#WarOnWomen: 3 Dems Get Busted For Bigotry But Only The Girl Gets Cancelled

What an incredible tapestry of idiocy the American left repeatedly reveals to us as this movement of entirely sleepy morons walk around claiming to be woke. In the last week our country witnessed three Democrats commit ugly acts of bigotry but, in the end, the media and liberal mob only ended up punishing the woman. To make matters worse, the woman was the only one whose bigotry could even be slightly defended because it was a reaction to her being threatened.

First we witnessed Joe Biden rip the mask off the Democratic party’s long-held belief that they still own black people. And thanks sadly to decades of hard work from Democrats, the media, academia and Hollywood, they’ve been very successful convincing around 90% of Americans who are black to not only ignore that ugly reality, but to ostracize and attack any black person who dares disprove it.  To be fair, many among that 90% will often claim “Shows what you know! I’m no Democrat. I’m an Independent!” When asked however to show a single receipt proving they’ve ever supported anyone or anything even marginally not Democrat, no such evidence is presented. Why? Because Biden was ultimately correct. It’s sad and disgraceful. I’ve noted often that the media and Democrats’ manipulation and exploitation of black individuals and families over the last 50 years — the theft of their Liberty in exchange for their votes, anger and subservience — is our country’s third greatest sin after slavery and segregation. Still, not only was Biden immediately forgiven by his Democratic peers for revealing their ugly true feelings, and not only has the media already gone to bat defending him and sweeping this under the rug, but by November he and his bigoted peers in the Democratic party will still enjoy entirely reliable and uncritical support from around 90% of Americans who are black and couldn’t care less that they’re voting for people who still believe they’re property that’s already been bought and paid for.

Next we witnessed Christian Cooper — who is among that sad and proud 90% — stalk a woman in Central Park, unnecessarily insert himself into her life by demanding she repent for the park-equivalent of jaywalking (having her dog off its leash), threaten her when she didn’t comply with his creepy demands, and then videotape her unhinged and idiotic, fear and adrenaline-fueled response to his weird and predatory behavior. Satisfied that he had enough evidence to destroy her life, he posted his video of the woman online and the rest is history. But Cooper would have never in a million years tried this on a man. There isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell that he’d approach a man, reprimand him, then threaten the man and try to lure his dog away with treats that Cooper for some creepy and inexplicable reason carries around with him. Do you know why he wouldn’t have tried it on a man? Because if Cooper gets a man’s adrenaline going like that he’ll end up getting the hell beaten out of him for being a demented freak hanging around the park threatening strangers instead of minding his own business or, at a maximum, contacting appropriate authorities if he feels so compelled. But there’s no chance in hell he lies in wait and then threatens a man by promising he “won’t like” what’s about to happen and then tries to lure the man’s dog away with what any rational person would quickly assume are poisoned treats brewed up by this dog-hating dirtbag. Cooper did it because he’s a bigot and an abuser who views women as easy prey. But Christian Cooper was not only absolved of his abusive and misogynistic bigotry, he — like Joe Biden — was and will continue to be rewarded for it.

Finally we witnessed the woman in the story above assert her own bigotry by racializing the encounter she had with Cooper while she was on the phone with police. Responding to Christian Cooper’s creepy and stupid threat with one of her own, she promised him that she’d tell the police “an African American man” was threatening her. The implication: “We both know the all cops are racist” [fact check: false] “so I’m going to tell them you’re black and now you not only won’t hurt me or my dog, but you’re going to pay dearly for trying to. And I’m going to use your race to help ensure you get that payback!” This marked yet another mask being ripped off the Democrat party’s ugly, regressive, bigoted face. As I’ve noted in close to 200 different pieces on this website, most of these grassroots liberals don’t actually see people with brown skin as equals. They see them as charity cases who need their help and support if they have any chance at all of competing with “us superior white people.” But if you get all kinds of uppity and cross one of these liberals, they’ll let you see who and what they really are. And that’s what the woman tried to do.

Joe Biden was and will continue to be rewarded by the media and grassroots Democrats despite admitting to the world that he still believes he and his party literally own black people.

Christian Cooper will continue to be rewarded by the media and grassroots Democrats despite his creepy, predatory, abusive, misogynistic harassment of a woman based on his bigoted belief that it’s okay to threaten women because they’re easy targets.

The woman, however, has lost everything. She’s been metaphorically put to death both socially and professionally. There’s nothing left of her. They took her dog away from her, she lost her job, and she’ll spend the rest of her miserable life in a fetal position begging her tormentors for forgiveness that will never, ever come. She’s the only one of the three who was dragged in to the headlines against her will, and she’s the only one whose bad behavior was the result of being threatened and the fear and adrenaline that accompany a threat.

But that doesn’t matter to the mob. Because not only do Democrats still believe they own black people, and not only do creepy and demented freaks like Christian Cooper think it’s fun and funny to target and threaten women who are alone in the park, and not only are the media and grassroots liberals foaming-at-the-mouth hypocrites who under the exact same circumstances would have never destroyed the woman if she was black or absolved Cooper if he was white — but they also apparently have no problem forgiving men for their bad behavior while punishing women who under the sunlight of context are guilty of far less egregious infractions.

The American Left is a cesspool of failure and hypocrisy. Many of us are watching as they not only pit blacks against whites and whites against blacks but also Hispanics against blacks, and blacks against Hispanics, and Muslims against the LGBTQ community, and women against everyone, and everyone against Jews. And just wait until their shackled-by-manufactured-grievance base finds out that Americans who are Asian out-perform everyone in every metric. Whoooo fella just wait haha. It’s gonna get ugly.

And I shouldn’t enjoy it so much but I’m 42 years old and have spent my life watching the media and Democratic party inspire more hatred, division, disparity and destruction than anyone else in our country could or will in the modern era — all while calling anyone who disagrees with them “RACIST!” At some point you grow tired of it and you just say, “You know what? That’s cool. Call me whatever you want. I’ll just be over here judging people by the content of their character rather than by the diversity of their identity, and enjoying watching all of you idiots literally eat each other.”

Because meanwhile, over here on the Republican side in Trump country, blacks and whites and Hispanics and Asians and gay people and straight people and men and women and Christians and Muslims and Jews all enjoy happy, united, prosperous, unaggrieved, rich, full, patriotic lives unshackled by the hatred and fear that the media and Democrats have used to lock down their scared, sad, hateful, increasingly violent and perpetually joyless base. And when we see three of them commit acts of bigotry but only the woman who was responding to a threat gets her life destroyed for it, it’s no longer worth trying to understand or correct.

You do you, media and Democrats and the idiots in their mobs who lack any capacity to actually think through what you’re being manipulated to say and do and believe.

You do you.


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