As Media Bias & Bullying Increase, Polls Become More Useless

It’s become pretty obvious that as the media exploit their bully pulpit to insert their opinions and feelings, the public they’re supposed to serve become less honest about their own opinions and feelings.

And it makes perfect sense.

I wrote long ago that because the media have spent years insisting that anyone who supports President Trump is either a racist or an idiot, then of course fewer people will be open with friends, neighbors, and yes pollsters too about their support for the president.

But I stopped after making that one point because it was the only one I was able to draw from at the time.

Now I see a new poll being touted by the media that claims 55% of the country wants to stay shut down even if it hurts the economy, while only 34% want to open things back up even if it means the virus continues spreading. Yes of course you always should peel back the layers of polls to look more closely at how questions were framed as there can often be obvious bias or confusing caveats that aren’t plainly visible in the top line conclusions the media end up sharing. But this time I’m not even looking for those.

This time I’m just thinking back to my observation about how the media’s flagrant anti Trump bias so obviously effects his approval in polling.

And I’m thinking about how fervently the media has pushed the narrative that COVID-19 is the worst thing in the world and how anyone who doesn’t show total fear and submission in the face of the virus is a terrible person who enjoys watching others die.

And then it hit me: of course fewer people will be honest with friends, neighbors and yes pollsters too about their true feelings on getting back to normal and no longer submitting to this virus the way the media invest all of their time, energy and resources insisting we must.

And then the really big point hit me…

The worse the media’s bias and bullying gets, the less accurate polling becomes, and the more the media’s alleged attempts at truly understanding what’s happening in the world and explaining it to their audiences becomes a cluster of uninformed humiliations and failures.

Don’t believe me?

The media will spend the next 5 months promising you that Joe Biden will be the next president, and their number one piece of evidence will be the polls.

The media will also spend the next 3 months promising you that the majority of our country doesn’t want to reopen and would prefer to sit at home because they’re terrified of the virus.

In 5 months Trump will crush Biden.

In 3 months 100% of people will be back to business as usual, with only a tiny portion of them even still bothering with their God awful and utterly useless, stupid, anti-herd immunity and pro-pain masks.

Meet me back here when both of those things happen. And then admit that I was and am right about the media bullying people into saying things they don’t actually believe or act on, and how that reality has created a somehow even more useless media that somehow manages to fail more often and harder than the already historic levels of humiliation and defeat we’ve seen from them these last few years.

And when you meet me back here and we both agree that the media’s bias and bullying makes people less honest and the media’s uselessness even more apparent, let’s have a serious conversation about how we can help restore integrity to the once revered and valuable Fourth Estate.


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  1. Did you ever consider that the media’s polling showing the Democrat candidate winning by a large margin is a pre-emptive defense against allegations of voting fraud on the part of the Democrat Party?

    How could anyone accuse the Democrats of fraud when all the polls show their candidate leading by wide margins in the weeks leading up to the election. It allows them to accuse the Republican candidate/Party of being sore losers when votes are “found” in the trunks of cars and when heavily Democratic districts have more Democrat votes than voters.


  2. This is why communism always fails. The narrative must be upheld, regardless of the facts on the ground. Shaming, bullying, lying work for a while, resistance, real resistance increases. Eventually in the face of a completely incompetent rule, we just quit. Whatever the rule, we quit.


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