Put Your Pen Down, David French; There’s No Saving Jake Tapper Now

So I’ve been dying to write about the #JakeTapperIsOverParty that’s happening all across social media in recent days. It had been brewing for several months but really came to a head this past week after Resistance Jake, who has spent 4 years and counting pushing the baseless smear that President Trump is in fact a Russian spy, complained about Trump using “smears” to attack Biden.

And Tapper’s fall from grace is particularly rewarding for me because for years I’ve made Resistance Jake the posterboy for intellectual dishonesty and biased, bad faith reporting that masquerades as impartial journalism — aka “fake news.”

I explained why Tapper earned that treatment in this piece, wherein I noted that what makes Resistance Jake so dangerous is that not only is he a dishonest hack whose irresponsible stewardship of his media platform helps divide our nation while putting targets on the backs of Trump supporters and disgracing the Fourth Estate for generations to come. Such deeply flawed professional failures are sadly a dime a dozen among the legacy media these days! But what makes Resistance Jake so uniquely dangerous is that he does it all with more accolades from the right than anyone else in the business.

What do you mean you don’t like Jake Tapper? AKSHULLY he’s one of the best news professionals of our lifetime!

-Seth Mandel or -Jonah Goldberg or -David French or -John Podhoretz or -Ben Shapiro

So many respected heavy hitters in conservative media have long claimed without evidence that Tapper is as close to down-the-middle as anyone could expect, and that anyone attacking Tapper is clearly just too partisan themselves to see his greatness.

But what I also learned in recent years but hadn’t yet written about, is that these “Leave Jake alone!” cries weren’t predicated on actual respect. Rather, they were often the result of Tapper privately lobbying his media peers to please be nice to and about him. And if someone dared say something negative about Jake, he’d light them up privately with pathetic notes that would lead to exchanges such as…

Tapper: I thought you were cool. I thought we were cool. What happened? Why would you so angrily assault my character and try to impugn my reputation?

Tapper’s Mark: All I said was “I too wish Jake would’ve spent a little time covering the myriad violence being foist on peaceful Americans whose only real sin is wearing a MAGA hat.” I think that’s fair, Jake.

Tapper: You ruined my life. Are you aware that I have kids, and a family? I can’t afford this kind of negative press. Why are you trying to kill me?

Tapper’s Mark: Geez man I’m not trying to hurt you. Honestly bro, I just thought it was a fair criticism. But I’ll take it down if it really offends you so badly.

Tapper: I don’t want you to do anything you’re not comfortable with. And if you really think I deserve to lose my job and have my wife leave me and be hurled in the gutter because my program is only 40 minutes long not including commercials and I don’t have time to get to everything that you think is important, then leave it up. I shouldn’t have said anything. I’m sorry. You know me. I’m just so sensitive about these things. I just love America so much. And I want our country to be healthy. But I love you. I truly do. And I’m sorry for questioning you.

Tapper’s Mark: No no, Jake. It was my fault. Seriously. You’re such a good guy and I should know better than to put anything out there that so many jerks will use against you in unfair ways. Honestly man I feel really bad now and I promise next time I will talk to you privately instead of putting something out there for others to see or hear.

Tapper: That’s all I could really ask for. You’re such a good friend. I’m not going to lie: I actually wept openly about this to Brian and Oliver. Thank you again for making it right. I really appreciate it.

Tapper’s Mark: Hang in there buddy. We’re all rooting for you!

Multiple sources have confirmed that it’s this type of behind-the-scenes crybullying that typifies Tapper’s every off-air relationship. That’s who he is.

But finally, at long last, heavy hitters in conservative media who just a year ago might not have dared publicly speak ill of Tapper, have all at once began publicly mocking and calling him out…

And that’s just a small sampling of those who have typically spared Resistance Jake the public lashings he’s long deserved. Here are several more who you might expect such ire from…

It’s just been outstanding to see Tapper on blast. But we can safely assume that he’s already cried on the shoulders of his old pals like David French and Seth Mandel.

And we can further safely assume at least one of them is busy writing the “Marginalize Jake Tapper At Your Own Peril, And America’s” piece as we speak.

I’m here to tell them it’s useless. Because the people on the right who still defend Jake Tapper are the same exact people who were demoted or outright fired from their cushy conservative media statures as soon as Trump came in and started winning for a change.

The NeverTrump wing and their idiot splinter faction “The Lincoln Project” are probably, at most, 5,000 strong across our entire nation.

They’re nothing.

They’re a joke.

Every life matters, but politically speaking, they don’t even exist.

And the only reason people think they exist is because the pro-socialist, America Last, retain the swamp media who hate Trump are these days pretending to love the NeverTrump / Conserving Conservatism / Lincoln Project people.

But the rest of us — the 75,000,000 or so who support President Trump — we see through it. And try as they may to help Jake Tapper save face, and believe as Tapper stupidly will that they’re even capable of that anymore, they’re all wrong on all counts.

The #JakeTapperIsOverParty has commenced, and that jam ain’t never gonna close until or unless CNN closes first and takes Resistance Jake Tapper with them.


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