How ‘Flatten The Curve’ Became ‘Slow The Spread’ And Proved ‘Prolong The Pain’ Is The Goal

As part of the bait-and-switch committed by those who derive power from our fear, the phrase “flatten the curve” quietly became “slow the spread” thus proving that “prolong the pain” is all many of those people are interested in.

One of the main problems is that the experts coronated by the media represent only one side of the medical community’s thinking, but are treated by the media as carrying 100% of the medical community’s authority. And that’s because they’re the ones who traffic in the most fear, and whose insistences assure the most collateral damage for our nation.

And the language shift we just saw happen is really no different than what they did with global cooling.

I mean global warming.

I mean climate change.

They reeled would-be victims in with very specific language that lost its value and capacity to incite submission, and then transformed the language into something they could push indefinitely.

So “flatten the curve” quickly and quietly became “slow the spread.”

And that change — again, as was the case with the shift to “climate change” — is utterly absurd with respect to actual science and reason.

When they tell us that the new goal is to “slow the spread,” all they’re really assuring us is that we’ll prolong, deepen, and widen the pain from this entire disaster.

Because the spread will happen. And having already “flattened the curve” as we were initially instructed, we learned that we didn’t actually need anywhere near the ventilators, beds or other resources that the experts and media promised we would. So at this point, simply slowing the spread has nothing to do with limiting the burden placed on hospitals. In fact many of those hospitals are firing employees due to lack of demand as people are too afraid, or simply not allowed, to get any non-COVID medical care.

“Slowing the spread” ensures that health-related collateral damage, ignoring everything else from the lump in your breast to the pain in your chest, will continue presenting untold downstream consequences.

“Slowing the spread” ensures that collateral damage with respect to the completely decimated economy and workforce will be painfully prolonged.

“Slowing the spread” will increase the social toxicity — depression, substance abuse, suicides, domestic violence, fear, anger between the masks and the mask-nots — that was caused by the ridiculous national panic attack we’ve endured over this virus.

And “slowing the spread” will also slow our capacity to enlist nature’s vaccine: herd immunity.

We all understood “flatten the curve.” We were essentially promised that no matter how hard we tried there wouldn’t be nearly enough resources to care for COVID-19 patients, and the best we could hope for was only marginal rationing. So we embraced “flatten the curve” to reduce the number of victims who would die on the emergency room floor because there just weren’t enough staff or beds or ventilators to actually tend to them.

That time has passed and now it’s irrational to worry about even one such scenario, let alone many playing out all across our nation.

So from a messaging standpoint, “flatten the curve” no longer works.

Enter “slow the spread.”

It’s a ridiculous endeavor that, just like “stopping climate change,” is rooted in a fundamental denial of science.

“Climate change” is infinitely ubiquitous. The climate always has, always will, and in fact always is changing. To purport an ability to stop it from doing so is an absurd affront to scientific fact. And to accuse those who point that out of “denying science” is just appallingly dishonest; an unconscionable exploitation of trust and authority that history will cite as central to so much of academia having lost its once-revered credibility.

So goes “slowing the spread” of a virus for which — best case scenario — there will be no vaccine for at least a year and getting it to 340,000,000 people will likely take two years or more. And that’s best case scenario. The idea that we want to drag out the most painful part of this virus’s spread as long as possible until or unless we have a proven capacity to cure it is not a service to public health.

It’s a blatantly clear detriment to it.

And before you accuse me of “wanting people to die,” try to imagine me proposing a universal 4 mph speed limit (to save lives) and you rejecting it, and I then turn around and say that means you don’t care about life. It’s not really fair, is it?


The media and their chosen experts are pushing the equivalent of a 4 mph speed limit by insisting that every life in America must exist in a constant state of degenerative fear, lest a single life be lost to COVID-19. And many of you are screaming “YOU WANT PEOPLE TO DIE!” at anyone who rejects that absurd prescription.

And worse, many of you are actually patting yourselves on the back for doing so.

It’s a virus. It’s going to kill people. The numbers they’re giving us are garbage (inflated death counts + deflated infection counts = wildly overstated “death rate”), but the fact remains that people are going to die from this thing. And there’s nothing we can to do stop that. It’s sad. All death is sad. But regardless of any measures we did or will take, X number of people were going to die from it. And X, whatever it is, hasn’t changed. “Flattening the curve” wasn’t about changing X. It was about preventing new deaths (you might call those “Y”) that were caused due to a lack of resources to treat people who could have otherwise been saved. But X is unchanged. The only variables that could change X would be a cure, or the onset of herd immunity. We know how to establish herd immunity while at the same time protecting the at-risk populations. But we have no idea when or if a cure will be established. And either way, until one of those things happens, there’s a lot of collateral damage being done and the goal of “slow the spread” doesn’t change X at all.

All “slow the spread” does is guarantee that the collateral damage is prolonged for a much longer period of time, thus hurting and killing a lot more of us along the way.

What’s more, many of you are pretending that any one COVID-19 death is as tragic as 100 deaths from any other cause, and you’re doing it because the media has managed to completely overwhelm you with fear and submission. If the media stuck with their February “it’s like the flu” narrative (which they adopted solely so they could call President Trump a “RACIST!” after he banned travel from China), they could have just as easily pitched and sold that narrative with no shutdown or any other collateral damage.

It would’ve sounded like this…

Quick update on the so-called ‘Wuhan Virus’ that’s spreading. Experts warn that it’s a uniquely bad flu bug because we have no immunity and it’s proven to be devastating to the elderly and immunocompromised; those who are commonly known to be at greater risk if they contract a virus. To put it in context, the flu may kill 50-80K people in a year and this strain may end up killing as many as twice that number as it runs its course. But the uncommonly good news when it comes to a virus like this is that the vast majority of us who catch it will have either very mild symptoms or no symptoms at all. And more good news: barring some freak anomaly that we have no evidence or reason to believe exists, catching it once means you won’t get it again and it also means you can no longer spread it. And that’s good for everyone. Still, the novel virus means it will be a tough year for the flu but since we didn’t spend $6 trillion dollars as part of a wildly unhinged and misguided response to it, the federal government says it has plenty of money and resources to help the elderly and immunocompromised get protective masks and risk mitigation training for those who may be interested in taking up those precautionary measures.

Now back to our regularly scheduled news of the day: Trump is a Russian spy! Let’s bring in our 25-person panel, every one of whom hates this president, to discuss.

That could have easily been the last piece of COVID-19 news you ever heard, and it could have happened 2-3 months ago. But because the media and others want to drag this out as long possible, and they want our nation to suffer, and they want to exploit and sensationalize the pain, and they want to amass as much collateral damage as possible so it can be weaponized against their political opponents (ie President Trump), you’re instead being bombarded with “stay home” and “wear a mask” and, newly, “slow the spread.”

And as the spread is inevitable while a cure is not, it’s all really just another way of saying “prolong the pain.” If you’re ringing that bell alongside our completely discredited media, or worse yet screaming at the people who reject it, please take a long look in the mirror and give this whole thing a lot more thought than you likely yet have.


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    • Try #2.
      The title ends with: “……And Proved ‘Prolong The Pain’ Is The Goal”.

      I have to respectfully disagree.
      Prolonging the Pain is only a tool, as its companion Tank the Economy.
      To paraphrase the slimy Bill Maher “If we have to tank the economy to Get Rid of Trump, then let’s Tank the Economy!:
      The Purpose remains ‘Get Rid of Trump’ and PERMANENT Democrat Party/Socialist/Communist Control of the USA.


  1. I must disagree.
    The titles ends with “And Proved ‘Prolong The Pain’ Is The Goal”.

    No, Prolonging the Pain is only a tool to the actual purpose, as openly stated by that sleazball Bill Maher:
    “Bring on the Economic Crash if That is What it Takes to GET RID OF TRUMP!”

    Get Rid of President Trump.
    Permanent Democrat Party Political Power.
    THAT, my friends, is the GOAL.


  2. Try #2.
    The title ends with: “……And Proved ‘Prolong The Pain’ Is The Goal”.

    I have to respectfully disagree.
    Prolonging the Pain is only a tool, as its companion Tank the Economy.
    To paraphrase the slimy Bill Maher “If we have to tank the economy to Get Rid of Trump, then let’s Tank the Economy!:
    The Purpose remains ‘Get Rid of Trump’ and PERMANENT Democrat Party/Socialist/Communist Control of the USA.


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