Wanna Hear A Hilarious COVID-19 Joke? You Probably Won’t Get It

Hope you liked the joke. It’s largely true.

As recently noted…

You won’t stop a determined virus from spreading any more than you’ll stop a ubiquitously changing climate from changing.

So the best and most noble thing we can aspire to is for the vast majority of us to contract the virus asap so that we can achieve herd immunity and spare those populations to whom it’s truly a threat.

And I’m sorry so many of you had to find out this way, but no: you being afraid of your own shadow does not make you among those razor thin populations.

Now go read some of my other recent pieces because I was right about COVID-19 from the start and we all know you can count on 2 hands the people who actually publish their work and can say that.

I’m one of them.

And I don’t advertise or make a penny off of this website, and I never will. Any ads you see here belong to WordPress, whom I pay a lousy $18.00 per year to host the site for me.

I want you to read my stuff and hopefully start sharing it and visiting here regularly because I legitimately care about these things. And I kind of pride myself on trying to speak in defense and support of millions of Americans who are completely unrepresented in the dishonest media. Our message, which Trump has done a great job of picking up and sticking to, aren’t always easy to articulate and are always constantly mocked and mischaracterized by the media.

When I was younger I had a tendency to stand up for the under dogs and those being picked on, etc. Now that I’m a little older I do it with my writing, and I do it largely on behalf of the aptly-named conservative American right who don’t always have the time or patience to explain to the media “what we mean.”

I do all of the writing here myself and have since launching the site nearly 5 years ago. (One exception: a piece ghostwritten by a business leader I know in Cleveland, OH and who wanted to get his thoughts out about the virus.)

Anyway, without further delay, click around on some of these. It’s not a comprehensive list of everything I’ve written about the virus, but just a selection of some of the better posts. All in chronological order.

5/19/20: Media Lose Again As Americans’ Masks Begin To Slip

5/17/20: Trump Supporters Have Been Right About Literally Everything

5/16/20: Millions Of Screaming Masked Karens Are Already Immune And Don’t Even Know It

5/12/20: How The Media Would Have Treated COVID-19 If They Didn’t Hate America

5/12/20: How ‘Flatten The Curve’ Became ‘Slow The Spread’ And Proved ‘Prolong The Pain’ Is The Goal

5/5/20: Annoying COVID-19 Commercials Might Remove Our Masks Of Sanctimony

5/5/20: Please Put Scott Gottlieb Back In The Pomade Jar From Which He Came

5/4/20: Trashing Sweden With The Same Junk Science Used To Terrify Everyone Else

5/1/20: Your Mask Is Making You Meaner, Dumber, More Afraid & Less Safe (this one went about as viral as anything I’ve written)

4/28/20: Top 10 Lies Told By COVID-19 ‘Experts’ Who Value Social Engineering Over Truth

4/26/20: Media & WHO’s Latest Pro-Terror, Science-Denying Claim: ‘Antibodies Mean Nothing’

4/24/20: CNN’s Sanjay Gupta Humiliates Himself While Trying & Failing To Justify COVID-19 Hysteria [VIDEO]

4/21/20: IHME To Start Modeling 2-Day-Old Events; Projects 65%+ Accuracy [SATIRE]

4/19/20: COVID-19 Is Like Pop Music: Famous Thanks To Marketing & Not Much Else

4/13/20: We Have 2 Choices: Fight COVID-19 Head On, Or ‘Stay-At-Home’ Indefinitely

4/8/20: ‘Social Distancing Worked’ Is The Lie We’ll Accept To Stave Off Humiliation

3/24/20: Five Reasons Why Many Doubt The COVID-19 Hysteria

3/22/20: Once Again Trump Was Right, I Was Wrong, And The Media Is About To Lose Bigly

3/16/20: I Don’t Take The Wuhan Virus Seriously And CNN Is The Reason Why

3/14/20: PREDICTION: Journos Will Credit Themselves When WuFlu They Attacked Us With Fails To Inflict The Pain They Promised

3/12/20: Media’s WuFlu Hysteria Will End Just Like Their Russia Hysteria Did

Thanks again for visiting. Later!


AUTHOR’S NOTE: Hat tip to some dude on Twitter who I don’t know but as far as I can tell crafted the COVID joke in the headline. He could’ve gotten it from someone else. I don’t know. But all I know is that I didn’t make it up, and needed to be transparent about that and credit the person who I got it from. An old friend passed it along and I thought it was excellent. So I texted it to a bunch of people and then thought, “Man. I should just make it a headline!” So there ya go.

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  1. You are now one of my favorite blogs! I have only recently discovered you since ” Your mask is making you dumber….” I share all your posts now in my fb groups. Thank you!


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