Official LBA Statement On NFL Kneeling

Here at LBA we 100% support NFL players’ right to kneel. Their ugly, pathetic, immature, unfounded and spoiled rotten disrespect and disregard for America is frankly some of the most important speech to protect. After all, if it weren’t for foaming-at-the-mouth idiots like Lebron James, Baker Mayfield, Colin Kaepernick and other #AmericaLast leftists, all speech would be smart and focused on healthy progress for our nation and its people.

And what’s hard to defend about that?

No, ladies and gentlemen, it’s just a fact that these idiots are exactly why defending free speech is so difficult. But we must do it all the same.

So I support the largely uneducated, spoiled brat players’ right to kneel. I also support owners’ right to fire them, and the fans’ right not to watch.

For my part, as a long time subscriber to the ultra expensive NFL Sunday Ticket, I’ve already decided thanks to the comedy of suck we are guaranteed when instead of prancing around in pink (like the last 10 seasons), they’ll all be wearing masks and there will only be a tiny fraction of fans if any in attendance, that I’m one of the millions who is done with the NFL and its entire organization of virtue signaling battered boyfriends and social domestic abuse survivors. It’s too bad because there’s nothing the left will love more than claiming the scalp of what they view as the scary, brutal, violent, way-too-American NFL — but what’s done is done.

The NFL and NBA are both effectively over and their pathetic players and league leadership are the reason why. Just like every other hostage the left has taken they’ll feign Stockholm Syndrome for a short period before realizing they’ll never fully atone for their sins in a way that satisfies the left, and then they’ll just roll over and die.

Bye bye, Baker!

Zàijiàn, Lebron!

But their personal and personnel and lack of leadership problems aside, my problem with the kneeling truly isn’t about the flag. It’s about these mindless idiots perpetuating an anti-cop, anti-America myth that only exacerbates all the problems — literally every problem — they purport to combat.

By scapegoating “racism” so broadly & lazily they tear open old racial divisions that had long since healed, create brand new racial divisions that may never heal, and worse yet do nothing to mitigate the root of black disparity in America and the unfair, unhelpful, unjust bigotries that exist symbiotically with it: and that is, factually and indisputably, the utter decimation of the black family resulting in a mere 28% of black kids in America growing up in 2-parent homes (compared to 47% of Hispanics, 71% of whites and 83% of Asians).

Not one of these athletes, nor any of their charities, nor any of their legacy news media, ESPN, Hollywood, academia or corporate America hand holders even mention 2-parent homes. In fact many of their alleged allies, like “Color Of Change,” invest heavily in arguing against the value of 2-parent homes.

And do you know why?

It’s because they’re all bigots.

Every last one of these social, political and intellectual deadbeats are afraid to have that conversation out loud because they wrongly assume that black people can’t handle being part of it. And that’s just fine with their Democratic leadership because they derive every shred of their power from black pain and racial disunity more broadly.

Here at LBA, that is our beef with NFL players kneeling: They’re bigoted wimps who are just making everything worse.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: The featured image used for this piece is Colin Kaepernick with the loving, committed 2-parent family who adopted and raised him, and whom he now pretends has nothing to do with the solid and stable foundation of love, opportunity and support he was afforded that so many of those he panders to are denied and based simply on the math and science, will almost certainly deny their own children.


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  1. First time on your site .Very well written,sadly the people that need to know this,can’t read or can’t comprehend what they read very well,thank to our schools.


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