Quick Note To ‘Black Lives Matter’ From A Progress & Unity Loving Trump Supporter

This is going to be very simple and very short, affording you all the time and attention you deserve from me which — as you’ll see — isn’t very much.

If you think a conversation cannot be started without first stipulating that black lives do in fact matter then you’re either wildly offensive, irreparably unserious, or light years removed from my own social journey where such basic facts were never once even remotely in dispute. And I lose zero sleep knowing there isn’t a shred of common ground I’ll ever be able to find with you.

You’re a lot of things but profound, “woke,” progressive, liberal, thoughtful, sincere, helpful, productive, useful, serious or worth even a second more of my time aren’t any of them.

Want to engage with me on the very real bigotry and disparity that Americans who are black absolutely still endure in America? Then miss me with your stupid, inflammatory, offensive, unserious and entirely regressive talking points. Because I stopped listening to you years ago and won’t start again unless you come correct with something that carries even a shred of serious substance. And “black lives matter,” which 99.999999999% of America never doubted or questioned, isn’t anything close to it. And the only reason the Democrats, media, Hollywood, academia and corporate America pretend to take you seriously is because they think you’re too stupid to create, argue for, or do anything that’s actually useful. I disagree with them. Because, unlike them, I don’t look at your skin color and see someone who needs my help or pity or charity. I choose honesty instead because while I may hate your social and political views and activism, I’m not racist and therefore won’t lie to you based on your skin color the way Democrats always have and always will.


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