McConnell & Graham Still Fear & Bow Down To The Legacy Media

If NBC, CNN, the New York Times and the Washington Post wanted accountability for the Obama-era intelligence community’s nakedly political crimes and corruption, then Mitch McConnell and Linsdey Graham would be pounding their fists on every table within 100 yards of any news camera demanding the Senate work harder to ensure that accountability.

Instead, because they’re dinosaurs who still think the legacy media controls America, they’re feigning modest outrage for the GOP base while signaling to the media, Democrats, establishment Republicans, corrupt intelligence community cops and grifting “career professionals” (aka the swamp) that they’re not gonna do a damn thing about any of it.

They’re not ignoring it because it’s unimportant.

They’re not ignoring it for lack of evidence.

They’re not even ignoring it for lack of power or resources to actually do anything about it.

They’re ignoring it because they’re afraid of what the media will do if they pick a fight this serious. And what’s worse, they’re afraid of what will happen when they actually win the fight.

Because they know they’d win. They could leverage the Senate to spend 10% of the time and money that Mueller’s team did and, with the facts we have now, have every one of these Obama-era pajama boys singing like birds.

Inspector General Michael Horowitz predictably did nothing in terms of actionable accountability.

FBI Director Chris Wray has predictably done nothing in terms of actionable accountability.

And the jury is still out on U.S. Attorney John Durham but I’m gonna let you in on a little secret: I’m not optimistic that he’ll do a damn thing either in terms of actionable accountability.

He may snag one or two small fish in the course of his investigation, but in the end he’ll give us a lengthy report that purports to reveal a lot of shadiness and wrongdoing but stops short of actually asserting accountability for any of it.

We just got done watching the Democrats literally try to remove President Trump from office. And for what? A pathetic, last gasp coup attempt leveled by the deep state’s equivalent of 3AM weekend anchors on CNN: Alex Vindman, Bill Taylor and Marie Yovanovitch.

And they actually went through with it. And if they had the votes in the Senate, Trump would be gone right now.

But McConnell and Graham don’t seem to fully grasp that. They appear too weak and ill-equipped to understand the gravity of what’s going on around them.

Imagine spending your entire childhood getting picked on and beat up by the school bully. He cheap shots you every chance he gets. It’s not even a fair fight. You asked for fair fights years ago but they never came, so you stopped asking. And now you’re just used to it. And everyone points and laughs every time he does it. So eventually you learn to play nice with him. You pretend you’re in on the joke. You don’t mind being the whipping boy because obviously everyone pointing and laughing gets so much joy from it. Who are you to stop the fun?

That’s who McConnell and Graham are to the media.

Most of these guys don’t care one bit about the future of our nation. All they care about is their immediate power and standing. And the Republican Party has spent decades — generations — being the “fair and impartial” media’s whipping boy.

And at this point McConnell and Graham don’t have the courage or a clue how to be anything else.

Do you honestly think Brett Kavanaugh would be sitting on the Supreme Court today if anyone other than Donald J. Trump were President?

Most of us have spent our lives watching the Republican Party and its so-called “leaders” bend over backwards to avoid the media’s ire. They’ll go toe-to-toe with any Democrat in punching distance because that’s the game. But it’s not a game anymore when they cross the media. That’s when, based on their experience, it’s not fun or funny anymore. That’s when, based on their experience, they can get in real trouble.

I used to forgive them for it and, to some extent, I still do. They just don’t understand that while the media might control much of the national conversation and how it’s framed, there aren’t nearly as many people still pointing and laughing as these old guard Republicans believe there to be.

We see through it. We see that they’re bullies who thrive off of cheap shots and attacking the weak. And we know the kids who are pointing and laughing at the media’s bullying are broken inside. We know that what had long been considered “the cool crowd” are really just mean, dishonest, lazy and insecure cheaters who may still hold sway on the playground but have lost damn near everyone’s respect and are in for a rude awakening once they graduate school and have to face the real world.

Mitch, Lindsey, I implore you to hear me out on this…

Trump has, for the first time in their lives, introduced them to the real world.

His supporters who despite all of the media and swamp’s best efforts have never once even flinched, have introduced them to the real world.

For the love of all that’s holy — unchain yourselves from the playground because Republicans like you are the only things keeping this fight there, on their terms, instead of in the real world where it belongs and our nation deserves.

It’s time for the media and their dirtbag friends to pay for what they’ve done.

Stop protecting them. Stop fearing them. They are not your friends, and they’re not the massively powerful force you think they are. Their power exists because you let it exist.

So if you’re not willing to get out of your own way, then please at least retire and get out of ours. Because we’re sick to death of seeing our side crucified for jaywalking while theirs commit vehicular homicide without a slap on the wrist because you’re too afraid of what will happen if you actually win a fight against the bastards who raised you to believe that your number one job is to let them bully you.


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  1. Wussies . Plain and simple. I’ll bet their dirty as well. How much were they worth when they started. That will tell you all you need to know.


  2. Both are afraid to stir up the swamp. They are both neck-deep and the slightest wave might drown them.


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