If You Sweat Biden ‘Taking Blacks For Granted,’ Then You Ain’t Woke!

The Biden campaign and media (aka Democratic party) have expressed unanimous sorrow for Joe Biden “taking black voters for granted” after his “you ain’t black!” comments, but that’s actually the least egregious of sins that Sleepy Joe revealed.

In fact, “taking black voters for granted” is really entirely political. It’s shallow. It attaches very real life feelings, perceptions and actions directly to a purely political result. Like virtually everything else we discuss, it’s the framing the media want us focused on because it’s the one that best protects their partisan pursuits.

Think back to the financial collapse in 2008. For a split second at the onset everyone conceded that the housing market collapse was the result of Democrat-led efforts to socialize our housing market and force banks to give loans to people who couldn’t pay them back. Then, rather quickly, because Republicans lacked any semblance of courage or backbone, the narrative quickly shifted to a “both sides” problem. And it didn’t take long after that before incredibly, defying all logic and common sense, the narrative somehow became “Bush’s tax cuts for the rich are the reason poor people defaulted on the insane loans they should’ve never been offered in the first place!” Bush’s “tax cuts for the rich” were wholly unrelated to the housing market crash, but by the time the media was done framing the narrative, that low-hanging liberal fruit was cast as the cause for the crash. What’s more, Obama and Biden did everything they could to create the slowest and most painful recovery possible because the mark of “success” for the socialistic left is how many people take advantage of the big government programs they develop, and the media pretended it was a wonderful recovery and that it’s molasses-slow pace was merely a glimpse for us mortals into His Highness Obama’s genius. And the cherry on top: the media today are working diligently to convince Americans that the staggering economic growth under President Trump is thanks only to those laughably immobilizing and economically restrictive Obama and Biden policies.

That is what the media is capable of.

And I don’t know when we’re going to wake up to just how freakishly dishonest and flagrantly brazen the legacy media will be in their defense of the swamp and its #AmericaLast doctrine.

So now they want you to believe that when Biden said “you ain’t black” if you support President Trump, it was merely him “taking black voters for granted.”

That ain’t the problem, folks.

The problem is that the Democratic party including many of the lily white grassroots liberals who support them still believe they own black people.

And Joe Biden ripped the mask right off that reality which many of us warned for decades exists in plain sight.

For my part, I have 3 primary goals for my own social and political action. As described in my About Me section…

1. Advancing Liberty and its inherent ‘moral good’

2. Mitigating the racial and identity-based division and disparity that create so much destruction across the US

3. Combating Democrats and the institutional left (mainstream media, Hollywood, academia) that impede #1 while perpetuating #2

The most important thing I care about is promoting Liberty. The second most important thing I care about is undoing all the damage done by the Democratic party and their media allies to create so much disunity and disparity in our nation predicated on skin color and resulting from the left’s desire to “help.”

And as I’ve written about many times, bigotry and racism in America has always come most destructively from the Democratic party. In 1863 and 1964 the Democrats’ bigotry and racism was rooted in hatred and the ability to sell that hatred to their base. Today the Democrats’ bigotry and racism is rooted in pity and the ability to sell that pity to their base.

Go ask your white liberal friends if their kids were in the worst school system in the country, would they accept failing grades from their own kids. They’ll look you dead in the eye and say “Well no of course I wouldn’t accept that from my own kids.”

And therein lies the problem.

My response: “Great! Then stop looking out across the rest of the country at people you don’t know and deciding that because they have brown skin they’re incapable of parenting as well as you are and need you to make excuses for them!”

The Democratic party and their well-intended but wildly wrong base — with plenty of help from the media, Hollywood and academia — have convinced generations of Americans with brown skin that they’re incapable of getting a fair shot in this nation. Or that because there are still idiot racists (who mind you are now rebounding and growing because of the media and Democrats!), they should pretend they simply can’t live full, happy, complete and productive lives in America. They decry “RACISM!” as the root of disparity for Americans with black skin when it’s empirically clear that single-parent homes more than anything else create disparities, and blacks exponentially more than anyone else in America endure that social blight.

The most powerful forces in the Democratic party and media want black people to suffer. They thrive off of their pain. Because the more that pain exists and persists, the easier it is to control them. And just as their Democratic ancestors did, they still believe they own black people. And that’s what Joe Biden revealed so obviously when he tried to tell black people that if they don’t support Democrats then they “ain’t” truly black.

The biggest problem Joe Biden just exposed has nothing to do with his own campaign. In the near-term, the media will bury his crystallization of Democrats’ perception and exploitation of people with brown skin. It’ll be a distant memory relative to this campaign by next week, let alone 5 months from now. But in the long-term, a few thoughtful people who happen to have brown skin got red-pilled. Maybe not millions. But dozens or hundreds. Thousands or millions got offended. But dozens or hundreds got red-pilled. And it’s that’s now wide-woke population who will bring about the long-term damage to the Democratic party and their historically-consistent, bigoted way of thinking that was exposed by Biden so clearly. A lot of people — especially among the Democrat base which remains entirely careless and thoughtless on the issue of race in America while claiming to be the greatest champions for progress in that regard — are freaking about implications with respect to the election. But Democrats in November will still get votes from the vast majority of Americans who are black. Did Biden perhaps depress some of them and thus a fraction of the turnout? Sure. Okay. But it’s a long way until November. And the media, as they always do, will help the Democrats bury their bigotry while drumming up and contriving what they complain is persistent hatred and racism from the GOP. But Biden’s clumsy and honest revelation is something that will resonate and bring about positive change for generations to come. It was a big deal, but it won’t reveal itself to be for many years. Those who are sweating the months, don’t truly get the problem. And if you think the problem is “taking voters for granted” as opposed to revealing Democrats’ belief that they still own black people, then you ain’t woke.


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