How The Media Would Have Treated COVID-19 If They Didn’t Hate America

It’s taken courage to blame the media for our nation’s humiliating response to COVID-19, but many of us did so from the start and are now vindicated as the media’s malintent becomes increasingly clear.

I wrote earlier today about how the media, aided by their unfortunately compromised friends in academia, have moved away from “flatten the curve” and on to “slow the spread.” The shift in language has gone largely unnoticed but, from my seat, it was similar to another of the media and left’s science-denying pursuits: their shift in messaging from “stop global cooling!” to “stop global warming!” and eventually to simply “stop climate change!” You can read that piece here.

There was one portion however that got lost in the sea of ideas and I felt deserved its own piece. And that’s a citation of how an honest media that didn’t hate America might have reported on COVID-19.

Imagine turning on your TV a few months ago and hearing this…

Quick update on the so-called ‘Wuhan Virus’ that’s spreading. Experts warn that it’s a uniquely bad flu bug because we have no immunity and it’s proven to be devastating to the elderly and immunocompromised; those who are commonly known to be at greater risk if they contract a virus. To put it in context, the flu may kill 50-80K people in a year and this strain may end up killing as many as twice that number as it runs its course. But the good news is that the vast majority of us who catch it will have either very mild symptoms or no symptoms at all. And more good news: barring some freak anomaly that we have no reason to believe exists, catching it once means you won’t get it again and it also means you can no longer spread it. And that’s good for everyone. Still, the novel virus means it will be a tough year for the flu but since we didn’t spend $6 trillion dollars on a wildly misguided response to it, the federal government has plenty of money and resources to help the elderly and immunocompromised get protective masks and risk mitigation training for those who may be interested in those precautionary measures.

Now back to our regularly scheduled news: Trump is a Russian spy! Let’s bring in our 8-person panel, every one of whom hates President Trump, to discuss.

With respect to the virus, that would have been a perfectly reasonable report and update from our news media.

And it assumes as many as 160K actual U.S. deaths.

But did you notice how you didn’t freak out when you read it?

Do you know why you didn’t freak out?

Because I didn’t package in a way that was designed to freak you out, the way the media have done ever since deciding to weaponize the virus as a way of damaging our nation and president.

We could be living in a whole different world right now. That report could’ve easily been broadcast on every network and been a blurb in the healthcare sections of every newspaper. And the nation would have easily digested it with barely a flinch. But instead we were manipulated to systematically destroy every other form of life and health in our country except that which enables total submission to COVID-19.

And we did so willingly and, sadly, some even continue to do so proudly.

And it’s really painful to watch. And as is so often the case, it’s not your fault. It’s not President Trump’s fault. It’s not my fault. It’s not the fault of those in the grassroots who embrace the fear, and it’s not the fault of those who have managed to reject it. The fault lies at the feet of the wildly unsafe, unhinged, disgraced and discredited U.S. political news media that irresponsibly infects our social, personal and professional lives with whatever toxicity they want to spew.

Even though half of our country no longer trusts the media and the other half knows they’re political allies far more than “journalists,” the media still control what conversations we have and how those conversations are framed. And when it came to 2020, they made sure “COVID-19” was the only conversation that anyone was allowed to have because they framed it as an absolute healthcare apocalypse.

If the media cared even marginally about this country or the people in it, the entire COVID-19 story would’ve been reduced to one simple report that came and went in early March.

“A uniquely bad flu season for the elderly and immunocompromised,” which is exactly what it is.

Instead, our economy is destroyed and our nation is closed and nearly 30 million people lost their jobs and 100,000 small businesses have closed forever and we added $6 trillion to our debt and kids can’t go to school and the elderly and immunocompromised are at greater risk because sanctimonious followers who don’t know the first thing about properly wearing or caring for their masks think it’s now safe to engage with those populations. Not to mention the myriad downstream health consequences around depression and suicide and substance abuse and denied or ignored treatment for literally any health problem that isn’t COVID-19, along with all the social toxicity and division and seething anger and hatred rooted in wildly unsubstantiated fear that has the masks and the masks-not nearly at war with each other…

…it all exists for one reason and one reason only.

Because the media wanted it to exist.

Mollie Hemingway recently asked what we can do about the corrupt and partisan media. I answered her question in this piece. I plan to write again soon on, rather than looking backward at what we should have done, looking forward at what the media will do and how we should plan to react. Because lord knows they’re entirely predictable at this point. But on the other hand, this — the utter devastation they eagerly foist on our nation and continue to insist we endure indefinitely — it was a real game changer. I used to think I knew how low the media would sink. And this chapter, the way they’ve so dangerously and destructively weaponized what can and should have been a single report back in February or March, has been a rude and terrifying awakening with respect to the depths the media will go in pursuit of their partisan, political agenda.


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  1. I am so grateful to have found a voice of reason that spells out the truth without an outpouring of vitriol.


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