America’s Dangerous & Divisive Media Must Be Dealt With Once & For All

The U.S. political news media’s years-long cold war against the United States must no longer be ignored or enabled. They have spent decades doing everything they can to divide and destroy our nation on behalf of the anti-American, pro-Leftist interests and ideals that they’ve been conditioned to embrace academically, socially and professionally.

I get tremendous pushback from my own side for this assessment, but it’s one I’ve always stood by regardless: they are well-intended. They do mean well. They truly believe what they’re doing is noble and just. They think the Americans whose backs they put targets on for ridicule, hatred and violence truly are lower order life forms who — too stupid to celebrate the media and Left’s genius and value — must ultimately be wiped off the face of the earth with as much deference to pity as there is motivation for progress.

This is what these animals — the most powerful and influential of which are on television and writing newspaper columns — truly believe.

They truly believe that you’re a racist, greedy, terrible and evil person because you fail to acknowledge that America is and always has been a Great Satan and that our very existence if left unchecked is a threat not only to evolution but humanity itself.

And so they believe the long con of their cold war against you and our nation, wherein they work slowly but steadily to marginalize you while inspiring and enraging those who already agree with them, is an act of great honor and in fact duty on their part.

But despite their very real belief that what they’re doing is a moral good, the time has come for the rest of us to understand what we’re up against and begin fighting back in a meaningful way.


I’ve spent nearly 20 years auditing and articulating the political news media’s destructive behavior. But only in the last year have I truly landed on what I believe is our best hope of actually fighting back in a meaningful way.

In short: stop being their audience.

And I don’t mean stop watching or reading or listening to them. That part is relatively easy and most of you have already done it. But despite your turning them off and tuning them out, they still control what our nation talks about socially and politically. Whether you watch Tucker Carlson on Fox News or listen to Rush Limbaugh on AM talk radio or read the Daily Caller, Breitbart or The Federalist — literally all of the conversations and discussions are still dictated by the legacy media. They decide what stories our nation focuses on and how those stories are characterized. And if you don’t subscribe to their narrow and intolerant leftist groupthink, then virtually every piece of “news” you consume has you either playing defense or complaining about how the left never has to.

It happens every time and every person reading this, no matter which side they’re on, knows it.

It’s time we on the right actually do something about it. And rather than look backward and talk about what we should have done differently, the media’s strategy for destroying us and our nation has become so predictable that we can actually look ahead this time and be prepared.

When President Trump wins again in November the media won’t even slow down to feign the empty mea culpa they offered up in 2016. They will spend the first several days or weeks highlighting concerns over “voter suppression” or other alleged election meddling. If they can turn that into a 3-year story that immobilizes our country and congress from focusing on anything else, they will. But more likely they will be content to simply make sure President Trump’s second term is launched with newly-seething and unhinged hatred from the left, and zero opportunity for Trump or his supporters to get started with any kind of positive bump.

And then whether it’s yet more COVID-19 hysterics or Russia! Russia! Russia! drama, the media will find something they can use to dominate our national focus and distract from our progress and unity.

Whatever that focus ends up being, these 5 time-tested elements will be there…

1). It will be completely without merit

2). They will frame it in moral terms so any indifference will appear nefarious

3). They will immediately catch and kill any evidence that counters their narrative

4). They will turn the most laughable and mundane revelations into “bombshells”

5). The story itself was never what truly mattered so regardless of the ultimate outcome, the media will have enjoyed tremendous success creating a more hateful and less productive America. Because as has become painfully obvious, that is their only goal every second of every day that they and their anti-American, pro-Leftist friends aren’t in power.

How can I be so sure? Because it’s what they do every damn time.

And you know it as well as I do.

So for the love of all that’s holy, stop letting them do it!

The media’s narratives are like quicksand: the more you struggle to free yourself, the stronger their hold becomes.

That means we need everyone — elected Republicans, conservative media, grassroots warriors, everyone — to agree that we will no longer let the disgraced, discredited, dangerous, divisive, destructive and dishonest national political news media dictate what we talk about or focus on.

Simply do not respond. And when they ask why, tell them why.

Elected Republicans should say:

“You’ve shown us that you’re bad faith actors more interested in creating stories than covering them. And we’re done letting you dictate the story. So whatever ‘story’ you’re pretending is a bombshell right now that I have to respond to or else I hate puppies and old people, I’m ignoring. Instead, today I’m going to dictate what’s important to discuss. Because I’m the one who was elected, and I know what my voters care about. And today that means [insert whatever legitimately good, important, pro-America item you’re working on or focusing on].”

And when the media persist with their own preferred stories — “Yeah but Senator sources say you held an aide at gunpoint and made them change the seven million dollar drapes you bought for your office!” — that Senator needs to have the strength and the courage to just walk away and not look back.

No snide reply. No substantive engagement. No dignifying the legacy media or giving them even a shred of respect. The opposite of love isn’t hate. It’s indifference. And that’s what the legacy media in America has earned from us. And that’s what we should give them until they’re forced to either concede that they’re nothing more than the anti-American left’s marketing arm, or fix what they’ve allowed to be broken for most of our lifetimes.

Conservative media must have the tenacity and integrity to do the same thing. And if any among your ranks don’t get it or can’t handle that, then get rid of them. Do not chase the legacy media’s preferred stories, let alone spend all of your time pushing back on the preferred narratives they attach to those stories.

Write your own damn stories, conservative media!

The grassroots must be made aware that this is part of a very real battle plan to start winning this decades-long media vs America cold war, so that they can understand the strategy and help support it.

And none of this can be a secret. We must be open and vocal about what we’re doing.

I guarantee you the media will just do more of the same when Trump wins again in November. Rather than crying about it when it happens or complaining after the fact that nobody was held accountable, let’s be prepared for it this time and actually do something to fight back in the moment.

The media’s feelings don’t care about facts. And it’s time we stop pretending that we can create any other reality as long as we’re playing on their turf.

They only have power because we let them.

It’s time we take our power back. And this is the only way we can peacefully do it.


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  1. It’s time to start pulling our airwaves and licenses and prosecute the board of directors of these companies for their part in the attempted coup

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you. The other two comments in response to this piece — a dictatorial, pro-big government solution and a knee jerk enthusiasm for literal war — make my stomach turn and wonder why I even bother *trying* to offer up a serious and viable course for finally taking on this particular political opponent. Your comment, alternatively, was really greatly timed and needed. Appreciate you reading and hope you’ll come back often.

      Hrand Tookman (author)


  2. One thing I really appreciate about our President is that he does good things without needing everyone to like them or even know about them.
    The White House Youtube channel shows achievements and positive meetings almost every day.
    But not many people have any idea about, for example, negotiating the return of Native American remains and artifacts from Finland after trying for 70 years.
    He did it anyway.


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