Millions Of Screaming Masked Karens Are Already Immune And Don’t Even Know It

How hilarious is it that a really good chunk of the people whose fear is eclipsed only by their anger and sanctimony, may very well have already gotten and recovered from COVID-19 months ago and don’t even know it?

A month ago I would’ve said not hilarious at all.


Hard to watch.


Those would’ve been my initial sentiments.

But at this point, lady screaming at everyone in the store and guy on Facebook angrily dropping F bombs to prove to everyone how much you care, I’m sorry: what you’re going through is no longer sad or serious. You’re a joke at this point and your ferocious sanctimony and anger are a hell of a lot more contagious than any virus ever will be.

So count your lucky stars that as of now you’re only a hilarious joke. Because if you keep up your holier-than-thou schtick, people are liable to start responding to you with every bit the unforgiving hatred and intolerance that you cry yourself to sleep at night thinking makes you noble.

The entire COVID-19 house of cards is about to come crashing down.

Soon we will learn just how wildly inflated the death counts have been.

And we will learn how wildly deflated the confirmed case numbers have been.

And we’ll become educated enough to do the math on those numbers and figure our how wildly overstated the lethality of the virus has been.

And from there we’ll start learning more about the millions of us who already got and recovered from the virus without even knowing it because we literally had no symptoms.

And despite the media’s best efforts to muddy this effective scientific constant, we’ll learn that having already gotten and recovered from the virus means you can’t get or spread it again.

And that’s when the real fun starts.

Because that’s when we stop cowering in fear and worrying so much about who has the virus, and start about the business of eagerly proving who among us already had it.

That’s when somewhere in the back of your mind you start kinda sorta wishing you were one of the lucky ones…

who contracted this thing months ago and no longer has to worry about it.

Yeah — you, screaming at everyone about how we’re all doomed if this virus spreads even though it’s already spread wildly and will keep spreading until it runs its course and there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it — I’m talking to you.

At some point you’re gonna do all the math on all of it: how lethal it wasn’t, how minor it is for the vast majority of us, how narrow the population is to whom it’s even marginally threatening, yet still how helpful for that population it would be if more rather than fewer of us got and can thus no longer spread it and, finally, how absolutely ridiculous you looked with your mask around your neck having a spittle-flecked temper tantrum because nobody in the store except you actually cares about “science and saving lives.”

You look ridiculous. And you’re not trying to be, but you’re hilarious all the same. And you better hope it stays that way because if some of these people who lost their jobs and livelihoods and access to non-COVID healthcare needs start responding to you sanctimonious assholes the way you’ve treated everyone else throughout this thing — as you’ve been wrong at every turn and created exponentially more disunity and social, economic and health-related destruction than you even came close to mitigating — I can promise based on your obvious tendencies toward fear, submission, meltdowns and irrationality, you won’t like the result.


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  1. For the vast majority of those contracting Covid-19, it is the best thing that could happen when they recover, know it and shuck the restrictions with impunity or danger to others.


    • A simply antibody test could confirm that you posed no danger to the community. When all the data is in, we could yet find out that up to 10x more people were infected than we’d thought, and that a degree of herd immunity has already developed.


  2. Was there a bad flu going around in January or was this virus here earlier than known? I live in flyover country but my mother in law and sister in law who live together had a pretty serious respiratory infection back then that very much resembles the symptoms of this virus.

    Either there was a serious flu which has been ignored or it has been around longer than is proposed. Either way the numbers are vastly exaggerated.

    Will this really be revealed? I am skeptical. The “media” will declare that the utterly unscientific “social distancing” is the only thing that saved us from mass death.


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