Fox News’ @GillianHTurner Adds To Her CNN Audition Tape

Having spent her entire life wrapped up in popularity contests, Fox News’ Gillian Turner hates her life away from the alleged media cool kids’ table and thus does everything she can to get a seat with them.

So goes her latest attempt at doing what the rest of the pathetic media does so well: diluting the gravity of news that might be bad for Democrats and/or good for Republicans, and gaslighting anyone who treats that news as anything other than meaningless.

Today that meant ignoring the blatantly political implications of the Obama/Biden White House’s don’t need-to-know employees unmasking Michael Flynn on multiple occasions.

And ignoring the repeated lies that the Obama/Biden White House has told in front of cameras and congress with respect to that unmasking.

And ignoring the very real criminality of the Obama/Biden White House leaking the details of that unmasking to the media.

And ignoring that such leaked details were published in the media on the very same day that Joe Biden first gained access to them.

And ignoring the clear implication that the political nature of the unmasking and the lies about it and the criminal leaks to the media and the timing with respect to Biden all culminated to a paint a very suspect and would-be intriguing trail of breadcrumbs for even a modestly capable journalist or reporter to follow.

But Gillian Turner isn’t an even modestly capable journalist or reporter.

She’s a bitterly jaded Fox News employee who doesn’t understand why CNN hasn’t called her yet. And in yet another desperate bid to impress her legacy media friends, she thinks she may have struck gold.

Ignore all the nakedly political and criminal implications in the unmasking revelations that were just made public and, instead, create a new trail of breadcrumbs that focuses on the number of unmaskings that have occurred since President Trump took office, compared to the last year that Obama was in office.

Why focus on these numbers, you may ask? Because to Gillian Turner, this is a great way to make it appear that if unmasking is a bad thing, then whoa daisy Trump is way worse than Obama was!


Of course what Turner leaves out of her reporting is any shred of context as to why this particular unmasking is even in the news right now. A significant detail that, as a news professional, one would hope and expect she’d see the value in.

But it’s not to be.

Because just looking at the sheer volume of unmasking that occurs makes it much easier to whitewash the reality that the instances making news right now are tremendously egregious for uniquely political and criminal reasons. Nobody ever said that “all unmasking is bad.” But by playing up just the numbers by themselves, that’s the implication Turner is trying to promote. She might as well be saying, “Everyone is acting like unmasking is a big deal, but let’s look at the facts: it happens all the time!”

All Turner really did by leaving out the relevant substance is show her anti-Trump media peers a talking point that suggests this whole “unmasking” story is either a) not a big deal because “look at all the times it happens!” or b) maybe a big deal but if so clearly one the Trump/Pence White House is far more guilty of than the Obama/Biden White House ever was.

Intellectually honest context — as is so often the case with partisan hacks who masquerade as impartial journalists — be damned.

And she ended her segment with James Clapper swatting away accusations that anything nefarious happened, and then quoting someone else who called it all nothing more than “political hullabaloo.” (That portion cut off in my clip above but here’s another airing of the package that apparently she’s proudly pushing every hour or so on Fox News.)

Top notch stuff, Gillian.

Good thing nobody noticed what you did there.

NOTE: While looking for a “Featured Image” for this piece (the picture that accompanies the article when it’s shared on social media), I stumbled on one of her and Biden. Apparently Turner was a White House aide in both the Bush and Obama White Houses. Go figure: a true swamp creature! Moreover, apparently Biden put his hand around her waist and also made a comment about her appearance: “You’re beautiful.” Turner says it didn’t make her uncomfortable, but ceded that it was unlike any other experience she ever had in the White House. I get the distinct feeling that if such an exchange happened with a member of the Trump administration or anyone even close to the Trump administration, Turner would be neck deep in mainstream media coverage crying about the horrific injustice she had been forced to endure at the hands of those wildly violent sexual predators who roam freely in “Trump’s America” and specifically his White House. Just a guess.


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