Media’s Lie Of The Day: ‘Darn The Luck, America Being A Racist Hellhole Is Overshadowing The Rosenstein News!’

I’ve seen more than a few heavy hitters in the media and politics pretend to lament that Rod Rosenstein’s hearing today is destined to be overshadowed by the riots and other news related to George Floyd’s murder.

But the truth is even if nobody ever heard George Floyd’s name then the media would find some other excuse to distract from the Rosenstein hearing. And my guess, because I pay pretty close attention to this stuff and have come to know our disgraced and discredited national political news media quite well, is that the narrative today would be somewhere along these lines:

Trump’s GOP moves ahead with conspiracy theory probe while COVID-19 devastates an already crippled America.

If the national political news media covered the Rosenstein hearing today at all, that would be the dominant framing.

And if they asked about it at all in press conferences, this is how they’d package the questions:

Do you think it’s wise to use tax payer dollars in service to a conspiracy theory at a time when our nation is so desperate for economic relief and federal guidance on how to protect themselves from a second wave of the virus?

That would be the top line framing. That would be the first segment on the cable shows. That would be the front page.

And the secondary narrative that followed it would be direct attacks on Trump “for not doing enough” to prevent the economic hardship our nation is enduring.

What’s that?

No of course the media wouldn’t acknowledge that they were responsible for our nation’s humiliating, wildly overblown response to COVID-19; a response they pushed because they want our nation to endure as much pain and destruction as possible until we elect a president they approve of, at which point they’ll start coasting along and promising everything is just peachy — and the only thing wrong in America is those darn obstructionist Republicans getting in the way of our slow but steady, perpetual leftward lurch.

A leftward lurch, by the way, that President Trump brought to a grinding halt with two simple promises:

1) Drain the swamp

2) Stop being a doormat for the world and, instead, start putting America first

But the media are parasites in that swamp and survive only because it exists. And the media write the headlines. They decide what conversations we have, and they decide how those conversations are framed.

That’s why just a week ago they were shaming families of 3 for enjoying a day at the beach, accusing them of literally killing Grandma amid such hostile and selfish behavior.

Yet today thousands of protesters, rioters and looters are packed in like sardines and, incredibly, you haven’t even heard the word “covid” a single time after days of coverage.

The media’s COVID-19 hysteria was never about your health or safety.

And the coverage of George Floyd’s murder has nothing to do with justice.

The media want only to inflict as much pain and suffering as possible on our nation.

And while the economic, social and downstream health-related destruction from their COVID-19 story was great, it’s got nothing on a good week or so of race riots and burning our cities to the ground under the false pretense that America is a racist deathtrap and thus entirely deserving of the massive unrest and destruction.

So that’s the story they’re going with.

But as they always do, they’ll also pretend that they wish they could be covering all that other stuff that the other half of our nation actually cares about.

“Gosh that Rosenstein testimony would be really big news if only this other thing didn’t get in the way!”

It’s an absolute crock.

Rosenstein could reveal raw video of Obama, Comey, Clapper and Brennan literally torturing and murdering young, gay, black, Muslim transgender women just for fun, while simultaneously plotting all the ways they want to frame Trump and destroy our nation — and the media would sweep the story under the rug within a few short days.

Yes the video was painful to watch for many. But come on, people: Let’s not indict the entire Democratic party over the actions of a few bad apples. And now back to our regularly scheduled news wherein we’re indicting the entire American police force based on the actions of a few bad apples. And coming up later this hour, stop kidding yourselves: nothing you saw in that old Obama video that we already covered at length and are now moving past changes the reality that Donald Trump is definitely a racist, a rapist, a Russian spy and literally insane. All that and more coming up next with our panel of completely fair-minded, honest, helpful, not at all predictable “experts” here on CNN.

Tell me I’m wrong.

You can’t, because you know I’m not.

They made COVID-19 the news not because that particular flu bug actually merited destroying our economy, killing off 40 million jobs, costing us $6 trillion in new debt and creating myriad downstream health consequences both psychological and physiological as anyone who didn’t have COVID-19 was told to stay home and let their otherwise treatable ailments fester and even kill them. They made it the story because it’s the one they could most easily exploit to do the most damage.

They made George Floyd the news not because his death actually merits burning down our cities and painting our entire nation as a racist deathtrap at the hands of the men and women who risk their lives daily to protect us. They made George Floyd the news not because it’s a good idea to brand about 150,000,000 Americans as racists who are complicit every time a black person dies simply because we agree that Floyd was murdered and are glad the ex-cop who killed him was charged with murder, but we still think the media’s response has been dangerously inflammatory and does more to divide and destroy than it does to unite and heal. They didn’t make George Floyd the news because they actually believe any of that is good or noble or just. They made George Floyd the news because it’s the story they could most easily exploit to create the most pain and destruction.

None of it was ever about your health.

None of it was ever about your safety.

None of it was ever about justice.

It was and remains about hurting our country; creating as much division, disparity and destruction as they can until you elect someone they approve of.

And that’s also why they’ll never let the biggest political scandal in American history — Obama and his corrupt intelligence community spying on a political opponent and then trying to remove that political opponent from office as part of an attempted coup — become a story.

It doesn’t fit their narrative.

And they’re the ones who decide what we talk about.

And their narrative is the same as it’s always been: America is a terrible place and any minute we’re not bowing before our European betters in awe, humility, shame and subservience, we’re only getting worse.

Donald Trump and his supporters have put an end to that nonsense, and so the media are doing everything they can to punish our nation and create as much pain and destruction as possible until we elect someone they approve of. That’s what we’re seeing now. And that’s what we’ll keep seeing when Trump wins again in November.

But if we’re smart then this time around we’ll be ready for it.


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