Someone Should Tell The Protesters That Their Two Most Popular Slogans Promote Violence

They’re able to get away with it because Democrats pity them and the media enable them, but the peaceful protesters’ two most popular slogans are both invitations for violence.

And yes, to be clear, I’m talking about the peaceful protesters.

Earlier today I wrote about the rioters and looters, who are much different and deserve much more hostility.

But this time around I’m talking about the peaceful protesters. Because while the racist media and Democrats pity their intellectual assembly line idiots and hold them to much lower standards, I’m a big believer in progress and unity and equality and will thus make no such exceptions.


First off, the absence of justice is not violence. The absence of justice is injustice. So when I hear someone scream “NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE!” what I’m hearing them say is if they feel justice isn’t being done, then they are going to introduce violence.

That’s a threat.

They’ll say “No I mean when justice isn’t done it meant violence was okay,” or “No by ‘peace’ what I mean is freedom from our cries” — but that’s not what the sign says. The sign says the absence of justice as defined by the person holding the sign, means the absence of peace. And the absence of peace, means violence. And there’s a chronology at play: if “P,” then “Q.”

You don’t have to like it. You can say I’m nitpicking. But if you’re going to start a revolution in pursuit of justice and peace, you need to do a little better than wrapping your entire brand in a threat of violence.

The power players on the left didn’t have the heart to point this out because they think black and brown people are stupid, and they don’t expect them to understand such things. Instead, they just pat them on the head because all the media and Democrats truly want is for those black and brown people to suffer. And as long as they’re out there protesting over the contrived narratives that are scripted for them, the media and Democrats don’t really care about anything else. But make no mistake about it: the absence of justice isn’t violence. It’s injustice. And so the idea that violence will erupt if justice is absent, is a threat. And a pretty damn clear one at that.


Same thing here. The absence of speech does not by any reasonable logic imply the existence of violence. So when these idiots hold signs and chant “White Silence Is White Violence!”, they’re implying that white people are engaging in violence for not sharing the same social and political views as the protesters.

And do you know the one time that engaging in violence is acceptable?

It’s when someone else engages in violence, and you defend yourself.

That’s it.

That’s the only time it’s okay to engage in violence.

So when protesters imply that white people literally sitting there saying and doing nothing are in fact engaging in violence, what they’re really saying is “I’m justified in responding with my own violence.” We don’t see a lot of that, obviously. But that’s what the sign says. That’s what their entire stupid little band of pseudo leadership attaches itself to as if it’s some brilliantly revolutionary and evolutionary sentiment.

It’s not even an implicit excuse for violence. It’s an explicit one. But the media and Democratic party pity their most faithful adherents and think they’re too stupid to be held to the same standards as everyone else, and so nobody ever pointed this out and it became one of their most revered slogans.


It’s truly pathetic just how little the media and Democrats think of black and brown people. They’ve created entire social and political platforms based around their belief that black people are too stupid to get and keep an ID, and Hispanic people are too stupid to follow our immigration laws and therefore need a pass that nobody else gets.

These sentiments are literally built into the Democratic party’s platform.

That the lily white liberal idiots who similarly conflate “pity” with “empathy” think the exact same way, is no surprise.

I’m sorry, black and brown people. I do not pity you. And I don’t feel bad or guilty about that. I feel great about it. Because the Democratic party has always derived their power from racism. In 1863 and 1964 they derived power from scorn for black people and pity for white people. In 2020 they derive power from scorn for white people and pity for black and brown people. And that pity — whether it was for white people 100 years ago, or black and brown people today — doesn’t help anyone. Do you honestly think those white people back in the day were improved by the belief that their skin color alone made them better than others, and victims of those with different skin color?

I promise you: it didn’t. It made them weaker.

And the same is true today as the Democrats and their trusty media sidekicks try to convince black and brown people that they deserve pity because “all white people” are terrible and the cause of all their woes.

But for switching the colors around, not a damn thing has changed in the Democratic party’s philosophy nor the societal destruction they ensure: It’s power derived from racism that’s predicated on pity and scorn.

So now we watch the media and Democrats manufacture the pain and suffering that black and brown people in America endure, and then celebrate all who help foment that bigoted lie. And when the entire movement decides on two slogans that are both painfully stupid because they can’t even come up with something that doesn’t obviously and explicitly promote violence, nobody tells them because they think they’re pathetic and don’t expect them to really understand.

So I’m telling them.

You look and sound ridiculous. You need new slogans and signs.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: While we’re on the subject, anyone who thinks the conversation needs to start at “Black Lives Matter” is offensive and unserious. There isn’t a person in America who isn’t already aware that black lives do, in fact, matter. So miss me with that bs, too. Go do better. I’m holding you to a higher standard. I realize nobody else really ever has in your entire life, but I’m doing it now. Let me know what you come up with. Because there is a real fight you’re in. And it does matter. But you need much better aim, far more honesty, and a much higher bar all around including with your messaging if you want my help beyond what I’m already doing (which is to regularly call out the real culprits and the real problems). Want me to join your fight more specifically? Then start doing better.


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