America Loves Watching The Media & Their Pajama Boy Rioters Cry & Suffer

We now know 1) literally everyone in America views George Floyd’s death as an unjust murder, 2) the cop who killed Floyd is no longer a cop and has been charged with murder, and 3) President Trump has commended the peaceful protesters while offering federal support to help ensure a conviction — and with those 3 realities firmly established, Americans are quickly developing hatred for rioters and looters as well as the media who sponsor and support them.

And that means, like it or not, watching the rioters and looters get their asses kicked and watching the media cry over it are two of the most beautiful things many of us have seen in a long time.

The media has spent 4 years putting targets on the backs of Americans who support President Trump. They have fomented hatred and violence against us while stifling our First Amendment rights to free speech. And now that hatred and violence against Trump supporters has become entirely normalized in every day American life at the hands of the media’s faithful audiences, the media ignore that story and refuse to acknowledge that it’s even happening.

As a result, I enjoy watching the media suffer. I enjoy seeing their pain.

Here’s an email admitting as much that I’ve been sending to media idiots…

Hi Maggie,

The thing is, we Trump supporters started off as largely good-hearted and vengeance-averse people. But because you and your bigoted pals have spent the last 4 years putting targets on our backs by perverting your platforms to be nothing more than P.A. systems used to amplify your belief that every one of us is either a racist or an idiot, we now have a quite a bit of hatred in our hearts that honestly didn’t exist before.

So when Trump curbstomps you dirtbags and that demented, senile, hair sniffing freak you call a candidate this November — and in the ensuing months when literally hundreds of your already fledgling media outlets shutter and literally thousands of your media peers lose their jobs — not only are we not gonna feel the least bit of sympathy for you…

…we’re gonna laugh, Maggie.

We’re gonna laugh.

We’re gonna enjoy every second watching you parasite maggots squirm all over Twitter (the swamp’s final refuge and safe space) looking for work and swearing by the “brilliance” of this idiot or that idiot who just got laid off but “would make a fine addition to any team” haha.

Better still, the most egregious and vocal among you are gonna be recognized in the streets, Maggie.

Our streets, Maggie.

And you’re gonna have to own up to your bullshit attacks on us face to face using your words in real life instead of your pen from a bubble. And you’re gonna have to own up to your persistently implied incitement for violence against us, and your having entirely ignored the America you created and very real attack on private citizens’ First Amendment rights who can no longer, for example, wear a MAGA hat without being viciously assaulted by your faithful audiences.

Because it all changes when, exhausted by your dishonest promises that “the walls are closing in” and “this feels different,” your faithful audiences drop you like the diseased whores you are. And that’s when your entire industry and profession — once revered and sadly still of tremendous import although generations from again realizing its necessity let alone potential — contracts the industry equivalent of COVID-19 in a nursing home and starts dying off by the thousands.

And we’re gonna enjoy it. We’re gonna enjoy watching your pain and utter personal, social and professional devastation. And when you think it can’t get any worse, we’re gonna make it personal for you like you have for us. We’re gonna remember exactly who tf you are and remind you of it every time you work up the strength to leave your shitty little apartment…just like the idiot leftist mobs you’ve spent four years training to do to private citizens guilty often without the benefit of context of violating what you liberal bigots deem to be acceptable speech or behavior.

So enjoy the show, Maggie. Because you and your douchebag pals are gonna have a front f**king row seat.

Hrand Tookman

That’s the level of hatred I have for the media. That’s the message I think they deserve to hear. Not only do we not like the media, but we actively enjoy watching them suffer.

And I don’t apologize for it.

Because as we’re seeing today, the legacy media actively enjoy watching our nation suffer. They inspire as much pain and hatred and violence as they possibly can, and they’ll continue doing it until you elect a President they approve of. Because that’s all any of this has been about.

That’s all the Russia Collusion Hoax was about. That’s all the Ukraine Hoax was about. That’s all the hysteria over COVID-19 was about. And that’s all the enabling of riots and looting in the wake of George Floyd’s death is about.

It’s not about your health. It’s not about your safety. It’s not about justice.

It’s about creating the ugliest, most fearful, most painful, least happy, most angry America they possibly can.

And it’s all because they hate President Trump.

I still feel bad for the black and brown people in the grassroots who are victims of the media and Democrats’ bigotry, and who as a result have for generations been plagued by hopelessness, anger and desperation. I don’t pity them the way liberals do, but I know they’ve been targeted and conditioned to fail by racist Democrats, and it’s hard to watch them perpetuate their own pain while still on the Democrats’ recently-remodeled plantation. So when I watch them get tear gassed or beaten down by cops, my heart aches just a bit as I know their pain and suffering is exactly what the media and Democrats want. But when I see the lily white AntiFa terrorists, liberals, socialists, SJWs, progressives, etc get tear gassed and beat down, I literally stand up and cheer.

So hopefully those videos will start flowing more because mostly what I’m seeing now are cops exercising way too much restraint. Nobody — not even police officers — should have to just endure physical violence and assaults without being able to swing back. And when I watch some fat, 4’8″ girl spitting in a cop’s face and acting like she’s hard — when she knows damn well he can’t do a thing back to her — I just wish some female cop would break ranks, give the idiot a chance to take her best shot, and then beat her to a bloody pulp.

When I see scrawny liberal pajama boys throwing molotov cocktails and bricks at cops, I just wish some cop would break ranks and go chase that idiot down and legitimately cave his face in.

Oh my! Hrand, stop glorifying violence!

The media are the ones glorifying violence because we’re watching these rioting and looting animals take every opportunity to be as violent and hateful and inflammatory as possible while inspiring and inciting as much anger and brutality as they can muster, and the media is hailing these people as “heroes” while the cops who have to stand there and just take it are portrayed as villains who “deserve” to be spit on and have bricks thrown at their heads, and the peaceful protesters and business owners and members of the community who will suffer the most are cast aside by the media as afterthoughts.

I’m not glorifying violence. I’m responding to it. And thanks to the media, nothing brings me more joy than watching them cry when the cops do finally respond, and watching their pansy-ass pajama boy foot soldiers get the crap kicked out of them.

And I’m not sorry for it. Like increasingly large numbers of Americans, I enjoy it.

The Republican party has a long history of promoting non-violence, and the modern conservative movement has a long history of “taking it” from the angrier and more brutal left. And I’ve long stood by both of those important and evolved measures. But as the media gets more desperate and encourages their army of pajama boys to do the same, I promise it’s not a fight they really want to pick — because I promise it’s one they don’t stand a chance in hell of finishing.


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  1. I agree with the author and I will add to his comments by including along with despising the press I will include the Hollywood wierdo’s plus idiotic Michael Moore and his loony followers


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