Crying CNN Anchor So Upset About George Floyd That She Can’t Even Remember His Name

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin on Thursday afternoon was so upset over George Floyd’s death that she was literally crying on air. And she has a tendency to do that quite a bit. But she should seriously consider focusing less on the theatrics and more on the news because despite her alleged emotional connection to the story, she couldn’t even remember the victim’s name.

In the clip below you will see her clearly call him George Lloyd, when as virtually everyone in America knows the man’s name was George Floyd.


The clip is only 13 seconds long but I promise she did not correct herself. In fact the interview only got more cringeworthy as Baldwin tried at one point to finish her guest’s sentence and cautiously referred to “the gatherings” that were taking place across Minneapolis, while her guest, a local politician, took back the mic and referred to them as “rallies” and “protests” and yes even “riots,” which is a word I have no doubt CNN leadership has already decided must be admonished should it be used by anyone who doesn’t have a D after their name.

So while CNN employees are yet again trying to manufacture a partisan narrative, the actual partisan politicians with boots on the ground are playing no such stupid, semantic-based games. And that’s a good thing. Nothing precludes progress more than intellectual dishonesty, so I greatly value the honesty from the guest in this segment. Because when it comes to the people who actually work for CNN, intellectual dishonesty and pathetic games are really all you get — whether they’re pretending to be upset about a man’s death whose name they can’t even remember, or picking and choosing language that is even too dishonest and partisan for the politicians they are trying to support.

And just to be very clear, as I noted to my personal network on Facebook…

The cop with his knee George Floyd’s neck clearly committed cold blooded murder. His training has to negate any fallback on manslaughter. He sat there applying his full body weight on a restrained man’s neck basically watching him die. Good time not to be a fan of the death penalty because this sick and evil and broken asshole should have to kill himself after a few months of torture in prison.

We often see short videos and wisely reserve judgment until we know the whole story. There is no scenario however where this police officer was in any way justified for his heinous and evil behavior. One guess on his mindset is that he was refusing to do what the crowd was begging for, because he didn’t want to give them the satisfaction of thinking he did something because they told him to. So he sat there torturing this man as long as he damn well felt like, thinking as soon as the crowd shut up then he would let the man stand. That’s the generous interpretation. The other explanation is that he sat there enjoying watching this man slowly suffer and die. In either case there is no context in which the former officer’s behavior was just, and he deserves the same life destroying and harsh judgment that we would give any other cold-blooded murderer.

But that reality doesn’t change the fact that CNN and its anchors are bad actors both literally and figuratively. And clips like this one where Baldwin was so concerned about this poor man’s demise that she couldn’t even remember his name, are a snapshot of CNN’s morbid lack of authenticity an abundance of manufactured sensationalism.

You literally had one job, Brosephine. And you couldn’t even get that right because you were as usual way too focused on your side gig as a media activist determined to exacerbate hatred and prolong pain.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I really wish I could give you more of the clip but I had technical difficulties and was unable to capture any more of it. This is also why I don’t have the name of the guest. My DVR froze up and then powered down and the clip was gone. It will probably surface in its entirety in the next few hours and I will try to keep an eye out and update this post when it does.


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  1. Bet she was just reading it off the teleprompter and the F looked like an L. She didn’t really investigate the story, just read what they want her to read.


  2. I, for one, am glad when anyone feels empathy for another human; however, this is one case of injustice. More specifically, this is one case of injustice against a suspected criminal with a long rap sheet.

    One thing that has not seen the front pages of the Houston Comical Chronicle has been the inordinate rise in murders that often can be traced to deferred adjudication granted by the Democrat DA and Democrat judges.

    As I pointed out in a post on the next-to-the-last Saturday in May 2020, Kim Ogg alone has released 344 felons on deferred adjudication (a promise to act good or you get thrown in jail). Of those, 135 have violated the terms.


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