Trump Supporters Have Been Right About Literally Everything

Despite the media’s massively powerful reach, nearly unlimited resources, well-organized army of foot soldiers and years of training and experience, President Trump and his loyal supporters continue crushing them in every battle.

And they are battles. Anyone who still denies the media’s flagrant partisanship is unserious and dishonest. The media say “We don’t pick the stories” when in reality they literally write the headlines and have sole authority over what conversations our nation focuses on.

They say “We just report the facts” but they pick only the facts they like and then massage the framing of those facts to fit their partisan narrative.

They say “We’re impartial” but the Democratic party as we know it would be a distant memory if not for the media playing both offense and defense on their behalf.

The media decide what conversations our nation focuses on, they frame how those conversations are characterized and narrated, they often script and always promote that which helps Democrats and hurts Republicans, and as such do all the heavy lifting for the otherwise feckless Democratic party.

And for decades they mopped the floor with the GOP, who stood by and took whatever shreds of swamp power were left over for them.

Then President Trump came along and did what we in the grassroots had spent our lifetimes pleading for: he pulled back the curtain on the powerful and corrupt D.C. “swamp,” and exposed the massively powerful role played by the dishonest media in protecting and defending that swamp.

This wasn’t the typical Republican that the media had become used to and spoiled by. He wouldn’t just lay down in fear of their wrath. Unlike McCain and Romney and so many others before him, he wouldn’t swat away observations about media bias by claiming without evidence that they’re actually a very honest and noble group. He actually felt the pain that we in the grassroots endure every day after spending our lives being lied to and about by today’s flagrantly partisan and intellectually dishonest media. And so he fought for us. And as Fox News’ Melissa Francis noted, unlike most Republicans whom the media had grown used to, “he’ll stand up and rip their throats out.”

And so the media launched their smear campaign(s) to destroy him, and put targets on the backs of any private citizen who supports him. Don’t believe me? Go put a MAGA hat on and spend the day walking around any major city. You won’t make it to lunch before you’re viciously assaulted by some unhinged idiot who gets all his or her news from CNN, NBC, the New York Times and/or the Washington Post.

But here’s the kicker: Trump supporters are easily the most underrepresented political force in the country. We elected a president and haven’t wavered in our support for him, yet unless they’re attacking us and encouraging their audiences to do the same, the media like to pretend we don’t exist. There might be 5,000 Americans at most who still identify as “NeverTrump” (and that includes their latest incarnation, “The Lincoln Project”), and yet the media give them exponentially more air time and representation than Trump supporters get.

There’s nothing more disconcerting than turning on the news and seeing a 5-person panel made up of 4 Democrats who hate Trump and 1 Republican who hates Trump, all being moderated by an allegedly impartial “news” anchor who also clearly hates Trump. And they claim the whole time as they chortle over their shared hatred of Trump and his supporters that they’re having an honest and fair conversation about America!

It happens all day, every day, across every political media outlet except for Fox News and AM talk radio.

But try as they may to destroy President Trump and encourage violence and hatred against Americans who support him, we’ve been right about literally everything and the media just keeps falling flat on their faces.

The media promised that the sky would fall and the economy would tank if he was elected. We said they were wrong. We were right: President Trump in his first term created the strongest economy in American history, evidenced most recently by its durability even amid the shock and awe of a global meltdown over COVID-19.

The media promised that the world would stop respecting America. We said they were wrong, and noted that treating our country like a doormat is a sign of “like,” not one of “respect.” We were right: having re-built our military and economy in historic ways that embolden our allies and strike fear in our enemies by way of action rather than words alone, America has never been more respected as we have a leader who truly loves this country and is committed to putting America First.

The media promised that in Charlottesville he said “Nazis are very fine people.” We said they were wrong, and that in the very same speech he clearly and unequivocally said multiple times that he was not referring to Nazis. Check the tape. We were right.

The media promised that he told Lester Holt he fired Comey to end the Russia investigation. We said they were wrong, and that in the very same interview he clearly said he knew by firing Comey he’d likely prolong the Russia investigation. Again, check the tape. We were right.

The media said the Covington Catholic high school kids were clearly racist instigators because they were wearing MAGA hats and the “elder” they “assaulted” was obviously a patron saint of justice, peace, love and equality. We said they were wrong and should be careful before they fall for yet another in the long list of hoax hate crimes they’ve promoted to help divide our nation. We were right. Check the settlement CNN had to pay out for botching the story so badly.

The media promised that he was a Russian spy who colluded with Putin to steal the 2016 election. We said they were wrong, and that nobody did more to divide America (Russia’s goal) than the media themselves. Check the results of the coveted Mueller investigation. We were right. 

Notably, we also said that nobody used Russian disinformation to meddle in American politics more than the swamp (Clinton campaign, Democrats, NeverTrump, media, corrupt wing of the intelligence community). And as events that the media don’t want to talk about continue to unfold, it increasingly appears we were very much right about that as well.

They said his phone call with the Ukrainian president would do the job that their Russia Collusion Hoax failed to. We said they were wrong and the call was completely innocuous. Foiling the media’s plan for months of scary headlines and “bombshells” in coordination with so-called whistleblowers who were revealed to be Obama/Biden/Swamp loyalists, President Trump released the transcript immediately and proved we were right again. The rest of the story and proceedings were a joke that only the media and Democrats took seriously. 

They said it was just a crazy conspiracy theory that the media and Obama-era intelligence community began colluding to destroy Trump and his presidency before he even took office. And as the evidence continues to mount, it’s increasingly clear we were right about that, too. Stay tuned.

They said COVID-19 would kill us all unless we kept everything shut down and watched it slowly kill America itself. We said they were wrong, and that they were trying to weaponize the virus for political gain and leaving tremendous American pain and suffering in their wake. Again, as the evidence continues to mount, it’s increasingly clear that we were also right about that. Again, stay tuned.

Those are off the top of my head but there are dozens if not hundreds more that have cropped up over the years as all the media do all day, every day, is concoct wildly dishonest narratives to hurt Trump. And literally every time those stories turn out to be either a) completely untrue or b) not even a small fraction as egregious or “unprecedented” as the media want their literally tens of still-fooled consumers to believe.

At every turn the media and swamp parasites they represent — Democrats, NeverTrump, dirty IC cops, grifting “career professionals” — have promised Trump was or deserved to be doomed. And at every turn, we — Trump’s supporters and even those who don’t support him but value intellectual honesty (Alan Dershowitz, for example) — said not only is Trump innocent of the media’s charges, but that the media and their allies are in fact guilty of exactly that which they’ve accused Trump of.

The one that stands out to this author the most because I’ve written about it for so long, is the media’s claim that Trump would divide America as bolstered by their eventual promise that he colluded with Russia to do so. In fact, nobody does more to divide America or blight our nation’s progress than the media and left who so persistently accuse everyone else of the same. Moreover, one thing we learned with certainty about Russia’s efforts to divide America is that those efforts are virtually indistinguishable from the media and Democrats’ greatest political weapon: identity politics. 

We’ve been right about literally everything.

The media have been wrong about literally everything.

They’re liars and America has largely woken up to that reality.

It must be exhausting for the disgraced and discredited media to endure all that losing.

But as a Trump supporter I assure you that while all we’ve done is “win” since he first came down the escalator, we’re still not tired of winning and will gladly welcome 4 more years of it.

As for the media’s fate after November? That’s a piece for another day. But here’s a hint: having so utterly disgraced and discredited themselves and sadly the entire Fourth Estate, we Trump supporters won’t lose a wink of sleep when hundreds of their outfits shutter and thousands of their foot soldiers lose their jobs.


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  1. The media is our enemy, they promote hate and diversion and it is a constant drumming of a mob action.

    The people who are fed this virulent poison 24 hours a day can’t help but continue their mob behavior through social media escalates the hatred, it is no wonder we are seeing violence and hearing the foulness of their speech which promotes hate even more.
    Somehow we must get this turned around, perhaps the tyrannical actions of many of those in power will open their eyes and ears to the truth.


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