‘Systemic Racism’ Is Sponsored By Dems, Media, Hollywood, Academia & Corporate America

The bigotry that white liberals in America heap upon black people has become so ubiquitous that it can only be described as “systemic racism.”

And their bigotry isn’t even implicit as so many of them would like to believe. It’s explicit; it’s right out there in the open, in plain sight, for everyone to see. And I guess that shouldn’t surprise too many people because that’s how the Democratic party has always done racism.

In the old days Democrats derived power by telling white people to pity themselves and hold scorn for black people. Today, in 2020, the Democrats derive power by telling white people to scorn themselves while pitying black people.

Black people, in both cases, were the Democratic party’s pawns.

And white people, in both cases, were too wrapped up in the moment to see the horrific damage they were actually doing. To the contrary, in both cases, the white people believed they were firmly on a moral high ground.

Sad, disgusting, and (as we’re seeing today) unforgivable once history reveals Democrats’ sins…

…but true.

In the old days the racism was systemic because it was literally codified into law.

Slavery was legal.

Segregation was legal.

Black people didn’t have equal rights or protection under the law.

That all changed when Republicans in Congress, fighting against Democrats who opposed them, fought and won the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

On June 10, 1964 Democratic Senator and KKK Kleagle Robert Byrd* completed his last stand — a 14-hour filibuster against passage of the Civil Rights Act — and the rest was history.

After centuries of murder, rape, slavery and injustice, after so many courageous white and black individuals fought so bravely to rid America of the sins that had befallen so many people and nations since the dawn of mankind (including chattel slavery that exists all across Africa still today), black people in America were formally and finally granted equal rights and protections under the law. And those who would deny those rights and protections had become the law breakers.

Black people in 1964 America didn’t start on a level playing field, but they would never again be legally denied the existence of one. The positive social change agents, whose enthusiasm long preceded and helped drive the legislative change, eagerly awaited our nation becoming the wide woke realization of Dr. King’s dream.

But it was not to be, and Democrats along with those who support them would yet again be the reason why.

Having lost the ability to literally own black people in 1863 and to segregate and deny them equal rights in 1964, the Democratic party was starved for a path forward. They had always derived power from promises to white people that they were superior and to be pitied for having to live side by side with black people, while claiming blacks were inferior and to be scorned. Now that the social, cultural and legislative times had so markedly changed they would need a new mechanism to distinguish themselves from those freedom and equality-loving Republicans. And because there’s nothing smart or special about racial grievance and racism more broadly, the Democratic party that always relied on both charted a new path forward using those exact same mechanisms.

In the decades that followed the Democratic party would rebrand itself as the great saviors of black people — virtually all of whom, they claimed, deserved pity far more than mere equality. And in doing so, because “pity” is as toxic as any other form of bigotry, the alleged Democratic do-gooders only exacerbated the disparity, disunity and destruction they claimed under their new brand to oppose. Blacks in America over the next 60 years would see only more pain and suffering, more decimation of their families, more failure more broadly compared to their Hispanic, white and Asian peers in America. But the Democrats would continue regardless to teach pity, rather than equality. And their white supporters were right there alongside them, believing that black people couldn’t possibly accomplish anything on their own unless a loving and helpful big government was there to carry them along.

And as their programs proved desperately ineffective and black disparity became only more pronounced, Democrats introduced the second ingredient for establishing power and offered it up as a natural scapegoat for their party’s clear failures: scorn.

Today, in 2020, the Democratic party’s entire platform is predicated on pity for black people and scorn for white people. And just as it was in the past, their black adherents are used as pawns and their white adherents lack the self-awareness to see just how regressive and destructive their flagrantly bigoted beliefs are. Only today, despite their laughable claims that it’s “brave” to repeat their incredibly bigoted “‘WHITENESS’ IS A DISEASE AND BLACK PRIDE IS THE CURE!” talking point, the entire movement has become a wholly-sponsored subsidiary of the entire legacy news media, virtually all of Hollywood, the corrupt wing of academia which for decades has bastardized math and science in service to Democratic party causes and, just in the last 20 years or so, virtually the entirety of corporate America which has prostituted itself to the left’s cancel culture in a pathetic attempt to prove how “woke” they are.

It’s literally everywhere.

It started with the Democrat party itself in 1964 when they finally, once and for all, lost the ability to derive power from pity for white people and scorn for black people. So they rearranged the deck chairs on their social Titanic and made pity for black people and scorn for white people their platform. Today the entire news media, Hollywood, most of academia and basically all of corporate America are signed on. They all believe that black people will never achieve anything unless we all pity them, and that any white person who refuses to pity black people deserves scorn. And its disastrous effects couldn’t be more clear or predictable.

It is systemic racism in the most obvious and destructive form that our nation hasn’t seen since 1964, and good people who know better are really left with just two choices: 1) Stand up and fight them with everything you’ve got at the risk of being “cancelled” now that these fascists and racists have taken control of nearly every aspect of American life, or 2) Stand back and just watch them continue to fail miserably amid their joyless, hate-filled, regressive, illiberal, idiotic sea of destruction and shame that they’re clearly all awash in.

Neither are great choices, I know. But then again, we on the right — the Republican party specifically — have always been the ones to do the more difficult and important work in service to America’s promises for equality and freedom. And just like the Democrat party’s racism and bigotry is no different today than it was in 1863 or 1964, neither is the Republican party’s difficult and dangerous charter to resist them in pursuit of what’s right.

*Not So Fun Fact: The Democrats’ presumptive nominee for President in 2020, Joe Biden, was and to this day remains a proud friend and defender of KKK Kleagle Robert Byrd and even gave the eulogy at his funeral. “Well yes but that must have been a long time ago because celebrating the life of a man like Byrd would never be acceptable today.” Wrong. The funeral was in 2010. But that sad reality does lose some of its shock value when you factor in that it was 2020 — just a few short weeks ago — when Biden let it slip that he believes Democrats literally still own black people. But I mean, yeah. “Go Democrats! Go equality! Go progress!” SMH.


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