The Bigotry That Most Perpetuates Black Disparity Belongs To Those Who Deny This Fact

The bigotry that most perpetuates black disparity in America belongs to those who are afraid or unwilling to discuss 2-parent homes.

When 28% of black kids grow up in 2-parent homes compared to 83% of Asian kids, and Asian adults go on to statistically blow the doors off everyone across every meaningful metric while black adults statistically lag everyone else in every meaningful metric, you simply can’t tell me the absence of 2-parent homes is not a dominant factor in that disparity.

You will also, for obvious reasons based on those same statistics, have a harder time convincing me that “white supremacy” is the culprit.

And if you think talking honestly, openly and without judgment about this might offend black people, then it’s clear you showed up to the party already not thinking very highly of them.

Nowhere in my writing will you hear me talking about “bootstraps.”

Nowhere in my writing will you find me talking about taking away programs that people today rely on to survive.

Nowhere in my writing will you find me judging let alone blaming parents today who divorced or otherwise split up.

Nowhere in my writing will you find me saying black people are in any way to blame for the disparities they endure in America. To the contrary, I’ve long made the case that people of any race would be just as susceptible to the tactics used by Democrats over the last 50 years.

Nowhere in my writing will you find me saying that 2-parent homes are the solution every time. To the contrary, in almost every piece I state what should be obvious: of course plenty of great kids come from single parent homes and plenty of awful kids come from 2-parent homes, but generally speaking, when it comes to parenting, 2 are better than 1.

And it’s not even about money. It’s about other resources. Resources like time, energy and most of all love. Because “love” is what it takes for parents to honor their commitments to each other and their family even and especially in the face of adversity; even in the face of all those things we deem “irreconcilable” and use to justify divorce.

Naturally, of course, in our ultra spoiled American society we’ve come to reject in staggering numbers those commitments we once swore to uphold. Divorce is persistently on the rise, and so too are the numbers of young people who opt out of marriage altogether. And as those numbers continue to grow, so too will negative outcomes for children of all races who grow up in those homes.

And I don’t blame anyone for this problem. I credit those parents who have stuck it out through the tough times because they deserve credit for doing so. But I don’t discredit or attack parents who haven’t. And as for We The People in the grassroots who have stood by and watched this happen, I don’t blame you either. Meaningful change takes time. Overcoming dominant forces who derive power from our collective disunity and discontent, is a tough battle.

But all I ask — literally all I ask — is that we make it okay to say out loud “when it comes to parenting, generally speaking, 2 are better than 1.”

Because the child who grows up watching mom and dad honor their commitment to each other and their family will have more resources that create more opportunities, an incredibly important example of what meaningful commitment looks like and, most importantly, accountability to that intact family who loved him or her so much.

But there are forces out there, very powerful forces, who actively work against this. All over LinkedIn right now you’ll find virtually every company on the Fortune 500 list bragging about having donated to Color of Change. Color of Change is an organization that uses its funds to argue against the value of 2-parent homes. They invest heavily into promoting the idea that it’s merely a “myth” that the absence of 2-parent homes has anything to do with the disparity that black children endure as they become adults. They lean on the bastardized science of academia’s corrupt and politicized “social justice” wing, and studies from the Obama-era CDC that suggest “fatherhood involvement” is AKSHULLY just as good as “2-parent homes.”

It’s not. It’s not at all. It’s not by a mile.

And then you have the Democratic party which has always derived their power from racial grievance. In the old days they encouraged white people to pity themselves while harboring scorn for black people. Today they encourage white people to harbor scorn for themselves while pitying black people. In both cases black people have been the Democratic party’s pawns, and in neither case has “pity” done anything but scorch the souls of those to whom it was targeted.

Today, what most white liberals describe as “empathy” is actually a bigoted sympathy that dismisses as hopeless all whose experiences are diverse from their own.

And that’s why they’re afraid to even talk about 2-parent homes. They pity black people and wouldn’t dare suggest anything other than racism and “whiteness” as being the cause of black disparity. And even these liberals truly believe what they’re doing is good and just. Bigoted as they are, they too are not to blame nor are they terrible people. They’re just wrong. And they’re wrong largely because they’ve been seduced by powerful forces in our country — the Democrat party and their NeverTrump whipping boys, the entire legacy news media, all of Hollywood, the majority of academia, and the vast majority of corporate America which just in the last decade or so has almost entirely prostituted itself in service to the supposedly “woke” American left — these forces work hard to support and fund those who insist that family and a child’s upbringing have nothing to do with the development of that child or the opportunities and examples they take with them into adulthood.

And they don’t just deny the root of the problem while running from its most obvious solution. Worse than that, they misappropriate blame in a way that actually exacerbates every problem they purport to combat. By simply claiming that “racism” is the culprit and all of America (specifically white America) is to blame, they’re creating brand new hatred and brand new racial disunity. They’re creating brand new bigotry. And they’re creating all of that brand new hatred, disunity and bigotry while the disparity they originally promised to stem continues to only get worse.

Bigotry absolutely exists all across America, and black people are targeted for it more than anyone else. But it’s not predicated on something as simple and stupid as “hatred,” as many would like us all to believe. It’s predicated on disparity. It’s predicated on statistics. It’s predicated on black adults in America statistically having worse outcomes than their Asian, white and Hispanic peers across every meaningful metric: education, employment, income, proximity to good health and separation from crime. Bigotry is and always will be at least these 4 things: unfair, unjust, unhelpful, and here. We’ll never get rid of it entirely and it will always be aimed by at least some people to some degree at every identity one might be born with or adopt. But because black people have for generations been targeted by a Democratic party that still thinks they own them (an ugly reality that Joe Biden reinforced when he suggested “you ain’t black” unless you support Democrats), their families have since been decimated and their outcomes as adults have gone right off the cliff alongside those 2-parent homes.

I mean…only 28% of black kids grow up in 2-parent homes. That’s staggering. Compare it to 47% of Hispanics, 71% of whites and 83% of Asians. It’s insane. It’s awful. It’s obviously a major part o the problem.

And so, rather obviously, their outcomes have gotten much worse. And the rest of our country is aware of that. It’s not fair. It’s not just. And it’s not helpful. Because the vast majority of black Americans are law-abiding, hard-working people who neither want nor need so-called “hand outs” let alone pity. But they’re still viewed through a bigoted lens because the disparity black people endure is so sweeping compared to the other races. I don’t want just to scream and shout about bigotry and expect that to solve the disparity. I want to actually talk out loud about the one most obvious data point that we all know will organically stem the disparity if we address it.

And I don’t claim to have an answer for how to improve today’s disparity. But I promise you the solutions being offered right now, which never even mention 2-parent homes, are doing nothing to actually mitigate tomorrow’s disparity. And that’s what I am today and always have been focused on.

I just want it to be okay for us to say out loud that when it comes to parenting, generally speaking, 2 are better than 1. Because if we say it enough then there’s a good chance more black kids will hear it, regardless of what kind of home they grow up in. And if more hear it, then more may aspire to it as adults. And if more aspire to it, then more may commit to and achieve it — even and especially in the face of adversity — when they become parents. And if more black parents in the future stay together then more black kids will grow up with more resources, more options and the important examples of commitment and love that breed more accountability in them as they become adults. And if more black kids take that accountability with them into adulthood, then fewer black adults will endure the disparity we see today. And as fewer black adults endure the disparity we see today then the unfair, unjust and unhelpful bigotry that so many blacks in America face today will begin to level off.

And then they can be just like the rest of us: hated by a small handful of crazies whose explicit bigotry is already marginalized way off to the fringes.

It’s not a perfect answer. I don’t believe there’s a silver bullet to this issue. But mine is a solution that the most powerful forces who are most credited with solving these challenges go out of their way to aggressively reject. In fact they demonize me for even suggesting it and work angrily to “cancel” me so that I’ll stop talking about it. And if those are the people you put faith in to help solve these issues, that may be worth thinking about as you decide who you truly want to empower with your trust.


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  1. Who wrote this?
    It echoes Shelby Steele, who recently said, “I’ll take Black Lives Matter seriously when they start championing the institution of marriage in the African American community”.
    It’s so obvious it shouldn’t even require saying.


  2. Add “2 are better than 1” to the list of self-evident facts that BLM and Dems either want to ignore, or choose to pervert for power. Like, the number 1 cause of death for black makes is murder by another black person. Or blue schools suck (looking at you, Baltimore, LA, Chi and NYC) and should be replaced by charters. But of course it must only be systemic racism that is the cause. BTW – your “I don’t care anymore…” piece was prescient. I couldn’t give a damn what happens inside Seattle’s CHAZ and I expect that it devolves into real Lord of the Flies. Nobody, least of all DJT, should do anything to pre-empt the lefties that are doing a fabulous job of demonstrating the ultimate in Progressive madness. Notice how quiet the rest of the country is? Just minding our business and waiting for 11/3.


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