Media Lose Again As Americans’ Masks Begin To Slip

America’s liberal propagandists who dishonestly claim to be impartial news media are about to lose yet another battle, this time with respect to their incessant “Wear a mask!” campaign.

What they really wanted was to keep the whole country shut down indefinitely. Or at least until Donald Trump is no longer president. Make no mistake about it: when Trump wins again in November, the media would’ve likely ramped up their COVID-19 hysteria and even if (or more likely when) we defeat it with herd immunity, the media would still bang the drum just like they did with Russia even after Mueller’s team was forced to reveal their finding of no collusion or actionable obstruction.

The media planned to spend as much time as they could milking COVID-19 for every last bit of weaponized social, economic and ultimately political carnage they could use it to manufacture.


The virus completely disappeared because the vast majority of us already got it and as such can no longer get or spread it again. Great news!


So what? We still don’t know how many people truly died from this horrible virus that President Trump once called “a hoax.” We need answers. Schiff and Pelosi need to be getting answers. The American people deserve answers. What did Trump know and when did he know it? What are they hiding? Why won’t they release all the transcripts from all the phone calls he had during the virus? That story is later this hour. But first: what’s with that company in President Trump’s third cousin’s best friend’s portfolio that stood to gain from the country shutting down and reopening again on exactly the schedule it did? So many questions still linger about the COVID-19 hell our nation just endured. And only a Russian spy or a racist would deny that we in the media are heroes for demanding answers to those questions. Let’s bring in our panel now with 4 Democrats who hate President Trump and 1 Republican who hates President Trump, to discuss.

Granted some other utterly b.s. and easily exploited story may have cropped up that distracted them from COVID-19, but the above passage is an entirely fair and safe assumption about how they’d have stuck with COVID-19 if nothing new arose for them to lie about.

That was their hope.

But the country is already moving on because COVID-19 turned out to be not even a fraction as scary as the media and their equally dishonest and politicized peers in academia wanted us to believe.

And the legacy media goons are just furious about that. So in dual parts last ditch effort and hostility for the country that’s yet again rejected their fear-mongering, they’ve got one last message…


And for half a second, that message resonated.

For about half a second, our country seemed to be overrun with Screaming Masked Karens who fumed their unabashed hatred for anyone not wearing a mask.

This tweet from a former Democratic Congresswoman (who, by the way, lost her seat because she’s also a workplace sexual predator) exemplified what the media hoped to inspire…

And again, for half a second it worked.

But now only the most unhinged leftists are still trying to wage that battle. And the media are right there alongside them, demanding that you keep your masks on and insisting that we’re all going to die if you don’t. And it’s hilarious at this point.

Demented and sad, but hilarious.

They want you to keep your mask on not because COVID-19 is the threat they claimed or even that masks would make an iota of difference if it was. After all, you won’t stop a determined virus from spreading any more than you’ll stop a ubiquitously changing climate from changing. Rather, they want you to keep your mask on because if you insist on spoiling their plans by re-opening the country so quickly, they’ll be damned if they’ll let you do it without a constant reminder of how much danger you’re in and how “very real” the threat still is.

They want the fear to be ubiquitous, even as we learn the virus itself actually isn’t.

And I’ll gladly cede that if tens of millions of us have not already contracted COVID-19 without even knowing it (which it’s entirely possible we have), then we’ll likely see more spikes in cases. But as has been noted on these pages and so many others, it’s just not nearly the existential or even frankly very unique threat that they always promised it would be.

So our nation is moving on from it. And we’re re-opening. And many people played the media’s game and got sucked into the cult-like corporate niceties about “togetherness” and blah blah blah all that “Stay home and shut up and do as you’re told or you want people to die but all the rest of us are great people” nonsense is coming to an end.

And the media is about to lose their “Wear a mask!” battle just like they’ve lost virtually every other battle they waged in the last 4 years against our country, its President, and the Americans who they see as “guilty” for supporting him.

Slowly but surely even the most preachy and intolerant of your neighbors and Facebook friends are letting their masks slip both literally and figuratively. Many were initially playing along with the media’s game without really thinking about or knowing why. And as I was out and about today, fully 75% of the people who were still even pretending to care about wearing masks had them down around their chins or necks. They can’t even do it just for show anymore. Two weeks ago less than half of the mask-wearers were donning them so casually. Now, maybe one in four of those I saw with masks still on were even pretending to wear them properly.

We’re over it. We’re over the virus. And despite the media’s best efforts to prolong the pain and create as much carnage as possible, we’re over the masks, too.

The masks are slipping both literally and figuratively. And you and your family will be fine. It’s the media — after having spent four years waging an angry smear campaign against our country’s health in retaliation for our having elected President Trump — who are the hardest hit.


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  1. Please bring this message to the people at the CDC and numerous liberal companies (like AARP, Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare, and others) who put out those infernal “we’re all in this together” commercials.


  2. In order to accomplish their goal of keeping America shut down while Trump is President as you noted the media tries to goad us into living in fear. It’s what the media always does.

    The media is used by our corporate masters to shape and create public opinion and to keep us divided as a nation. When convenient they employ fear.


  3. We are confident that President Trump will have our economy winning again, within 1-2 years, max! That includes the best employment statistics for minorities. This in spite of the efforts by Democrat to stifle him.
    TRUMP 2020


  4. We are confident that President Trump will have our economy winning again, within 1-2 years, max! That includes the best employment statistics for minorities. This in spite of the efforts by Democrats to stifle him.
    TRUMP 2020


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