labor. And I disagree that rewarding Democrats’ by giving them exactly what they want, and rewarding the people who broke the law — whether they were seduced here or not — by giving them exactly what they want, is the right solution to that problem of the Democrats’ and big business community’s making. Those kids should have to leave, get in line, and come in the right way. And I think it should be a stark lesson for future generations that breaking our laws will not be met with rewards and gratitude. But that too is a story for another day.)

America has a serious problem right now and people like Jim Comey and John Roberts are, I believe and am sorry to say, just the first few examples we’ll see. To much lesser degrees we’ve seen several individuals all throughout the Trump universe try to have the 2016 election overturned because the man we elected disagreed with their views. Alexander Vindman and Marie Yovanovitch come to mind.

We’re all witnessing the anarchist left try to destroy our country from the bottom, up. These elitists like Comey and Roberts who believe abandoning their charter and the integrity of the oaths they swore to uphold so that they might appease those anarchists and manipulate our country into responses they socially engineer, have missed the point of constitutional construction and integrity entirely. And their abandonment of their actual jobs and our laws will only hasten our nation’s destruction as their top-down approach to saving America will spread quickly and before long meet the anarchist’s bottom-up approach to destroying America, and that’s when the middle gets boxed out and the whole thing goes “BOOM!”

And it’s a problem.

When and if a two-thirds Senate majority impeaches Roberts and replaces him with someone else, this — the idea that they must not try to manipulate outcomes and “save America” with their cowardly unwillingness to make the tough decisions — must be a significant part of that discussion.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Put another way with a touch of old-school humor (not for everyone but I always loved these guys), if America were Jesus then Comey and Roberts would be the 13th Disciple: Marshall. A man whose methods and beliefs were so contrary to the critical foundation of Jesus’s teachings that not even the Son of Man Himself had the patience for him, and history eagerly forgot about him.


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