Jonah Goldberg’s Full-Blown TDS Leads To On-Air Temper Tantrum

A visibly shaken and shaking Jonah Goldberg nearly had a panic attack yesterday on Fox News’ Special Report after Brian Kilmeade had the nerve to mention the words “hydroxychloroquine” and “Trump” in the same breath without eviscerating President Trump for existing.

Goldberg’s meltdown was predicated on yet another of his entirely intellectually dishonest observations and accusations with regard to what he laughably claims is Trump’s lack of fitness for office. (And to be clear: what legacy grifters like Goldberg really mean by “lack of fitness” is “he and all of his supporters who don’t respect my decades-long losing streak and authoritaw can all go straight to hell!”)

This time around it was Goldberg lying to viewers and implying that President Trump said he was taking hydroxychloroquine in order to ward off COVID-19. (Or “as a prophylactic,” as the rest of the media had spent the day dishonestly claiming.)


Of course that’s not at all what President Trump said and while the obvious, wildly easy-to-discern and intellectually honest truth was right there in front of him, Goldberg instead decided to use Fox News’ airwaves to kick and scream because Orange Man Bad.

Yes, President Trump did say he’s taking hydroxychloroquine.

But that he’s taking it “to prevent catching COVID-19” is something Goldberg and the rest of the useless, discredited and disgraced media completely made up.

So let’s take just half a second here to think about what else we know of the drug.

Say, here’s something that might be of at least marginal interest to Goldberg and the rest of the hysterical Retain-The-Swamp and America-Last swamp monsters who are so desperate to destroy our duly-elected President and anyone who supports him…

Virtually every positive and informed physician statement about hydroxychloroquine with respect to COVID-19 concludes with a recommendation that it’s most effective when administered very early after a person is infected.

That kind of matters, because President Trump has already been exposed to several people who have been infected.

And it stands to reason that he’ll be exposed to several more who are infected.

So obviously President Trump isn’t taking it to prevent getting COVID-19. And that’s not something he ever claimed.

But it makes perfect sense that he’s on a doctor-prescribed regiment to take the drug after having repeatedly been exposed to COVID-19 because if he contracts the virus then the drug will already be working very early in his system.

Is this something that every American should seek out or expect?


Because not every American is also the duly-elected leader of the free world.

But for the duly-elected leader of the free world, yes, taking the drug that countless physicians have said is literally a lifesaver especially when taken as quickly as possible upon infection does make a lot of sense especially when you factor in that this President has already been exposed to several people who tested positive for COVID-19.

That’s all, sadly, a bridge too far for carnival barkers like Goldberg to get their heads around. Instead, due to a case of full-blown Trump Derangement Syndrome and the reality that if Trump wins again there’s a decent chance Jonah will literally need to learn to code in order to pay his bills, he just leans immediately and angrily into the most stupid, dishonest, bad faith explanation, implication and accusation he can drumpf up.

To quote the greatest president in the history of the United States: “SAD!”


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    • Jonah Goldberg used to be an up and coming “Panelist” on the Old Fox News with Brett Hume and Brett Baier……He seemed Wobbly as a Centrist and dropped off the scope……Later he surface, with a Beard and apparently, fell into the Ultra Liberal/Communist Pit……I doubt anyone considers him an “Authority” on anything !!!!!

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  1. Another never Trumper who has absolutely no training in medicine or pharmacology. With the neck twitching and mouth foaming I was concerned about Jonah having contact with rabid animal or excessive dosage of antipsychotic medicine.

    Liked by 1 person

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