Christian Cooper Is A Creepy Old Man Named Karen Who Stalks Women & Threatens Puppies

When I first saw the video of the woman calling the cops on the guy who asked that she put her dog on a leash, I was disgusted by the woman.

As a dog owner myself, I’m hyper sensitive about obeying leash laws and I get really annoyed when I see other dog owners casually ignoring them. So I fully appreciated where the guy was coming from. Granted, have I ever or would I ever go start trouble with someone over leashing their dog if they weren’t otherwise bothering me? No. Of course not. Because my name is not Karen. But we’ll get to that later.

To add insult to injury, the woman in the video calls the cops on the man and repeatedly tells them that her tormentor is “African American.” The clear implication: an ugly and racist hope that because the man is black and she’s white, the cops will react more aggressively once they arrive and deal with the situation.

And the woman’s third and final sin in the video: she’s yanking her poor dog all over the place by the collar the whole time as it yelps through its constant nervous energy.

That was my reaction after just seeing a video and not really understanding the complete context.

What’s the complete context?

Everyone was having a nice day and minding their own business until this guy name Karen, who also goes by Christian Cooper, decided to threaten the woman and her dog. And while as a dog owner I can relate to being annoyed when I see other dog owners disobey leash laws, I can also relate to the absolute rage I’d feel if some stranger approached me and began trying to woo my dog away with treats after promising that I wouldn’t like what he was about to do to the animal I loved.

And that’s exactly what Christian Cooper, by his own admission (!!!!), did:

karen cooper

Most people who have dogs — especially the ones who diligently take the time to care and walk and exercise them — see them as children. In fact to a lot of dog owners, their furry companions are easier to both love and like than anything or anyone else in their lives. So if some random weirdo approaches you in the park and says if you don’t obey him he’s gonna do something you won’t like, and then starts trying to woo your dog over to him, the adrenaline will 100% start going. And most people don’t have a clue how they’d react in that situation but I promise it’s likely not in the calm and collected way most of us probably envision from ourselves.

Let’s look at just a few quick details here.

A “Karen” is someone who incessantly feels the need to dramatically insert themselves in situations that they could’ve easily just ignored. Now you tell me who the “Karen” is in this situation…

The creepy old man roaming the park with dog treats and no dog while threatening women and their loved ones if they don’t do as he says and put their dogs on a leash?

Or the unsuspecting lady who reacted badly to that caliber of psychotic stalking and threats?

And she did react badly. First and foremost, she should’ve had her dog on a leash to start with and if someone calls her out for not having her dog on a leash, then at that point she absolutely should just attach the leash and let bygones be.

But to be fair — we’ve all spent the last few years watching “Karens” get trashed on social media for getting in other peoples’ business over the most mundane annoyances. Hell, not even three days ago the entire internet was celebrating some young kids who pulled off a wicked BMX trick despite a Karen’s best efforts to get them to cease and desist with their illegal activity.

So in that case, and dozens like it, the Karen was a terrible person.

But in this case, Christian Cooper — aka Karen — not only can’t mind his own business, but he then pulls out his dog treats and threatens to do something the woman “won’t like” when she doesn’t do what he tells her to.

And not only does this psychopath threaten the woman, but he literally admits that he brings dog treats with him to the park so it’s easier for him to prey on the understandably freaked out and even terrified people he apparently spends his days stalking and creeping on.

So should she have had her dog off the leash to start with? No. Should she just have complied when asked to? Yes, providing that’s actually what happened. But while we don’t know exactly what happened, we know from Christian Cooper’s own words that he threatened her dog and starting taunting her with the threat: “Come here, puppy.” And it sounds like that’s when he pulled out his phone — because that’s what Karens do — and started recording at that moment. And that’s when we see the next two things that the woman did wrong…

First, she called the cops and kept referring to Karen Cooper as “African American,” clearly trying to convey to Karen that they may very well act more aggressively when they arrive to deal with the situation.

Second, she’s yanking and dragging her dog all over the place by its collar throughout the whole recording, ignoring its yelps and clearly exacerbating its nervous energy.

About her pulling the race card to try to intimidate the creepy old man who was stalking, threatening and recording her — it becomes a lot more understandable under the scrutiny of context. She wasn’t going to overpower this weirdo who just got done threatening her dog and letting out creepy “Come here, puppy” calls to take her dog from her and hurt it. Her adrenaline is pumping. And frankly she looks like a dyed in the wool liberal so she probably is an unhinged lunatic to start with and probably is racist and tries to offset it by spending the other half of her day playing the offensive and unserious #BlackLivesMatter card and insisting that all police engagement with black men ends violently. So she pulls that single weapon out of her arsenal to try to either pay this weirdo back or scare him off, both of which — the desire to issue some payback, or try to scare him off — make a lot of sense given the context. But using that particular weapon (the citation of race with the implication that because she’s white and he’s black it would end badly for him) is ugly and indefensible.

Do you know what else is ugly and indefensible?

Beating someone to a bloody pulp with your bare hands, when and if simply subduing the person and contacting the authorities is the correct response. But I wouldn’t lecture a dad for doing it if he just got his hands on someone who molested one of his kids.

My point is: when the adrenaline is pumping we don’t know how we’ll react. And while the video makes it look like the woman is clearly in the wrong, Cooper’s own words and actions that conveniently didn’t make it into the video he himself recorded — his giddy and proud efforts to threaten her and inspire terror and fear — add a lot of context that I think if we’re being fair most of us would admit we don’t know how we’d respond to. Especially the women out there who might find themselves alone in the park with a stranger making demands and threatening to hurt you if you don’t follow the demands and then pulling out a phone and recording you.

I’d frankly love to see Chrissy boy try that on a dude. If you ask me, he’s lucky all she did was the call the cops.

As for her yanking her dog around, I’m sorry but that’s a lot more understandable. Imagine you’re out in the park with your young child and some creepy weirdo comes up and asks you to — oh, I don’t know — social distance yourself further from him for his own safety. You don’t know exactly what to make of the situation but complying feels somewhat like “going to the second location.” You don’t know who this weirdo is or why he feels the need to insert himself in your business, but you’re not eager about obeying his commands and instead just continue about your business. Then he says if you’re going to behave badly, then so will he, and you won’t like the result. Then he starts trying to woo your daughter over to him.

“Come here little girl. I’ve got a treat for you” he says in a sweet and inviting voice.

Pardon my french but how the f**k would you respond to that???

Your daughter — let’s say she’s 3 years old — won’t have the slightest idea what’s going on but she knows it doesn’t feel right so she starts wailing and flailing and you’re still trying to manage the situation. And part of that at this point now also means yanking her around by her wrist or arm or whatever to keep her from running off and putting herself in even more danger. Because all you really know now is that the park you thought was safe is actually stocked with at least one stalker weirdo who threatens and records women and their children. So as for the yanking etc, we see it all the time while parents are just trying to shop for crying out loud. But suddenly because Karen Christian Cooper is the one literally threatening this lady’s dog, the lady is the bad guy for not asserting the most loving and patient handling of the dog in the heat of the moment? That’s insane.

Since Karen Christian Cooper and his sister Melody Cooper posted the video on social media, the woman has been put on leave by her employer and the rescue shelter where she got her dog has taken it away from her. And of course the entire internet is playing Captain Save-A-Hoe for Karen Christian Cooper because everyone wants to virtue signal how woke they are and cry for what a victim he is.

He’s the Karen. He’s the one who rather than let some lady just enjoy her afternoon with her dog off the leash…

Actually, let me back up.

Pretend the roles were reversed.

Some young black girl is out walking her dog in the park without a leash. Some old white man approaches her and says if she doesn’t put her dog on the leash, then he’s going to do something she won’t like. He then starts trying to reel her dog away from her with treats that the weirdo carries around with him like a predator who plans for this type of thing. The young black girl is now terrified and that’s when the old white man gets his phone out and starts recording her. She doesn’t have the wherewithal to decide between fight or flight because it’s such a uniquely weird and scary situation. She calls the cops and starts yelling “There’s some old white man stalking me in the park. I’m black so he’s probably some kind of crazy racist! He’s threatening to hurt me and my dog. Please dear God send help now!”

If that video made it to the internet — the guy doing the filming would be the bad guy. Because we’d all recognize that he tried to do a citizen’s arrest on a young girl for doing the park equivalent of going 5 mph over the speed limit, and threatened her and her dog when she resisted his imaginary authority.

Hands down, no questions asked, it would all be plain as day.

Nobody would even notice how the girl was treating her dog. Nobody would’ve noticed or cared that in her panic she pulled out a race card to try to scare the guy and/or leverage what she thought might be a more urgent response from the authorities. All they’d see is some frightened young woman being stalked and threatened by an old man who then decides it would be a good idea to amplify the young girl’s fears by pulling out his phone and recording her.

All because she didn’t have her dog on a leash.

You idiots would have ruined that guy’s life in under 15 minutes and by now you’d be working on anyone who still calls him a friend. And despite your awful, ugly, mob-enraged zeal for the whole thing, you’d at least be aiming properly! And however unhinged or badly the girl behaved would be entirely forgiven because of the stress she was perceived to be under. But because you’re virtually all either 1) white racists who pity black people or 2) black idiots who wouldn’t even know how to exist anymore without constantly playing the victim thanks to Democrats who thrive off of your misery and still think they own you, and because you’re all idiots who are desperate to virtue signal how woke you are (spoiler alert, every damn one of you is fast the f**k asleep), and because you don’t have even a shred of respect for the reality that half of the witches you burn may not have actually deserved it and you’d have known that if you just waited a minute for some context — because that’s who you are especially amid your mob justice bs, you’ve cost this woman her dog, you’ve cost her dog the owner who would fight aggressively to protect it, you’ve pushed her into a fetal position where she’ll likely stay for the rest of her life while begging for forgiveness and promising to do anything any of you ask if you’ll just stop torturing her, you likely cost her job, and you’ve made a hero out of that creepy Karen dirtbag, Christian Cooper, who manufactured this whole thing.

And do you know why he manufactured it?

Because he could count on your bigotry and idiocy to do what you so predictably do.

Nice work, morons.

And for those who hadn’t seen it or heard about this yet, now that you’ve got some context, here’s the video that creepy Karen Christian Cooper took and his dirtbag-enabling sister shared on social media. You’ll see an unhinged woman behaving stupidly but based on Karen’s own admission, he purposefully triggered her by threatening her dog. They’re both frankly doing really stupid things but he’s the one who started it and he’s the one who escalated it and only when she became unglued in response did he get his phone out and start recording her. Meanwhile her life is basically ruined and he’s being hailed as a hero. I just don’t see it, and it kind of makes me want to visit that park with my dog off leash so I can get a better look.

UPDATE, 8:53PM ET on 5/26/20: It sounds like the woman has officially been fired from her job. Again…imagine the tables were turned. Imagine a creepy old white guy who wanders the park with dog treats and no dog threatened some young black girl and her dog because she was doing the park equivalent of going 5 mph over the speed limit and wouldn’t submit to his citizen’s arrest. Now imagine he got his phone out and started recording the girl he just threatened and terrified by promising to hurt and trying to take her dog. And only then did the girl react badly by calling the cops and playing the race card let’s say, hypothetically, by calling the man a “honky.” *gasp!* Who, in that situation, is the Karen? I can’t believe the fast-asleep “woke” culture is making me defend some mask-wearing liberal moron who would gladly see me and anyone I care about destroyed. But here we are, with me yet again coming in hot and before most with the intellectually honest reality of the situation…while the “go along to get along” mob is just busy congratulating themselves for burning witches.


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  1. From what I gleaned as I read the abbreviated story that went along with the video, and then read the comments, I couldn’t understand what people were talking about. I knew I missed something because the video picked up somewhere after the incident had started, and the article said he had made prior to filming. The comments were not only mean and ugly, I couldn’t fathom why they were so pro the man and against the woman. Whether or not there was a leash law, one cannot threaten to implement punishment because the leash law isn’t being followed. I wouldn’t like it if he had done the same to me, and all I could figure was there was more to the story than was evident and most people were commenting without knowing what had really happened. I guess not, I guess they are just all KARENS themselves.
    Secondly, and this may be the biggest anti-PC statement of the year, but the black people commit many more crimes than do their other color counterparts. That is just a plain fact, it is not racist, it is reality. So, a woman by herself in the park might be more concerned that a black man was doing this than if he had been white…maybe not, but maybe so.
    My final comment is: what about the crime which committed by this mob of justice warriors? Given the worst verdict on the woman’s behavior, she called a man a “bad name”,(though I didn’t know saying African American was “bad”), insinuated to the police that a situation was worse than it was, primarily because of the race of the threatening person, and pulled her dog around by its collar with it sometimes probably causing the dog discomfort – I didn’t see the dog in medical distress during the video.
    Now compare that to what The Mob did to the woman. She lost her dog, she lost her job, she has been identified, complete with a video, and made into a pariah (no racism intended) of the world. My guess is she has received harm and death threats. She obviously is in distress, as easily perceived by her overt capitulation to the fury of the mob and her abject apologies.
    She is guilty of an infraction of the leash law and over-reaction. The man is guilty of meanness and provocation, the Mob is guilty of trying, judging, convicting and executing a person’s life. A word to the Mob: be very careful of throwing stones.


  2. Why does anyone live in NYC? Again why does anyone live in NYC?

    My dog (ok, ok) and I had a no pull contract; he didn’t pull and I didn’t pull. He gets to sniff, then I wait; I get to talk to people and he waits.


  3. If this were true SHE would have stated it instead of APOLOGIZING! Like MANY RACISTS she doesn’t think she is RACIST. Her ACTIONS are what makes her RACIST, nothing else. Take responsibility for your racial bias and grow to a better version of yourself. Your life will be better for it. Oh, and please stop stating things as facts that aren’t. It’s starting to look like it’s intentional dishonesty to further smear this man.


    • So if an old white man approached a young black woman and demanded she obey his orders, and then threatens her and her dog (“You won’t like what I do. Here puppy. Come here little puppy…”), and then after he’s scared the young girl first by making demands and second by threatening her, he escalates things further and gets even creepier by pulling his phone out and videotaping her, you’d give that creepy old man a pass and focus all your fire on the girl for calling the cops and racializing the context? You’d say “That poor old white man was victimized by this terrible, evil, hateful young black girl!” I don’t think so. How about you take your own racial bias and choke on it.


  4. Last time I reported suspicious activity I was asked by the dispatcher, multiple times, if I could tell what the race of the suspects is. It would be interesting to hear the 911 call.

    …as for Don L… what is it with people like you that say you can discern what people mean despite what the actual words uttered are? Seems to me your twisted idea that you know better what someone means than they do themselves is more a harbinger of the perverted thoughts running through your own mind than it is an indictment on the other person.


  5. Although the lady was in public, does she not have privacy and anti-harassment protections against being filmed?
    She explicitly told the guy to stop filming her and yet he continued.
    Did he not violate her 4th amendment rights to be secure in their persons against unreasonable searches?
    Does he not need her consent to record since audio is involved?
    Since he distributed the video and ‘profited’ by using of her image, not financially, but for popularity, is that not a crime?
    Since he did not show what happened before the filming, and intentionally left out that bit to change the context of the video, to paint her in the worst possible light, is that not defamation?
    And lastly, since Facebook is no longer just a platform, deleting political and medical articles they do not like, and are now a publisher, are they not liable for death threats and defamation as well?
    I know nothing about the law, but this entire passive/aggressive sort of thing is despicable


  6. Christian Cooper, by his own admission, stalked a woman that he didn’t like for weeks, planned to steal and harm her dog, lay in wait for her, used his size and sex to CLEARLY THREATEN her, and then his equally perverted and lying sister both used their disgusting chronically, generationally inbred family and followers to further victimize her. She told the absolute truth about Cooper, the undeniable pervert in her calls. He WAS stalking and threatening her, he IS a black piece of woman abusing shit ! What did she lie about ? NOTHING ! In fact, the only mistake she made was apologizing to her stalker/abuser/attacker ! She should have shot him when he kept stalking her and telling her that she wasn’t going to like what he was going to do to her next ! If that had been me he confronted in the park, he would be one dead woman stalking /abusing pile of crap ! And if his lying , racist sister didn’t like it, she could confront me about it and die too ! He needs to watch his woman stalking back. He AND Jim Gallagin will both get what’s coming to them soon, AND in public. And we will feel proud that we made a difference, we taught someone a lesson.


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