Why Black People In America Do Worse Than Everyone Else

The reason so many black people in America do comparatively worse in every meaningful metric is because they’re victims of widespread racism that’s existed since our country’s founding.

But because the media and Democratic party control the national conversation, most people in America have no clue what that racism truly looks like or who’s responsible for it.

And so, to make matters even worse, most people blame the wrong things and the wrong people.

And that means not only is the real problem ignored, and not only are the real culprits not held accountable — but brand new hatred is emerging that’s completely unjust, unnecessary and only making things worse.

And the Democrats who write the script, and the media who direct it on your television screens, couldn’t be happier about all of it.

But let’s back up a little bit because that’s really what’s missing from the whole “Why do so many more blacks in America fail?” conversation.

For all the “social justice warriors” and other lily white liberals who one minute are shrieking “BLACK LIVES MATTER!” and the next are in Central Park telling a black guy you’re gonna get the cops to come beat him up — here’s a simple question: How much does it bother you that black children in America suffer such tremendous disparity compared to their white, Hispanic and Asian counterparts? How much does it bother you that black children live in poverty more often, and that they so often have fewer resources to help them succeed, and that their failure and dropout rates are so often so much higher than other kids’?

I know being honest is a real blind spot for some of you who project your predisposition for deception onto everyone else and rarely want to answer questions like that one truthfully but if we’re being honest, you’ll admit to at least being aware that black kids in America endure wildly disproportionate disparity compared to their white, Hispanic and Asian peers.

And that matters because here’s the thing that most people miss when we talk about race in America…

Those black kids eventually become adults.

We all knew the odds were stacked against them. We all knew they had fewer opportunities and resources, and we all knew they endured those hardships and disparities in disproportionate numbers.

We knew it. We knew all of it.

And yet when they grow up to become men and those bad odds play out in real time, we pretend we never knew that the challenges those men face started much earlier in life.

You’re absolutely right to cry at 10AM for black kids in America who endure disproportionate disparity. But you’re offensive and unserious if by 2PM you’re crying for the bad outcomes black men in America endure, and simply blaming “RACISM!” as if what you saw at 10AM is in no way related.

If you’re trying to mitigate the disparities black men endure but you’re not acknowledging that for most the increased challenges started much earlier in life, then you’re bound to misappropriate blame for the problem. And when you misappropriate blame for the problem you not only won’t help improve things, but you’re just going to make things worse.

If you want to mitigate the reality that black men in America suffer disparity across so many critical metrics, then we need to be talking about why black kids do. Because being a black man suffering disparity in America means you have fewer opportunities and more hopelessness, which often leads to more proximity to crime. And more proximity to crime means more trouble with the law. And even the most woke officers out there can’t help but let that statistical reality seep into their subconscious. And so yes, they’ll often see black men as greater threats than white, Hispanic and/or Asian men. That is what we have to change. That is what we should all be focused on changing. But simply screaming “RACISM!” isn’t the way to do it because the statistics are real and thus the problem isn’t that simple.

If you really want to fix the problem instead of just announcing that one exists, you should actually be shouting “DISPARITY THAT BLACKS KIDS ENDURE!”

Because the disparity that black kids endure is what we must change so that fewer black people in America grow up with the odds already stacked against them. And when fewer black people in America grow up with odds already stacked against them, then fewer black adults will suffer from a lack of opportunity alongside increased hopelessness, fear, and even desperation that will more often lead to crime. And when fewer black adults suffer from those disparities and hardships, then fewer black adults will have a disproportionate proximity to crime. And when fewer black adults have a disproportionate proximity to crime, then fewer in our society — everyone from law enforcement to the old white, Hispanic or Asian lady who crosses the street when she sees a black man coming her way — will see black people in America as disproportionately disadvantaged and thus as potentially greater threats.

It’s called real talk, people. Stay with me.

Because simply screaming “RACISM!” and portraying America as a racist deathtrap serves only to create more hatred, division and destruction. And not only that but it ignores the real problem which starts much earlier in life.

And honestly I don’t know what we can do today for those — black, white or any other color — who had much harsher childhoods with far more limited resources. I don’t have that answer. But I know if we truly want to prevent more of it tomorrow for Americans who are black and disproportionately affected by it, simply shouting “RACISM!” is a great way only to continue failing.

And I also know that’s exactly what the Democratic party and their media allies want. They want our nation to fail this way. They love the violence and hatred going on in the streets right now. They couldn’t ask for more. The pandemic and economic destruction and perpetual fear and division between the masks and the masks-not was great, but none of it has anything on a good week or so of race rioting. This is what the Democrats and their sleepy af media allies live for. They couldn’t ask for more. So they’re not gonna be any help. In fact they’re gonna foment as much of the hatred and pain and anger and suffering as they can. Because the more pain and suffering people in America endure, the more powerful the Democratic party and left become.

The Republican party derives its power from people doing well and being independent. The Democratic party derives its power from people failing and being enslaved by (i.e. dependent on) the government. And it’s always been that way. And sadly, based on what we’re seeing not only in the streets today but on college campuses all across our nation and in Hollywood and social media and everywhere else, the Democrats are winning this heinous social cold war. Because it’s very easy to tell black people in America that they’re victims, and that white people are the reason why, and that our nation needs to feel bad for black people and scorn for those racist, privileged white devils who don’t actually know they’re racist but definitely are. It’s a very simple and seductive message that works as well on black people who want to believe they’re martyrs as it does on white people who want to believe they’re part of something big and important.

But it’s just not true.

Fully 72% of black kids in America grow up in single-parent homes. Compare that to 53% of Hispanics, 29% of whites and 17% of Asians.

That is why black kids have a harder time.

It’s not because of white people or any other scapegoat.

It’s because the racist Democrats and their media allies want black people to suffer. And so they tell everyone to roll their eyes when we start talking about broken homes, as if having a mom and dad who honor their commitments to each other and their family even and especially in the face of adversity, doesn’t have any kind of impact on young minds and the sense of power and accountability those kids take with them into adulthood.

72% of black kids grow up in broken homes, and when they become adults they lag behind every other race in every meaningful metric from education to income and distance from crime.

Meanwhile, 17% of Asian kids grow up in broken homes, and when they become adults they blow the doors off every other race in every meaningful metric from education to income and distance from crime.

Tell me again how “whiteness” is the culprit when Americans who are Asian crush everyone else.

And factor in whites and Hispanics, and it all tracks perfectly with instances of broken homes.

And no, obviously, not all kids who grow up in broken homes fail. There are plenty of happy, successful, productive adults who grew up in broken homes, and plenty of hopeless degenerates who grew up in 2-parent homes. But generally speaking when it comes to parenting, 2 are better than 1. And it’s not just about the time, money or resources. It’s also about the example and the love those parents have to share and demonstrate by staying together for and with their kids. It’s easy to walk away from commitments. Everyone knows that. But kids who see their parents honor their commitments to each other and their family, even and especially when things are rough, are getting something far more valuable than money can buy. And by the way this also isn’t an indictment of parents who split up! It’s 2020. It happens. It happens a lot. I get that. But it would just be nice if we could have this conversation out loud in our country without being told a) it doesn’t actually matter or b) you’re a racist for even bringing it up.

Because both of those things are what the media and Democrats try to tell our nation, but they’re both untrue. It does matter, and it’s not racist to bring up. It’s just a very obvious observation that the media and Democratic party want us to ignore because they thrive off of our nation’s hatred, disunity and black pain — and therefore they don’t actually want to solve these challenges.

Instead they just want everyone to yell “RACIST!” thereby ignoring the root of the problem and creating a lot of brand new problems that make everything worse.

I know that black people in America have a harder time. I know that while there are some bad cops just like there are some bad doctors, teachers, lawyers, etc — the vast majority are good cops. But yes even they are aware of the statistics. And the statistics are real. They’re not made up. Black kids suffer more. We all know that. And that doesn’t disappear just because they get older. On the contrary, that disparity black kids endure often follows them into adulthood. And that’s why the statistics for black adults reflect more negative outcomes, up to and including fewer opportunities and more desperation that results in greater proximity to crime. It’s all true. And it’s also true that for black people who have stayed on the straight and narrow — which the vast majority have and do — it’s much harder because they’re still often judged based on the statistics. And I don’t know how to fix that, either. And I’m not claiming to. But I understand it’s real. And I can’t claim to know what it feels like but I can only imagine it brings with it a lot of justifiable hurt and anger. What I want to do is try to mitigate how much of that happens in the future. I want to try to level things out in our country. And I know that no matter what anyone says or how hard they roll their eyes, having two parents who honor their commitment to each other and their family is worth more than all the money in the world to a young mind en route to becoming an accountable adult determined to meet his or her potential thanks to the love and honor their mom and dad, together as a team, through thick and thin, raised them with. And I want it to be okay for me to say that out loud without being told it doesn’t matter, or that I’m just a racist for even bringing it up. Because even if you and your spouse didn’t stick it out, I have to think you at least want your kids — once they’re grown and married — to have a healthy and lasting relationship with a partner they can count on like a rock through good times and bad.

And if we can all just say that out loud and talk about it, then I promise you we’ll start seeing more of it.

But if we all ignore that reality and instead just say “America is a deathtrap overrun by racism and hatred,” then I promise you that’s all we’re going to keep seeing more of.


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    • Affirmative action replaced the meritocracy we should be living in. Kill the thrill of success and we kill the desire to be our best.

      Got library?


  1. the disparity lies in not having a father in the home, and too many government freebies that say be happy, don’t worry, you’ll get by.


  2. What a bunch of moral preening.
    The last time I checked, Africa was run by black people.
    Blacks don’t suffer from the “Bogie man, Disparity” in Africa? , yet Africa is where a lot of those $hithole Countries that people want to flee are located.
    You never here about European’s fleeing to Africa to escape poverty.

    I think that Thomas Sowell is arguably the smartest man in America, but it is time for black people to look at themselves in the mirror and have an honest conversation.


  3. The problem is the democrats who steal the money set out to restore black communities. There are more thieving black politicians in the democrat party than we have enemies! Let us determine where the wealth comes from on the left and the right. No one should be buying our government. Why should Maxine live in wealthy community when those she serves live in utter poverty? Do we REALLY pay her that well, Or does Russia?Seriously. Blacks have been the boon for their wealthy politicians for many decades now. It does not appear there are hoards leaving the plantation, rather, they are just wanting more free stuff so they don’t have to work or contribute to this nation and it’s ecomomy. Now, what we see are the results of democrat leaders thieving and enriching themselves from black communities they were elected to serve.


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