Neil Cavuto Supports Racist Democrats, Disgraces Himself & Fox News

Neil Cavuto put the final nail in his professional coffin on Saturday morning when his disrespect for Fox News’ viewers and apathy for racism combined to encapsulate exactly who and what he’s become: a grifting loser who one day will scream at and threaten viewers in a science-denying effort to damage President Trump, and the next will casually brush aside very real revelations of racism that emerge around those who oppose Trump.

Earlier this week presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden told black people that “if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black!”

It was one of the first times in months Biden said something that was clear and coherent.

But while interviewing Democrat Senator Ben Cardin, Cavuto seemed to channel his inner Biden when he couldn’t even get the words out. Rather than tell viewers what Biden said and hold his guest to account for the very clear and racist comment, Cavuto offered up his very own “you…you know, the thing!” rendition of what Biden said.


Moreover, Cavuto couldn’t have cared less what Cardin’s response was.

The obvious conclusion: the current leader of the Democratic party just ripped the mask off his party’s generations-long racist belief that they still own black people, and Fox News’ Neil Cavuto not only doesn’t care one iota that such racism exists in plain sight and to the extraordinary detriment of generations of Americans with black skin who have been exploited by a Democrat party that thrives off of their pain, but Cavuto actively wants to help bury the story by garbling its details and walking off the playing field before the soft balls he throws are even swung at.

And this comes just days after Cavuto, in yet another of the ugliest displays you’ll find from behind an anchor’s desk, lied to viewers and told them unequivocally and without a shred of informed qualification that taking hydroxychloroquine will literally kill them.

Full stop.

No meaningful qualification.

No useful caveat.

Just (paraphrasing) “this drug that’s been safely used and FDA approved for decades and that thousands of credible physicians are prescribing to help treat COVID-19 will 100% kill you.”

Of course Cavuto made that disgusting and irresponsible statement because President Trump said a doctor prescribed him the drug as an early mitigation effort in the event he contracts COVID-19. (Not to prevent getting COVID-19 as so many intellectually dishonest carnival barkers, like Jonah Goldberg for example, have claimed — but to have a treatment schedule already active in the event he does contract the virus.)

I don’t watch enough Neil Cavuto to know how often he fails so aggressively. But his casual attitude toward racism and blatantly obvious electioneering on behalf of the racists one day and in defiance of the scientists the next, is the final straw. I called him out once before after he nearly pulled a muscle putting the dumbest construction possible on President Trump’s words in a lame attempt to impress Shep Smith and other legacy media idiots.

That moronic failure on Cavuto’s part plus threatening viewers with his science-denying claims this week and then today casually swatting aside the most glaring and destructive racism that still exists in America today, makes three strikes for Neil. And if I get a chance throw him another pitch I’ll likely try to take his head off with it. So instead I’m just gonna tune the guy out at this point, like millions of other Americans have also decided to do.


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  1. Not news that Cavuto and FNC are just a junior version of CNN. Stop watching FNC! Why let Cavuto and Brazile and Wallace (and many more) lie to you? I’m even losing respect for the evening commentary folks for staying at FNC while decrying CNN and MSNBC. Talk about hypocrisy! Go watch OAN. They don’t editorialize their hard news.


  2. Been calling him azzholevuto for some time. Every guest he tries to set up to bash President Trump and every narrative he spouts is an attempt to get people to hate President Trump. Useless idiotic tool that I now tune out religiously


  3. Haven’t watched Cavuto for a while as he, along with Fox News has been turned into another CNN gradually since 2016 when many management changes began, and have continued since then. This once great conservative organization in no more, with the exception of only a few shows. Check out OAN for what Fox used to be, and to replace now leftist Drudge.


  4. The Globalist’s Paid News Liars and Traitor’s to This nation need to be terminated by us , the citizens , otherwise , they are just laughing in our faces , and hopingThe Globalists win , and they keep their jobs .


  5. I rarely watch this guy because like Juan he is bias against Republicans! He is a democrat, so go to work for CNN, where he can blast Trump. All day! ! Trump is so outnumbered with the press, we don,t need Cuvuto!
    The conservatives are at least 66 per cent of the nation maybe more, so why can’t we have a station devoted to slamming the democrats like CBS , MSNBC , CNN , not to mention All the so called Journalist who make their money writing hate articles! And the so called talk shows and late night host who do the same!


  6. Cavuto needs to go! When he doesn’t agree with his guest, he is rude to them. He blames Trump for everything in an attempt to make Biden look good. (how dumb is that) Today he was even supporting professional football players for wanting to knell during the national anthem and blaming Trump because there may not be football this year. He thinks I am going to side with some overpaid spoiled professional football player over the flag of my country. That will never happen! Cavuto needs to find a network more in align with his views. (I can suggest a few)


    • I am so with you on this, I have watched his rude behavior with conservatives and Republicans and I’m sick of it, they only show I watch on Fox anymore is Tucker!


  7. I used to like this idiot. That’s before I realized he’s just a fat Chris Wallace like Shepard Smith…. suddenly Williams isn’t so liberal. Maybe Williams is in the right place sorry Hannity sorry gutfield sorry tucker. I don’t even watch tucker anymore. Because after Wallace’s shameful debate debacle that was the last straw for Fox News. They are a failed liberal media outlet with a. Pulled conservatives who are now completely outnumbered and just about drowned out.
    OAN is the only news outlet that is worthy of a true conservative. I would tell all of you to completely give up on Fox News. It’s not our place anymore. Cavuto your a looser just like Chris Wallace and I enjoy watching you loose loyal. Sierra everyday. Ppl just like me.
    OAN all the way!!


  8. I was completely disgusted with the big head, again, and decided to put Neil Cavuto is an idiot, in a search, and see what came up, found this. Now the idiot was saying on his show, “that 99.9% of covid-19 cases are the unvaccinated” when there is only about 90% effect rate. Also, ignoring the fact, that covid IS infecting the vaxed, they just don’t get hospitalized, or die, except in rare cases, like their body NOT producing antibodies, thus the 90% vaccine effectiveness. So, he really is an idiot, or a lying shill for the Democrats.


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