Four Years After Promising To Improve, Media Got Better At Being Worse

After getting rolled by Donald Trump and his supporters in the 2016 election, the chortling and elitist snobs in the legacy media promised our nation that they’d figure out where they went wrong and do better for our country in the future.

Since that time the only real change the honest among us have seen is a not at all subtle shift from doing a bad job feigning impartiality to doing an excellent job not even trying to hide their bias and dishonesty.

The media that got their butts kicked in 2016 and spent several days after that fateful November Tuesday licking their wounds and consoling each other and pretending to care about learning where they went so wrong and never letting it happen again, have since only gotten much, much worse.

Not only did they spend these last four years trying to undo the 2016 election with their incessant attempts to crybully Democrats into removing President Trump from office and disrupt his ability to govern, but we’re right back where we started as yet another presidential election approaches and the media’s flagrant failings are on full display for all to see as if we went back in time 4 years and just swapped out Hillary for Joe.

Polls! POLLS! POLLS!!!!!!!

Breaking News! The latest polls reveal that 274% of voters think Trump is a racist Russian spy and by the way it looks like there’s a good chance TEXAS IS GOING BLUE!

It’s like 2016 never even happened.

We’re right back where we started with everyone in the media eagerly touting the exact same polls that burned them so badly in 2016.

What changed? What did they fix?

It’s the just the same wildly skewed “Everything for Republicans is awful and everything for Democrats looks great!” narrative.

And it’s not based on science or informed data.

It’s based on the narrative the media want to communicate.

They want the Democrats to feel great about things and inspired and excited.

They want the Republicans and Trump supporters to feel deflated and depressed and as if they don’t stand let alone deserve a chance.

It’s the same exact script they read [to each other] from four years ago.

The only real difference is that this time around they’re far angrier, and they have four more years of experience being utterly shameless and abandoning all efforts to even pretend to be impartial.

The other difference we can all watch for is when they lose this time around, they won’t pretend to care about having “gotten it wrong.”

All they’ll be is vengeful. And it won’t just be Trump and his team they’re mad at. It will be you. It will be us. It will be our entire nation. And as they’re swirling down the swamp’s drain which is where they’re headed and belong, the legacy media’s angriest and most dishonest bullies will do everything they can to make us all as miserable as possible for having rejected them and their demands.

The media told us four years ago that they’d fix what was broken among them, and do better in the future. It’s clear now that they have no such interest in actual accountability. They want blood and they don’t care who knows it anymore. And that’s actually really good for our nation. Because it means we can stop pretending they’re ever going to get better, and instead start fighting back for a change.


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