Imagine If An Old White Man Threatened A Young Black Woman & Her Dog

By now everyone knows about the latest scalp claimed by the liberal mob who are trying to make the world a better place by murdering people and then torturing what’s left of their corpse as it lay dead in the public square. Because that’s really what they do. They utterly destroy every facet of a person’s life and then once there’s nothing left to take or destroy, they make sure the body is left in plain sight so they can continue attacking it even after it’s dead.

And they’re very proud of themselves for their work.

Because they’re so woke.

After all, they’re only here for justice and their only goals are fairness and racial equality.

Here’s the problem: the “woke” liberal mob is really just a bunch of racist idiots who see black people and think “pity” and see white people and think “evil.”

Spoiler alert, folks: that. is. racism.

In 1863 and 1964 the Democrats derived power from racism that was predicated on hatred of black people and pity for white people. Today, in 2020, with the help of many black people who Democrats still believe they own, they derive power from racism predicated on pity for black people and hatred for white people.

I’m gonna put this as simply as possible for all of you identity-over-character idiots who think you’re making the world a better place: judging a person based on his or her skin color is wrong.

You’d think that’s a pretty simple value but unfortunately, thanks to the American Left (Democrats, media, Hollywood, academia), it’s not. They truly believe that if you see black skin and decide that person automatically needs special treatment and attention, and if you see white skin and decide that person automatically is a racist who needs to be knocked down a few pegs, you’re doing it right.

It’s hard to put into words how wrong they are and how much damage they’re doing as they literally teach this stuff to your children in schools, but I’ve tried many times so just peruse this website and you’ll see those efforts.

For now, I want to simply reverse the roles from the most recent public execution.

Cast your mind and just imagine…

A young black woman heads to the park for a nice day with her dog. Out of nowhere an old white man (we’ll call him “Karen”) approaches her and her dog, inserting himself unnecessarily into their otherwise happy day and lives. The old white man then proceeds to reprimand the young black woman for doing the park-equivalent of jaywalking. He then begins making demands for her to respect his authority and obey his orders. When the startled young black woman ignores this busybody troublemaker, the old white man (Karen) threatens the woman and her dog, promising she “won’t like” what comes next. He then tries to lure her dog over to him with a loving tone and dog treats that he inexplicably carries with him. The girl, alone in the park with this creepy old man, is visibly shaken at this point. And that’s when Karen does what Karens do: the old white man then gets his phone out and starts videotaping the scared, young black woman whom he just got done threatening. She calls the police and overcome with fear and adrenaline she racializes the situation on the call while also doing her best to restrain her scared and confused dog — just like any parent in a similar situation would do to restrain their scared and confused child. While on the phone with the police and still being recorded after having been threatened, the scared young black woman uses words like “honky” and tells the cops “There’s a racist old white man here threatening me!” Got it? Can you envision that scenario? The old white man approaching the young black woman, reprimanding her for some bs infraction, threatening her, then escalating things further by recording her after he knew he’d already scared her. Can you see it playing out from here on the cell phone video? Can you envision the whole unsettling scene with the creepy old white man stalking and threatening and then exploiting the fear and adrenaline of the shaken young black woman?


Now raise your hand if you believe the creepy old white man would be hailed a hero, while the young black girl he admitted to threatening has her life destroyed.

Because that’s exactly what you did, idiot liberal mob. That’s exactly what we all just watched play out, and the only difference is the skin color of those involved.

And yet here you idiots are laughably claiming to be “woke” and making the world a better place.

In reality, you’re nothing but the exact same racists that your Democrat ancestors were. I’m sorry. I know most of you truly do mean well but FFS you’re just terrible at this and your side of political and social spectrum literally always has been.

Meanwhile here we are — Trump supporters and the Republican party — standing up for what’s right just like we have throughout history. Even now when your victim this time around is also a liberal idiot who would no doubt be right there with you burning alleged witches at the stake any time the opportunity presented itself.

Remember this story. Remember the old white man inserting himself unnecessarily in the life of the young black woman and then threatening her when she refused to obey his ridiculous demands.

You can’t even read that sentence without hating the creepy old white guy.

That creepy old white guy is actually a black man named Christian Cooper. And these days, he goes by “Karen.”


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    • One is racist the moment one identifies self with race, Character and the content of the person is never racist. The content of character is race blind.


  1. Thank you for this. I too saw it this way. He rattled her so much and he wasn’t the one in fear. I have been alone with a creepy stranger and it didn’t feel good to be schooled about my dog. Thank you thank you thank you.


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