Open Letter To The American Right: ‘If You Want Some, Get Some, Bad Enough Take Some!’

A lot of Trump supporters are holding out hope that the corrupt and already-disgraced Obama-era intelligence community chiefs — Comey, Brennan, Clapper, etc — will actually be held accountable for their crimes against our country. Many believe there will be precedent-setting punishments handed down that ensure similar abuses of power in service to attempted coups will never happen again. Some even hope that Obama and Biden will get swept up in the coming Durham storm. Most of us are certain that some kind of meaningful vindication is mere months away for the crimes committed against our own president, by our own government.

You’re wrong. And rather than do the same exact dance we do every time, you should be prepared for that.

Rather than being distracted by the disappointment and spoon-feeding the media their preferred narrative — “There those Trump supporters go again, screaming and yelling about conspiracy theories and shouting ‘Lock them up!'” — you should instead cut the legs out from the media. Because it will be the media, more than anyone or anything else, who was responsible for robbing us of both the punishments and the vindication.

Even if — big if — but even if Durham has the stones to tee up anything actionable with respect to his findings, the media will begin immediately dismissing it as just more evidence of Donald Trump corrupting once-sacred government institutions. Durham could even uncover a video recording of Obama, Biden, Comey, Clapper and Brennan all sitting around a table doing drugs off the naked body of a young boy while plotting how they’re going to frame Trump for colluding with Russia — and mark my words: the media would scrub the story from the headlines in under a week or two at the most, lamenting the disappointment while insisting that:

All true American patriots agree that as unsettling as these revelations were about those once-respected figures, it’s time now for our nation to move past this ugly chapter and begin to let the wounds heal. Because it’s not a right or left problem. It was an American problem. And we must move past it <dramatic pause> together. It’s in that spirit that we will tonight showcase more honorable people, like this entirely new cast of leftist political and deep state actors who we assure you are totally honest and would never do the terrible stuff those other guys did.

And just like that the media will bury the story, consider it “covered,” and go right back to doing what they always do: demonizing the right while deifying the left.

The media control what we talk about. They control the conversations. They control how those conversations are characterized. They control the tone, the framing, the questions, the perspectives. If the media want it to be a big story and something everyone talks about, it is. If the media don’t want it to be a big story that everyone talks about, it never will be. And if you try to make a big story out of one they don’t like, they will gaslight you and your story immediately to the fringes.

Just ask Sharyl Attkisson, Lara Logan, Alan Dershowitz or Deborah Birx — to name a few.

It’s why guys like Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham are still so afraid of the legacy media. They shouldn’t be, but they are.

If Durham and subsequently Barr have the guts to actually do anything about the flagrantly horrific actions of Obama and his intelligence community cronies — they literally colluded with Russia in an effort to unseat the duly-elected President with claims that he colluded with Russia, and then obstructed justice by illegally spying on him in an effort to prove that he obstructed justice — if Durham and Barr do what Horowitz didn’t and assert even the most marginal accountability that goes further than the DOJ equivalent of a strongly-worded letter, the media will immediately being making Durham and Barr out to be the criminals.

And even if there’s irrefutable evidence that Obama, Comey and the rest committed these crimes against our country and our most sacred electoral process, the media will still make sure it never gets the oxygen it deserves before immediately reverting back to demonizing the right and deifying the left.

And every one of you knows it, yet very few are actually preparing for it. Instead we’re just gonna walk right into their obvious trap, like we always do.

There’s a chance, based on some signalling from Barr, that Durham et al may actually claim a scalp or two for the very real misdeeds that took place. They’ll likely be lower level folks, and the media will simply write the allegations off this way:

While Republicans are pouncing on this story as proof that Trump was treated unfairly, these are really just ‘process crimes.’ And the individuals accused are clearly being judged far too harshly because Barr, while once widely respected, is today obviously performing for an audience of one. And here’s a letter signed by 67,000 former government employees who all agree that Barr should step down.

And how will we all react?

Exactly the way media want us to:

You’re biased! You’re lying! This is a big deal! Why won’t you cover this fairly? How can you pretend this isn’t a major scandal?

Round and round we’ll go, just like the media want us to. Because do you know what all of those complaints have in common?

Every single one of them relies on the media to actually let the story be the news that it is.

I’ll take any opportunity I can get to beg and plead with 1) the heavy hitters in conservative media, 2) the Republican politicians, and 3) you in the grassroots who are reading this — to take back control of the narrative.

And I talk about how to do that in this piece.

I urge you to give it a look and share it if you agree. Because I’m tired of watching the exact same cycle play out. I’m tired of us waiting for the media to come around and do their jobs. They’re not going to. It’s not gonna happen. If we want to take control of the narrative, then we have do just that: take control of it.

An old Snoop Dogg quote comes to mind, from back before we know he was such an utter deadbeat intellectually, socially and probably in every other way:

If you want some, get some, bad enough take some.

Want to stop letting the media decide what our nation talks about, how we talk about it, how long those conversations last and what replaces them? Then get out there and take it from them.


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