Sorry, No: After Decades Of Pushing Hatred & Hostility, Liberals Seek Truce

I’m 42 and have spent most of my life watching the supposed liberal “cool kids” in America run roughshod on the aptly-named conservative right.

Led and protected by their crybully media and basic Hollywood bitches, they’ve spent decades brutally pummeling and punishing all who reject their Godless, joyless, bigoted doctrine.

And now that the tables are turning — now that conservatarian American patriotism that doesn’t apologize for our nation is becoming what’s “cool,” and now that people are rejecting the regressive and bigoted notion that the diversity of one’s identity is more important than the content of one’s character — many of those who hitched their wagons to the left are sheepishly wondering aloud, “Can’t we all just get along?”

I’ve always noted that most of you liberals truly are well-intended. It’s a concession that’s exponentially more charitable than anything any of you ever gave those on my side of the aisle as you always, immediately and eagerly put the worst possible construction on every national conversation we had. And you were able to land your lazy cheap shots and mock us in large part because your guiding philosophy is so mind-numbingly stupid and simple (“Giving is good”) while ours is far more complex (“Yes ‘giving is good’ but Liberty is better and let me try to explain what that means, why and how”).

Now, as happens so often, the truth is becoming clear. And one need only look at the left’s litany of failure and the identity cannibalism that’s happening all across the Democratic party as they pit not only blacks against whites and whites against blacks, but also Hispanics against blacks, and blacks against Hispanics, and Muslims against the LGBTQ community, and women against everyone, and everyone against Jews. 

And just wait until their shackled-by-manufactured-grievance base finds out that Americans who are Asian out-perform everyone in every metric haha! Whooo doggy it’s gonna get ugly!

Meanwhile here in Trump country on the Republican side, it’s a big lovefest: blacks, whites, Hispanics, Asians, gay people, straight people, Muslims, Jews, Christians, men, women; all identifying as #AmericanFirst while proudly putting #AmericaFirst — entirely unshackled by the manufactured grievance, hatred and bigotry that increasingly defines the American Left.

But virtually all of these liberals — even the well-intended ones in the grassroots — have spent their lives either pointing and laughing or sitting idly and saying nothing while their strongest allies picked the most ugly battles and launched the crudest and most unfair, dishonest attacks around our nation’s social and political discourse.

And it was all always at our expense.

So as the cultural pendulum shifts and they see what’s “cool” becoming the antithesis of their increasingly violent, anti-free speech and transparently illiberal dogmas, now they want to know where all the hostility and ferocity is coming from!?

To that I have just one thing left to say:

It’s. Too. Late.


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