ABC’s George Stephanopoulos Deserves A Public Beating For This Interview

Democratic propagandist and host of ABC’s “This Week,” George Stephanopoulos, asked one of his guests a question on Sunday that should earn him a humiliating public beatdown in front of his friends and family. Metaphorically, of course.

To be clear, I’m a fierce critic of and no stranger to media bias. And I often point to the questions interviewers ask as evidence of their bias. It’s become a uniquely effective weapon in my arsenal for exposing bias in a way that the media can’t hide from. But even with my track record of often listening more closely to the questions asked than the answers given, this one stopped me dead in my tracks.

Stephanopoulos was interviewing Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar. A rabid anti-Semite with a weird, creepy history that includes incestuously marrying her own brother and also being a workplace sexual predator who sleeps with her married subordinates, Omar was invited on the show to discuss the violence that she and her bigoted peers in the Democratic party promote and celebrate.

A minute or so into the interview I had to press pause and start writing this piece.

See if you can spot what’s so spectacularly dangerous and irresponsible about this question from Stephanopoulos.


In case it’s not immediately obvious, here’s the massive problem with what you just witnessed…

First of all, it’s sadly no surprise that this is the first time many of us heard this particular example of Omar apologizing for domestic terrorists whom she yet again promotes and enables. It should be front page news anytime an elected leader makes excuses for violence and says “we can’t ask our community to be peaceful,” no matter what kind of qualifier they attach to it.

To be clear, there is never in modernity a situation in America where duly-elected political leaders who swore to uphold and defend the Constitution “can’t ask” citizens to stop being violent and/or engaging in domestic terrorism. Such a scenario simply does. not. exist.

But since Omar is a Democrat, her psychotic and anti-American proclamation obviously never made news.

Here’s the bigger problem, though: Stephanopoulos actually decided to make it news.

He brought it up.

He asked about it.

And that’s great. Right?


Because he didn’t ask her to account for defending domestic terrorism.

He didn’t ask her to explain why she’d ever condone violence of any kind.

He didn’t ask her why she’s enabling and even inciting yet more violence by making excuses for it.

All he did was ask her to list her demands.

George Stephanopoulos, who claims to be a “newsman” thereby lying twice in once word (h/t Kurt Schlichter), may as well have said…

I understand that you’re promoting and defending the violence being foist on our nation by these domestic terrorists. It’s brave of you to defend them. What do you need from us — from the people of America, and the government — in order to stop committing this domestic terrorism and this violence? You are in charge. You have the floor. You have threatened America and now you’re literally attacking the nation with violence. This network and its viewers, more than anything else, want to submit to your demands. We don’t want to condemn you or your actions. We don’t want to ask you to explain why you’d condone or promote violence. Instead, we agree with you and support you. So please tell us your demands so that we might do all we can to accommodate them, and then — with your permission and blessing — live peacefully until you decide to violently attack our nation again.

That’s exactly what Stephanopoulos implied when he brought up Omar’s repulsive suggestion that domestic terrorism and violence should be tolerated. And rather than hold her accountable for it, he supported her by asking what her demands are to start condemning the violence instead of apologizing for and promoting it.

It’s absolutely repulsive and while we’ve come to expect that type of idiocy from frothing-at-the-mouth morons like Ilhan Omar who pick fights they can’t possibly finish, it’s a whole new level of dangerous irresponsibility for ABC’s preeminent political chief, George Stephanopoulos, to broach the subject and promote Omar’s terrorism instead of condemning it.

Can you imagine if a Trump supporter made a similar statement? Imagine if we began rioting in the streets to protest the wildly unjust string of violence that the media’s faithful audiences regularly enact against women and minorities who support President Trump. And then imagine some elected Republican saying…

We can’t ask these Trump supporters to stop being violent until justice is done.

Imagine it.

Stephanopoulos and his dirtbag liberal peers would lose their minds.

But a Democrat does it in defense of Democratic Terrorism, and the only thing George can think to ask is “What will it take for you and your base to stop literally burning our country to the ground, oh great and wise and just terrorist leader?”

If you see George Stephanopoulos in the street, get in his face and give him the metaphoric beatdown of his life. Humiliate the sad little clown in front of his family and friends. Show up anywhere he might be and metaphorically spit in his face. Because while he’s an absolutely pathetic hack every time he gets on air, he’s at this point proven beyond doubt that he more than deserves to live in constant fear of public shaming and humiliation.

I don’t make the rules. This is the world Stephanopoulos and the media have spent four years creating and telling us to get used to. And we have. Now they can get used to it, too.


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  1. Little Georgie should be banned from hosting any so-called “news” show. He is blatantly biased, completely unprofessional, contributed $75,000 to HiLIARy’s campaign, and suffers from the “Napolean Syndrome”. HE MUST GO!


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