George Floyd’s Death Will Change Nothing Because Media & Dems Think Blacks Are Idiots

While many people are hopeful that George Floyd’s murder might be a catalyst for meaningful change in America, no such change will occur because the media and Democrats who are leading the charge don’t actually care about change and think black people are too stupid to ever realize that.

First things first, let’s stipulate a few things that most of us already know…

  • It appears based on the video that George Floyd was murdered.
  • The man who did it deserves to suffer and spend the rest of his life, however long it may be, paying for his crime.
  • Black people in America endure disproportionate disparity across every meaningful health, income, education, employment and crime-related metric.
  • The vast majority of black people in America are upstanding and law-abiding citizens but because of their skin color are still judged more often as being a threat.

We can stipulate all of that, because it’s all true.

That’s not to say those reflect the experiences of all black people.

Nor that people of other races don’t also endure varying degrees of each.

But when you compare races in America, blacks get the worst of it in the largest per capita numbers.

It’s just true.

The big question that anybody who cares about this issue should be asking is “Why?”

But, sadly, not a lot of people actually ask that question.

Instead, sleepy idiots that so many are, most people lazily just scream “RACISM!” and hope their ugly accusation and the ferocity with which they level it will do all the work for them. After all, the person screaming “RACISM!” clearly can’t be the problem. And they’ve done their part by pointing out what the problem is. So now it’s someone else’s problem. The person who yelled “RACISM!” is woke. Their work here is done.

And do you know what happens next?

Not a damn thing.

In fact if anything the disparities endured by Americans who are black seem to only get worse. And the racial divisions in our country seem to only get worse. And the shouts get louder, and the injustices that become national news get more depressing, and the fallout gets angrier and more destructive. Everything seems to only get worse.

And the reason nothing ever actually changes for the better is because the media and Democratic party, the self-appointed arbiters of racial justice and progress, they actually thrive off of black peoples’ pain. They don’t actually want anything to improve and so they focus on the wrong things and hope black people are too stupid to notice or do anything about it.

I wrote a piece a few days ago noting how irresponsible it is to pretend the disparities that black children endure are in no way related to the disparities that black men endure. At 10AM we can all agree that black kids generally have fewer resources that lead to worse outcomes. But by 2PM when we’re lamenting that black men have more proximity to crime and the justice system, we suddenly seem to forget that those black men were once those black kids.

The two are very much related.

But instead of acknowledging the reality that fewer resources as a child will result in worse outcomes as an adult, we instead ignore that fact and just yell “RACISM!”

And in doing so we not only ignore the actual root of the hardships, but we create brand new problems by scapegoating fear and hatred on the margins and stoking them both to the fore.

And it’s never going to end because the media and Demcoratic party don’t want it to end. They’re the ones doing most of the talking. They’re the ones ignoring the root of the problem. They’re the ones writing the script and directing the movie on your television screens, and in academia, and across social media.

Here’s the hard reality…

72% of black kids grow up in broken homes. The black family in America is utterly decimated. That is the problem. But the black activists and their lily white “partners” who pity them more than anything else, are taught to roll their eyes and yell “RACIST!” anytime someone brings that fact up. But it is a fact. And forget about the money or resources. Just having two parents who honor their commitment to each other and their family, even and especially in the face of adversity, more than anything else is what inspires accountability in young people as they enter adulthood. It’s why 5 years ago when I started this website I named it Love Breeds Accountability. I did it because I knew even though it sounded all cheesy and hippie-like, it would be the most important message I would ever convey. And I’ve been trying to do just that ever since.

I named this site “Love Breeds Accountability” because, to put it simply, it’s true: love, more than anything else, is what inspires accountability in young people as they become adults.

I’m not indicting parents today who split up. I’m not trying to back anyone in a corner or make them feel bad. And I’m not saying that there aren’t great adults who were raised in single parent homes, or terrible adults who were raised in 2-parent homes. But generally speaking when it comes to parenting and raising kids, I think — I hope — we can all agree that family is pretty important. And let’s not get all loose with the idea of “family” here the way the Democrats want you to when they conflate it with “the village,” for example. For those of you who don’t have much or any family, obviously your concept of it is different than most of ours. And I recognize that and applaud your resilience. But for most of us a family is a mom, a dad, and their kids.

83% of Asians in America grow up in a home with their mom and dad.

71% of whites do.

47% of Hispanics do.

But only 28% of blacks do.

Friends, that is the the root of the problem.

Don’t roll your eyes or call me “RACIST!”

Please just be honest with yourself and admit that’s a real blind spot in our national conversation about why too many black people in America suffer disproportionate disparity across every metric and compared to every other race or ethnicity.

It’s easy just to say “RACISM!” is the cause. But that kind of broad stroke ignores the most important reality: if black kids weren’t so disproportionately disadvantaged, then black adults — who were once those black kids — wouldn’t be either.

The real problem now is that the media and Democratic party have actually convinced generations of Americans who are black that they are in fact perpetual victims of racism more broadly. And another real problem now is that it’s becoming increasingly true! As we continue to ignore the real problem, things just continue to get worse. And as things continue to get worse then whites, Hispanics and Asians are obviously aware of it. And so by statistical awareness alone they know based on simple math that black people are going to be more disadvantaged than everyone else. And in some circles and situations that will merit pity. And in other circles and situations it will merit fear. But fear and pity are the central tenets of racism so no matter how they manifest or what the situation, everything just keeps getting worse.

And the primary reason is that the media and Democrats have conditioned our society to only blame “RACISM!” in its most broad context, and to claim that anyone who brings up single-parent homes are <checks notes> engaging in that racism.

The media and Democrats, along with the politicized and bastardized wing of academia that works for both of them, get their power from black peoples’ pain and suffering and failure. And they think black people are stupid. They pity them. And they’ve taught generations of white people to proudly adopt all those same beliefs. And it’s working. All of it is working perfectly. We see one man killed unjustly by a cop and use that as justification to burn down major cities, indict our entire nation as being a racist deathtrap, and suggest the 150,000,000 or so Americans who agree that it was murder are themselves racists and complicit in the murder unless they too agree that our whole system must burn.

I recently noted that I’m a fan of cooperating with cops and someone said “George Floyd cooperated, and now he’s dead.”

Tens of millions of black Americans cooperate with the police every year, and live. You could frankly show me 100 George Floyd videos and it still wouldn’t justify the wildly overblown response we’re seeing. It’s the same exact thing we saw with the COVID-19 virus. The media are driving these hysterical, humiliating, destructive responses because they thrive and derive power from the pain. And yes, they also hate Trump and want our nation to suffer as much as possible under him; to bully us into electing someone else in November. And George Floyd’s death was an easy mark for them because they’ve been stoking our country’s racial hot buttons for decades, and conditioning their faithful audiences to respond exactly as the script says.

Burn down the entire country because a dirtbag cop got caught murdering someone. Pretend that “You can’t be black and shop at WalMart without getting killed” as one popular Facebook meme that’s been shared millions of times suggests.

It’s all absurd. And it’s stupid. And even though I’ve acknowledged all the realities — that Floyd was murdered, that his killer deserves to spend the rest of his life suffering, that blacks do have worse results in America, that most blacks are obviously good and law-abiding citizens and that they too are still subject to the bigotry — I’ve acknowledged all of that, but because I say we shouldn’t necessarily burn our country to the ground or indict “the entire system” over George Floyd’s death, and because I point to broken homes as being the root of the problem, I’ll be branded a racist for even trying.

And everything will keep just getting worse.

But when history looks back on this time they’ll see at least one person who was willing to speak the truth in the face of the broken, angry, hate-filled, brainwashed mobs. And they’ll find this piece. And it will show at least one receipt from this moment in time that might have actually done some good.

So go ahead and yell “RACISM!” if that’s really the best you can come up with. But while I’m not claiming to have an answer for today’s problems, I have a really good handle on what we can do to help mitigate tomorrow’s. And if we could just talk about the importance of 2-parent homes out loud, and how the lack of them has done a lot of damage to black individuals and the black population at large, then more black kids will heed that reality as they become adults. And the disparity will go down. And the statistics will improve. And the bigotry both implicit and explicit, and the racial temperature in general in America emanating from all corners, will begin to subside. And that’s a good thing. And that’s what I’m aiming for.


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  1. You Sir are a treasure. I’m so happy I found your blog. You are one of the best writers on the internet and deserve a broad voice. I’m telling all my friends.


  2. Hi Thank you. This is an excellent article. I enjoy this one and lots of others delivered into my email. Keep up the excellent work.

    I also note it’s a poorer vs wealthy issue as well which plays into your 2 parent vs one narrative of course. Sadly in addition during COVID19 one of the things that helps children the most if they are vulnerable can be school, affordable activities and daycare and the governments closed all of that which is causing suffering I am sure, not just for the kids but for the moms who cannot work.

    Thanks again




  3. Hi there me again 🙂

    I read this article I thought might interest you. As well as the comments it was a pregnant women to whom he held the gun to her stomach. I was thinking the police officer who killed him knew him from when they worked together in a night club might have known of his record. So it is possible the officer who killed him might have acted out of emotion not race. As well I wanted to say how important your writing is because main stream media in my opinion are lazy and do not report full stories only what stirs up whatever emotion they are looking for but journalists like yourself at least try to look at the big picture. I feel only by looking at the whole story can we find solutions.

    Thank you




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