Jake Tapper’s Entire Twitter Feed: ‘THE WALLS ARE CLOSING IN!’

Americans are developing a keen eye for the flagrant political partisanship asserted by the corporate media who simultaneously slap our nation in the face by claiming to be honest, impartial, good faith arbiters of the news.

Heck — half or maybe even more of what I’ve written at this website has been directed at exposing the news media for that bias!

One of the most important themes I’ve noted is that “fake news” and media bias in 2020 really has less to do with the absence or omission of fact, and everything to do with how the news today is persistently characterized in ways that promote the left’s ideas while marginalizing the right’s.

The stories the national political news media focus on and the narratives they attach to those stories — stories, mind you, that are all 100% of the media’s choosing with not a shred of deference to what might actually be useful to Americans — every one of those stories, and every allegedly “explosive” twist and turn, and every headline they write, and every chyron they manufacture, and every depiction by every [non-Fox] television anchor and the entirety of the ensuing analyst and panelist discussions which follow that depiction, they are all characterized from exclusively pro-left and anti-right perspectives.

The truth is usually somewhere in the middle.

The political news media in 2020 America never is.

And Twitter has become a 24×7 rally for liberal thinking; it’s like America’s own intolerant and bigoted college campus, where right-minded speech is marginalized and silenced while left-minded speech is aggressively defended and promoted.

So it hit me that if you really want to see just how persistently the national political news media push anti-Trump narratives, Twitter would be a great place to capture it…

The tweets below are from Resistance Jake Tapper’s timeline (just in the last few days). Anything he didn’t actually tweet himself, he retweeted.

Note also: the disgraced and discredited media spent the first 2-3 years of Trump’s presidency promising their audiences daily that “THE WALLS ARE CLOSING IN!” on President Trump’s tenure. It became such a persistently predictable and easily debunked phrase that Trump supporters eventually adopted it to mock the media and their incessant anti-Trump meltdowns.

So keep that in mind as you read each of these tweets. Because every one of them is designed to imply, to one degree or another, that “the walls are closing in” on President Trump. And that he’s in real trouble. And that everything and everyone around him is awful. All the time. Without exception.


It’s just a small sampling that I grabbed in under ten minutes, but you get the idea.

Literally every story Tapper promotes implies persistent darkness and negativity all around President Trump and those who support, defend or insufficiently resist him.

Go look at Tapper’s page for yourself and I defy you to find something positive about President Trump, or negative about those who oppose him. And if you do find something, it’s an outlier. And you know it’s an outlier. How do you know? Because while you were looking for that one example, you passed over 25-50 more examples that prove my initial point.

And it’s not just Resistance Jake, though he is the most dangerous and also the most insufferable among the national political news media — so that’s where I started.

Maggie Haberman (NYT), Josh Dawsey (WaPo), Kristen Welker (NBC), Yamiche Alcindor (taxpayer-funded NPR), the list goes on and on. Go down that rabbit hole on Twitter and every major media figure you find will be tweeting stories and narratives that are crafted with clear partisanship designed to paint President Trump and his supporters in the worst possible light.

It’s not an accident. And contrary to what the media will eventually try to convince you as the body of evidence against them grows and the public continues turning away from them, it’s not “just a fact” that literally everything Trump does is awful and literally everything his opponents do is wonderful.

You can monitor their broadcasts and mock their obvious partisanship.

You can read their articles and laugh at the opinion pieces they pass off as “straight news.”

Or if you’re in a hurry and want to expose them a lot more broadly over a longer period of time and without having to do that much work…

…you can just visit their Twitter pages where they’re hoping nobody will notice that virtually everything they say and do is characterized in a way that proves their anti-Trump, pro-America Last bias.


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  1. Your articles could have been the words spoken directly from my mouth but written so much more eloquently. I agree with everything you say.

    Thank you


  2. The Oldsters I know are rational and experienced adults who support our President and are not afraid of the virus given all that we have learned. I am probably a tween adult and I am not afraid (except of the Democrats and the MSM – OMG!). My young adult offspring support the President and they also are not afraid of the virus. Talked to a couple neighbors the other day, two young women with school age children – they are not afraid. I don’t know for certain their political leanings but I could guess and I believe the President would be pleased.

    I personally do not know anyone who is still on board with this lockdown. I read some comments on the neighborhood website but those people tend to seem irrational and like the kind who would be tattlers at school.


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