Original Ideas That Trump Fans Will Enjoy Watching The Media Hate

I’ve got a bunch of things to write about today and since I couldn’t care less about “clicks,” I’m just gonna put them all in one piece.

Calling AntiFa ‘Anti-Fascist’ Is Like Calling A Nazi ‘Pro-Jew’

Need I say more? We all already get this but for those in the media and elsewhere on the left who want to pretend otherwise: the word fascism is literally cataloged as being “characterized by dictatorial power” and carried out through “forcible suppression of opposition.” The terrorist organization known as “AntiFa” don’t lift a finger unless they’re doing so amid what they believe to be their own dictatorial power in an effort to forcibly suppress their opposition. They literally show up anywhere someone with whom they disagree is speaking and start violently attacking anyone who wants to hear that person speak. They not only shut down speech and burn books, they physically attack anyone who opposes their authoritarian, dictatorial, forcible efforts to suppress their opposition. And for any of you on the left who read that and <wink wink nod nod> kind of feel good about it even though you could never admit that out loud, let me be clear about something else: I once rescued a German Shepherd that was literally on human Prozac because it was so vicious to other dogs. Over the course of a year I weened it off the Prozac and trained her to be a wonderful dog as long as she didn’t get mixed up with other dogs. A neighbor had a yappy little dog that they sometimes let off its leash. And I was terrified of their yappy little dog. Not because I thought their yappy little dog could actually hurt mine. I mean, the only possible damage their dog could do to mine would be the slight irritation of mine choking on their dog’s backbone after swallowing it whole. But what scared me was the legal repercussions if mine actually reacted to theirs. And that, literally only that, is what “scares” or “intimidates” the right when it comes to those little basic AntiFa bitches. Trump was right to label them a terrorist organization, but as far as being a true threat if things truly get physical in this country and we have to actually start responding to your yappy little dogs, don’t get too excited. Your boys in masks who move around on mommy and daddy’s credit card don’t scare anyone.

Let’s Talk About The Name ‘Crossfire Hurricane’

I’m absolutely certain that they came up with this name to mock Trump’s hair. Why? Because first of all, if we’re being honest, it’s not a terribly inaccurate description of what’s going on there. (No offense, Mr. President. We know you go to great lengths to tend to your beautiful head of hair that really is all yours. And you’ve turned down more supermodels than most of us have ever even seen in person. We know you’ve got game and your lovely head of hair has a lot to do with it.) Is he gone? Okay good. The truth is, his hair is kind of wild. And notoriously so. So the name “Crossfire Hurricane,” the minute I heard it, just felt like a ding at his hair. And not just because it feels like a somewhat fair description as dictated by people who don’t like him, but also because that’s exactly how cheap and low and stupid and petty James Comey’s FBI was when it came to Trump and this investigation. Belief in my own homegrown theory was substantially bolstered years later when I found out the investigation into Michael Flynn, who has the trademarked high-and-tight military cut, was called “Crossfire Razor.” It definitely felt like an extension — no pun intended — of a hair-related theme. So as the details continue to come out and hopefully as people start to turn on each other, watch for that revelation. And when the media try to write it off as being “funny” or “no big deal,” be prepared to indict them for leaving out the part where every shred of that effort by Comey’s FBI was marred by immaturity, pettiness and deference to personal ire far more than legitimate national security or interests.

Black Disparity In America

I’ve written about this a ton over the years but my recent stuff on this topic has really evolved in meaningful ways over the last several months. Most notably: 1) I’m now including in my writing the reality that the vast majority of black people are good, upstanding citizens who still endure bigotry based on their skin color, regardless. And 2) I don’t have answers for mitigating the bigotry that blacks endure today but I have a strong handle on how to ensure less disparity and bigotry tomorrow, and I promise what we’re doing today will only create more of it. If this is an issue you truly care about, please read this piece from yesterday.

George Floyd’s Death Is Not Worth Burning America To The Ground

Two friends in the last day have sent me Candace Owens’ 18-minute video detailing why she doesn’t think George Floyd is or should be considered any kind of martyr. And I like Candace a lot. She’s rock hard and whip smart socially, politically, emotionally and spiritually. But my take is just a shade different. I don’t think the rioters and protesters are saying Floyd was a great man, as much as they’re saying — no matter how much of a dirtbag he may have been — his death is a symbol of police brutality and, more specifically, racial injustice. And on that point I strongly disagree with the protesters and, or course, also the rioters and looters and terrorists trying to murder police while enjoying the media’s dutiful protection. I’ll just tell you the truth here: Let’s say a video surfaced of a teacher murdering a student in cold blood, right there in the classroom. Horrible, I know. Now let’s say 99 more videos like it came out in the next 364 days. Man that’s a lot of teachers killing students in cold blood and for what appears to be no good reason! But even amid that, because I’m not an idiot who screams “MATH AND SCIENCE!” only when it suits me, I’d take it under advisement that literally tens of millions of kids have literally trillions of interactions with teachers every year, and they aren’t murdered in cold blood. So while the videos are horrific and the number seems like a lot, it’s still a statistical anomaly. And it wouldn’t be worth indicting “all teachers” let alone burning down the schools or cities or country. But the nation just watched one man — George Floyd — murdered by a cop. And now many have decided that our whole country must burn because that one video of that one man is proof that the whole nation is racist and evil. And the real evidence that the whole nation is racist and evil, the protesters and media and Democrat leaders claim, are the people who reject that idiotic judgment. Of course the people making that idiotic judgment ignore that black people in America have literally tens of millions of interactions with police each year wherein they aren’t brutalized and do live. But math and science and deference to reality aren’t really what’s important to those people. What’s important is perpetuating the media and Democratic party’s bigoted insistence that black people need pity because white people are evil and anyone who disagrees is a racist. So that’s what they’re going forward with. And while racism is obviously idiotic and I agree that Floyd was murdered and the cop who did it should suffer the harsh consequences, I disagree strongly with the idea that that one instance — or even the 10, yes ten, unarmed black people who were killed by cops in all of 2019 — merits burning our entire country to the ground. Or indicting the entire justice system as racist and evil and needing to be shredded and rebuilt in its entirety. Or calling me and the 150,000,000 or so Americans who agree with me racist, evil and not only evidence of the problem but the source of it. And I believe people who make those judgments are creating exponentially more disunity, hatred and destruction than they’re mitigating and that their side (the left) — not ours (the right) — will be most hurt by it in both the near and long term.

The Lockdown Is Over

I think it goes without saying but the lockdown is obviously over. And the evidence is that a week ago the media were shaming families of 3 for trying to enjoy a day at the beach, while today we see thousands of people packed like sardines while rioting in the streets and you don’t hear the word “covid” even once. That’s the good news: the lockdown is over! The bad news is that this is just yet more evidence that the lockdown nor the wildly overblown response to COVID-19 in general was ever about your health or safety. No more than the wildly overblown response to George Floyd’s murder is about justice. The media simply want to manufacture and then perpetuate as much hatred, pain and destruction as possible until we elect a president they approve of. As long as Trump is president (and a threat to the swamp they rely on for survival), they’re going to keep doing everything they can to make our country as miserable and divided as possible. Like I said: that’s the bad news. And it sucks, I know. But don’t let them get you down. The media idiots and their violent, brainwashed base will be the ones who pay the most dearly.

Polling & Election Bias; The Media Haven’t Changed One Bit

I wrote about this already (here on the polling, and here on the media not having changed) but both need to be re-upped several times here as the November election draws nearer. The media who got literally everything wrong in 2016 and promised they’d figure out what went wrong and do better for our country in the future, haven’t changed one iota. If they’ve changed at all, they’ve only gotten worse in their bias and partisanship. So don’t believe a damn word they tell you about the gloom and doom that they insist obviously awaits Trump and his supporters. They want to excite the Democrats and depress our side. Don’t let them. Don’t believe them. They’re liars and America Last activists, and they’re not telling you the truth. Still, stay strong and stay smart and keep fighting because winning isn’t enough. The stronger we crush them, the bigger the mandate we have. And that’s something we’ll always have to keep working for now and of course even after President Trump leaves office in January 2025.

Twitter Is Garbage

I know data is king and am sure they’re looking for every possible way to maintain lines of communication with their base and potential new supporters, but I hope to God Trump’s 2020 team have a major jump on that because I don’t see how Twitter lets him keep his account much longer. For years, privately in email to Trump insiders, I’ve begged and pleaded with them to get him off the platform and move him somewhere much safer. I figured if they do it proactively then people will have to go seek him out and that’s a good thing because it means his team wouldn’t have to go find everyone from scratch once Twitter bans him. But I believe Twitter absolutely will ban him. What does their idiot CEO Jack Dorsey care if he loses the respect and engagement of half the country? He would gladly make himself, and his company, a Silicon Valley martyr if it meant stopping Trump. They will gladly cut Trump’s greatest communication in a heartbeat and if you ask me the questions isn’t if, but when. And I’d guess they’re already talking about that. Because while I don’t condone that action, I’m smart enough to know if someone wanted to do it effectively they’d time it so it’s too close to the election for him to recover those lines of communication through some other channel, but still far enough from the election that it actually has time to create a true disadvantage. So watch for it. And be ready to help recover those communication lines anyway you can if it actually ends up happening. Because that truly will be a huge blow for our movement and campaign.  Yes Trump will get some martyr points also, but that’s all touchy-feely stuff. The actual ability to reach people directly is important and that’s what he’ll lose if, or when, the idiot liberals at Twitter pull the plug on him.

Seducing Americans Away From Liberty And Into Victimhood

Feels like an appropriate time to re-up something I used to write about with some regularity before I had this website. And that’s the simple seduction of convincing someone they’re a victim. I shared the thinking with a friend earlier today via email which is what reminded me of the sentiment, and I figured now was a good time to re-up it as I’m pretty sure it’s never seen the light of day since I started LBA 5 years ago:

I used to tell a lot of my white friends: “Imagine if I came to your house every week insisting that because you have brown hair, you’re a victim. And you deserve money or some kind of hand out. A lot of you will claim, “Well I’d say ‘no’ because I value my independence and don’t take handouts!” Okay. That’s fine. But imagine I keep coming back every week and saying the same thing. And imagine one week you really need the extra money. So you take it. And then you start to get used to it and count on it. Now, as far as you’re concerned, it’s become part of what you need to survive. Or imagine you continue refusing the money but your kids are in the background and they hear me on your front porch week after week telling you all about how your brown hair means everyone hates you, and you can’t possibly get a fair shake, and so you really deserve this handout I’m offering. You might refuse, but as your kids grow up my words ring through their ears and they really start believing it. The point is, it’s very easy to seduce people into believing they’re victims. And it’s very hard to undo that once it’s settled in. This is why I truly do see black people today as victims of leftist bigotry and efforts to enslave them, but I also don’t think they’re just lazy or stupid for having fallen victim to the bigoted media and Democratic party’s ploy. But it’s also why, sadly, I don’t claim to have an answer for today’s problems. I do however have an incredibly strong insight into how to make sure we have fewer of those problems tomorrow. And that’s what I’ve been writing about lately.

#MakeAmericaUnitedAgain & #AmericanFirst

Very quickly, in 2016 I begged Trump and his team to adopt #MakeAmericaUnitedAgain. One of the things I’m most passionate about, as noted in the About Me section, is mitigating the racial disunity and disparity that the media and Democrats both create and derive their power from. I also know, as do all of you, that their number one weapon against us for decades has been their simple, mindless “YOU’RE RACIST!” attack. So I figured #MakeAmericaUnitedAgain would be a great weapon in President Trump’s arsenal not just politically to beat back claims that he wants to divide us, but also as a real weapon to actually help expose the divisive media and Democrats and help start truly uniting our country again. Now, in 2020, I still want him to do adopt that but here’s another one: We all love and value #AmericaFirst. But how about #AmericanFirst, too? As some of you may have noticed, I go to so some lengths not to talk about white Americans or black Americans or Hispanics Americans, etc. Instead I say “Americans who are white” or “Americans who are black” etc. But then I look at the Democrats and, well, here

The American Left is a cesspool of failure and hypocrisy. Many of us are watching as they not only pit blacks against whites and whites against blacks but also Hispanics against blacks, and blacks against Hispanics, and Muslims against the LGBTQ community, and women against everyone, and everyone against Jews. And just wait until their shackled-by-manufactured-grievance base finds out that Americans who are Asian out-perform everyone in every metric. Whoooo fella just wait haha. It’s gonna get ugly.

Meanwhile, over here on the Republican side in Trump country, blacks and whites and Hispanics and Asians and gay people and straight people and men and women and Christians and Muslims and Jews all enjoy happy, united, prosperous, unaggrieved, rich, full, patriotic lives unshackled by the hatred and fear that the media and Democrats have used to lock down their scared, sad, hateful, increasingly violent and perpetually joyless base.

So yes #MakeAmericaUnitedAgain but also #AmericanFirst because here in Trump country, regardless of our identity, that’s what we are.

That’s All, Folks!

So there ya go. A handful of things I wanted to write about today, without taking the time to give each one its own space. I guess this is what some people do when they write their “newsletters.” And now that LBA is getting some traction, people around me who know a thing or two about marketing and monetization are telling me I should start building a mailing list. Heck I even have people write in asking if they can be put on a mailing list! That’s just not how I’m doing things. As noted many times, I don’t advertise (any ads you see are from WordPress who I pay a lousy $18/yr to host this site) and I don’t want to ever make a dime off of this site or my work in this part of my life. I don’t want to partner with other writers. I don’t want to change the name of the site to something that sounds less like it’s a peace, love and hippie website. I started this thing with God by my side knowing if it ever took off and got big, it would be purely on the strength of my ideas. And I knew the biggest idea I’d ever communicate is that love – the love of a 2-parent home wherein mom and dad honor their commitments to each other and their family even and especially in the face of adversity — is more than anything what breeds accountability. And that’s the most important message I’d ever pass along. And if this site ever got big, I wanted everyone — from people who love my stuff to people who hate it — to have to ask, “What the hell does the name mean?” Because that will be the most conversation I ever inspire, should it be part of God’s plan for my stuff to have that kind of reach. So I’m not gonna change the name. I’m not gonna start advertising. I’m not gonna build mailing lists or do newsletters. But I might start doing more pieces like this that have several smaller pieces packed into one. Because again, as noted at the outset, this isn’t about “clicks” for me. It’s about passing along what I believe are often uncharted, uniquely original, largely under-represented views that many Americans share but may struggle to articulate, and that you’ll rarely if ever hear anywhere else.

And now I guess my work for the day, in that regard, is done. Thanks for swinging by!


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