At This Point I’m Cool To Let The Democrats & Left All Kill Each Other

I’ve had enough and at this point I truly don’t care if the leftists of all races, ages, genders, sexual orientations and religions just kill each other.

Here are four fundamental realities from my seat…

  • I don’t know how to fix the problems they clearly face today (and there are many)
  • I know their solutions to their problems are only making all of their problems worse
  • I know they’re wrongly blaming me for their problems
  • Their problems don’t affect me in the least

Add those up and what do you get?

You get someone who no longer cares about them or their problems and is done trying to help them. And I think a lot of Americans on my side of the aisle — black, white, Hispanic, Asian, gay, straight, male, female, Muslim, Christian, atheist, Jew — a lot of us are starting to feel the same way.

Because believe it or not there truly are a lot of perfectly happy, productive, unaggrieved Americans who are also black, Hispanic, gay, female, Muslim and/or Jewish.

They’re called Republicans.

For my part — yes the dreaded straight,white, Christian male — I tried. I did. I’ve invested quite a bit of time and energy pleading with the left to stop scapegoating already-marginalized racism when the real culprit for black disparity is liberal America’s mainstream celebration of single parent homes.

I’ve stipulated that bigotry against black people in America is very real, while begging the left to think about the source of that bigotry with just a shred more thoughtfulness than “AMERICA’S RACIST!”

I’ve stipulated that there are people in America who promote anti-black bigotry and derive power from it, and I’ve begged them to at least consider that those people are the same ones they’ve been empowering for over 50 years and whose promises for “help” never comes.

I’ve written often that white supremacy and racial disunity more broadly both appear to be on the rise, but I’ve also noted that when your liberal education systems teach children to celebrate “Black Pride” while lamenting “the disease of whiteness,” you might not be stimulating the productive, progressive, unifying and healing racial equality that you allege to be going for.

I’ve noted that education starts and ends home, and school is really just the middle man, so kids who fail more often than not have parents failing them. I’ve added weight to that claim by asking my lily white liberal friends if their kids were in the worst school in the country, would they accept failing grades? Everyone of them says the same thing: “Well no, I wouldn’t accept that from my kids.” And my response is always the same: “Then stop looking out across our country at black and brown people you’ve never met but claim to care so much about, and deeming them less capable than you are to actually be good parents. Because that’s a great way to ensure that increasing numbers of them never will be!”

I’ve tried like hell to get those same lily white liberal friends to understand that what most of them describe as “empathy” is actually a bigoted sympathy that dismisses as hopeless all whose experiences are diverse from their own.

I’ve noted that America derived its power despite, not because of, slavery.

I’ve challenged repeatedly: If slavery is what made America so rich and powerful, then why aren’t African nations where slavery thrives still today all superpowers?

I’ve pointed out that Democrats have always derived their power from racism. I’ve noted how in 1863 up to 1964 they derived their power by promoting the idea that white people deserved pity while black people deserved scorn. And I’ve pointed out how today, in 2020, the only thing that’s changed is they’ve reversed the races: today Democrats derive power by claiming white people deserve scorn and black people deserve pity. I’ve tried to impress upon them the reality that pity doesn’t actually help anyone. It actually scorches the soul. I’ve argued thoughtfully and patiently that what truly made America great is Liberty, and I define Liberty as basically being a codified version of God’s second greatest gift to mankind after life itself: free will. And I’ve noted that when you pity people and make them believe the diversity of their identity is of greater import than the content of their character, you corrupt or completely destroy their Liberty. Never again are the people you systemically poison with your pity going to put their feet on the ground in the morning and believe they have a chance to do anything meaningful on their own merits.

I’ve noted that it’s good when we acknowledge the disparities that black children in America endure, but it’s bad when we conveniently forget that the black men who endure disparities were once those black children. My point here was that if someone truly cares about mitigating the disparities that black people in America endure, we have to look at and try to solve the disparities that black children in America endure. And in trying to talk about the disparities that black kids endure, I’ve noted the simple reality that 83% of Asian kids grow up in 2-parent homes while only 28% of blacks kids do. And for pointing that out I wasn’t credited with promoting a meaningful step toward understanding black disparity in America and perhaps even identifying a critical data point and source for that disparity. Of course not. Instead, I was merely called “RACIST!”

Because that’s what you liberal idiots do.

I’ve pointed out that Americans who are of Asian descent blow the doors off everyone in this country in every meaningful metric: education, income, employment, absence of crime and proximity to good health. (And, not for nothing, but I’ve noted how that fact kind of destroys the whole idea that America is a racist hellhole for anyone who isn’t white.)

I’ve written at length over the course of my adult life pleading with the media, Democratic leadership, lily white liberals and of course blacks who don’t care that Joe Biden still thinks he owns them — to at least consider the possibility that if fewer black kids grew up in broken homes, then more would have better outcomes, and the disparity that black adults suffer would begin to level off. I’ve admitted that I don’t have an answer for today’s problems but because I also care about seeing less racial disparity and disunity tomorrow, I’ve literally begged the left to at least say out loud with me that “When it comes to parenting, generally speaking, 2 are better than 1.”

I’ve stipulated what should be obvious: yes of course plenty of great adults come from single parent homes and plenty of terrible adults come from 2-parent homes. But generally speaking it’s absolutely insane that I literally can’t get anyone on the left to even admit that 2 are generally better than 1 when it comes to parenting.

Worse than that they call me “RACIST!” for even suggesting it.

I’ve tried. I really have. And I care. I really do.

Or I did care, once, anyway.

But at this point I’m just over it.

Generations of black people have been enslaved by the media, Democratic party, Hollywood and academia. And at this point, to me, they’re casualties. I’m sorry. There’s nothing I can do to help them. They’re too far gone. They have been shackled by manufactured grievance and their hatred for me, and our country, and everything and everyone that doesn’t roll over for them, has become irreparable. And everyone in the Democrat tent, where diversity of identity is more valuable than content of character, have already started eating each other and won’t stop until they burn it all down. And I’m fine with that. And if they take America down with it, as a Christian, I’m fine with that too. There isn’t a thing that happens here on earth that God isn’t aware and in control of whenever and however He chooses to be. And so amid the strength of my faith, when I really stand back, I fear absolutely nothing.

Of course I’d love to see America succeed because unlike the left, I truly do love this country. And I love it without apology. The left, on the other hand, hate America. And if they love it at all, then they love only what America might someday become if they can just get its stupid people and their lousy “freedom” out of the way.

But I’m watching all the insanity in our country — some dumbass in Buffalo gets knocked over by the cops and you morons melt down claiming it’s yet more proof that racist cops (the guy was white) are brutalizing people indiscriminately (the guy was unlawfully obstructing their work), the speech codes on college campuses and pathetic, soft, weak, entitled little snowflakes those college campuses are churning out, the acceptance and even celebration of now-normalized violence against women and minority Trump supporters, the hatred for our country’s most fundamental 1st and 2nd Amendment rights and the explicit efforts to dismantle both, the massively influential legacy media who not only support the Democratic party but are all that’s keeping it afloat, the enormous swaths of academia that have become bad faith science denialists in service to social and political activism, the hatred for the men and women of all races in law enforcement who put their lives on the line every day to protect and serve our country, and the people who derive power from all of the aforementioned hatred and destruction laughing because they couldn’t script it better and the idiots in the grassroots left just keep worshiping them harder as shit gets worse — I’m watching all of it, and I just no longer care enough to invest anymore of myself into doing anything about it.

Defund the police? DEFUND THE POLICE!?

Are you aware that in 2019 ten unarmed black people were killed by cops?

Not ten thousand.


Defund the police?!

Okay, cool. No seriously. That’s totally fine. Defund the police. You first. Go for it, San Francisco. Have at it, Chicago. Do your worst, New York City.

See how that works out for you.

Kill each other. Eat each other. Continue ignoring the obvious root cause of the problems you claim to care about the most, thereby making those problems worse while — added bonus — creating brand new problems. Continue wrongly and unfairly scapegoating “white people” narrowly and “America” more broadly.

You’re going to keep failing. And odds are, your kids are going to fail. And I can’t speak for the rest of the country but I promise I will never in my life give you what you want the most, and that’s an admission that I’m the cause of your problems.

Because I’m not.

I tried to help. I truly did. I couldn’t solve today’s problems because, frankly, the media and Democratic party made that an impossible feat. Most of you leftists are just too far gone. The blacks can’t be saved from their victim mentality, and the whites can’t be saved from their bigoted sympathies that they laughably and sanctimoniously refer to as “progress.” But I knew with absolute certainty what you needed to do if you wanted to stem tomorrow’s problems, and I tried to tell you, but you just called me “RACIST!” and decided it’d be better to burn your own cities and communities to the ground. Because you’re so smart. And so woke.

You’re all just too far gone. The blacks who don’t even know how to live their lives without pretending they’re victims of hatred (when in reality they’re victims of the leftists and Democrats they empower), the white people who think they’re “helping” by promoting pity for blacks and scorn for whites — enjoy the bed you’ve made together. Because everything is only going to keep getting worse for you, and people like me who once cared about helping mitigate your respective plight and idiocy, are dipping out.

And we’re gonna be fine.

We’re good.

Unlike the leftist blacks, we’re independent and we have Liberty.

Unlike the leftist whites, we’re not surrounded by bigoted blind spots that we pat ourselves on the back for while crippling everyone around us.

The only thing that will change for me is now I don’t have to feel bad when I watch you destroy yourselves and each other. In fact, because I’m pulling for America to outlast you idiots, it’ll be fun to watch you fail. Heck, now that I think about it, maybe I should join up and start promoting your idiotic causes and claims. Because I promise the more you convince yourselves that you’re doing it right, the worse things are going to get for you.

I used to care about helping things get better for you. I used to stupidly think there was even a small chance some of you were smart or sincere enough to at least listen. I’m watching you now as you eagerly destroy our country one day at the media’s behest over a stupid ass virus that was never going to be worse than a uniquely tough flu season, and the next burn our country down over some bullshit narrative about America being a racist deathtrap, and I no longer care and I no longer have any faith in any of you. As far as I’m concerned you’re all casualties of leftism so the more you dig in to your spectacularly stupid and defeatist beliefs, the faster you’ll destroy yourselves.

And at this point, I honestly couldn’t care less.

Because I’m going to be fine. And you’re just gonna keep failing harder.


George Floyd’s Death Will Change Nothing Because Media & Dems Think Blacks Are Idiots

America’s Dangerous & Divisive Media Must Be Dealt With Once And For All

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  1. I’m glad you mentioned that you are male. I was about to ask you to marry me. For the record, unless I’m crazy, you are not. GMTA.


  2. I was just thinking about this same thing yesterday. No matter what happens, it’s only going to get worse. All the emails with corps saying they’re donating $1m to some fund to combat racism… How long have they been donating without moving the needle? Yes, please defund the police, but before doing that, pass some of the most hard ass core gun control legislation and restrict people from moving through a huge home selling tax or fee. Please, oh, please f*cking do this! I promise all liberals out there, your utopia awaits. When you finally do these things, you’ll achieve the peace you’ve always envisioned. Just don’t come to my state when the sh!t hits the fan and vote in the same garbage that ran you out of your state. How the laws of cause and effect evade liberal foresight is mind boggling. I bet the officers involved get off. It just has that feel. Any takers?

    Liked by 1 person

    • It is exhausting and depressing to witness what has been happening since the 2016 election. The crap has only gotten worse, which seems impossible. We can continue to believe and not fall for the leftist BS, but the MSM, Dems and victim groups are just going to escalate without limit. You are right – let the left do their crazy sh$t like defunding the police and every blue city will look like Minneapolis- but who cares any more? You cannot stop people who want to commit suicide.


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