What Today’s Headlines Would Look Like If Media’s Hatred Was Reversed

I’ve written a library’s worth of articles about the media’s partisan characterization of the news, and the next logical step is to offer a snapshot of what the alternative would look and sound like.

And mind you, this isn’t an endorsement of the alternative. A healthy Fourth Estate shouldn’t offer any clue about its partisan leanings. But in today’s climate, as virtually our entire nation outside of the D.C. news bubble already knows, every shred of every story, every minute of every day, is characterized in flagrantly partisan terms that are laughably disguised as “impartial, straight news.”

But imagine just briefly an America where rather than harboring a seething, blood-curdling hatred for President Trump. the media instead fawned over and supported him the way they do for Democrats.

Here are just a few examples of how they would be characterizing the news if the roles were reversed…

Trump Admin’s Quick Action Saved Over 2M American Lives, Experts Say
While top Democrats in Congress focus on widely debunked theories about testing, several healthcare experts are praising President Donald J. Trump’s administration for quick and decisive action that they suggest is likely to have saved more than 2 million American lives.

Democrats In Congress Accused Of Exploiting Tragedy For Political Gain
Democratic party insiders are privately expressing concerns today that their leadership’s decision to exploit COVID-19, rather than supporting efforts by Republicans and the Trump administration to get relief to American families and businesses, will cost them dearly in November including control of the House.

Over 500 Economists Sign Letter Admonishing Pelosi, Schumer For COVID Response
A politically independent network of highly respected economists from all across the United States signed a blistering letter today that chastised House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer for “eagerly promoting and prolonging the economic pain of American workers and families, and the shuttering of more than one hundred thousand small businesses all across our great nation,” the letter states.

To Mask Or Not To Mask: President Donald J. Trump Hailed As Profile In Courage
With little evidence that there is any benefit at all to the cloth masks being pushed by Democrat-affiliated healthcare lobbyists who have been accused of trafficking in fear, President Donald J. Trump is being hailed by many as a beacon of strength and courage as he makes repeated public appearances without any protection at all. Said one noted healthcare expert, “Fear can be just as deadly as any virus, and even more contagious.”

Where’s Joe? Presumptive Democratic Nominee MIA At Critical Time For Campaign
Party leaders and activists are expressing nearly unanimous frustration and concern as their candidate appears to be using the COVID-19 virus as an excuse to avoid the campaign trail. A member of Biden’s own campaign team told us anonymously, “There were real questions about Joe’s fitness to even keep up with the rigors of a campaign, let alone really attack it the way need to even stand a small chance at defeating the massive Trump operation and enthusiasm. And it’s starting to look and frankly feel like those concerns may have been really valid.” Another party insider, also on the condition of anonymity, noted “He’s not ‘playing it safe.’ He’s hiding.”

The Massive #WalkAway Movement Gains Historic Steam Ahead Of Election
It started several years ago with a hashtag on Twitter, and today the #WalkAway movement — a grassroots uprising of Democrats leaving the party to support President Trump — is poised to change the political balance of power for generations to come, experts suggest.

Democrats Pounce On GOP Lawmaker’s Personal Life
Democrats in Congress and around the country have turned their attention away from the pandemic, choosing instead to seize on personal financial decisions made by Republican Senator Richard Burr of North Carolina.

Economists Say Trump’s Strong Economy Is All That Kept America Alive
Several noted economists and experts have analyzed the data and are now confirming per their results that if not for the historically strong economy built by President Donald J. Trump, our country could have never survived the shutdowns that were forced on America to help mitigate the damage done by COVID-19.

Increased Calls To Charge Violent Democrat Activists With ‘Hate Crimes’
In what’s become one of the ugliest chapters in modern memory, the violence against peaceful supporters of President Trump enacted by angry and often unhinged Democrat activists has become so common and so plainly political in nature that even some Democrat lawmakers are now suggesting classifying those attacks as hate crimes.

So-Called ‘NeverTrump’ Movement Tries To Regain Relevance With New Name
In what many insiders are saying is a bid that’s as desperate as it is doomed, the battered and politically homeless “NeverTrump” movement are now calling themselves “The Lincoln Project” in a naked attempt to disguise their coffers and attract unwitting new donors.

I could go on and on and on because I’ve learned more than I ever wanted to about how the media package the news in partisan terms.

The unqualified citation of “experts” alongside perfectly-hedged qualifiers like “suggest.”

The manipulation of objective goings-on that can be characterized in entirely subjective ways, all under the guise of innocent deference to factual analysis.

The persistence with which every “story” always leans in the same direction: for their preferred people and narratives, at the expense of those people and narratives they oppose.

It’s all so easy. And so stupid. And so transparent.

And I have a piece all teed up in my head that I’m excited to write that will outline exactly what the media will do when Trump wins again. And instead of waiting for the media to behave badly and then complaining about our response to it, I’m going to offer some suggestions months in advance about how we should react when that time comes.

I’m pretty excited about it.

But before I get to that piece, for whatever reason, I needed and wanted to do this one.

I just wanted you all to see how easy this is. And I’m hoping it finds its way to Jake Tapper, Chuck Todd, Maggie Haberman, Josh Dawsey, Jeanne Cummings and the rest of the blatantly partisan legacy media who pretend to be impartial. Because a big part of shaming and ultimately defeating them is letting them know that we not only see just how transparently terrible their allegedly “impartial” “work” truly is — but we can also describe, mock and mimic it without even breaking a sweat.


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    On Wed, May 13, 2020 at 10:04 AM LoveBreedsAccountability wrote:

    > dht3265 posted: “I’ve written a library’s worth of articles about the > media’s partisan characterization of the news, and the next logical step is > to offer a snapshot of what the alternative would look and sound like. And > mind you, this isn’t an endorsement of the alterna” >


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