How Twitter Lies To Users In Service To Democrat Propaganda

Twitter went from being a presumably trustworthy social media company to a completely corrupted propaganda wing for the Democratic party, and nobody even noticed the small change that enabled the unfortunate shift.

Nobody noticed, in part, because anyone who was minding such things already knew that Twitter is a company run by angry little liberal fascists who routinely abuse their power to silence conservatives and amplify liberals.

There’s mountains of evidence that Twitter suppresses the visibility of right-minded voices (aka “shadow bans” them), but the greater albeit less appreciated sin was Twitter just flat-out kicking people off the site who had no recourse with which to respond.

They’ll shadow ban users who have large followings, or if they get really mad they’ll temporarily suspend them until they delete a tweet that the Twitter employees arbitrarily decide isn’t fit for public consumption. But if you’re just a regular person in the grassroots who has no real power or voice with which to fight back, they just kick you off the platform entirely without even pretending to care about offering a plausible explanation as to why.

Those are the top-line examples of bias that have existed on Twitter since the site’s inception.

Then in 2016 we started noticing another form of bias related to the list of trending topics. The trending topics on Twitter is a list of words or phrases that are alleged to be the most popular at any given moment. When users log on to Twitter, they often look at the trending topics list before anything else just to see what everyone else is talking about. What we noticed in 2016 was that if Twitter didn’t like a trending topic, they would corrupt the auto-complete function to dilute the actual mentions.

Hypothetical example: If “Superman” was trending and the liberals at Twitter didn’t like that, they’d hijack the auto-complete function so that when you started typing “Superman” in the search field, “Suparman” or “Supreman” or something like that would come up. Users often wouldn’t notice the small misspelling so they’d click on and start engaging the topic using the wrong version. So instead of talking about “Superman,” you’d actually be talking about “Supraman” or “Supreman.” And soon “Superman” would fall off the trends list because it wasn’t getting enough mentions to stay there.

Here’s a real world example from a piece I wrote a few years back…

Trump supporters on Twitter had fun with the embarrassing tidbits [from hacked DNC and Podesta emails], and hashtags like “#PodestaEmails” and “#DNCLeaks” often trended. But when they weren’t busy banning Trump supporters at-will and without cause, the liberals who work for Twitter would tamp down on such trending hashtags — most often by corrupting the auto-completes. This means when you’d start typing “#PodestaEmails,” things like “#PodestraEmails” or “#PodestalEmails” would appear. Unwitting users would select the misspelled version, thus diminishing the actual instances of “#PodestaEmails.”


So instead of the correct version trending throughout the day thanks to massive mentions of it, multiple versions would trend only for an hour or so due to far fewer mentions.

Soon however Twitter decided to take things a step further and rather than corrupting the auto-complete fields, they started simply removing any topic they didn’t like from the trends list. And there was a very simple test that users could do to prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that this manipulation was occurring. I did a handful of videos documenting it but you should be able to get the gist of it from this one, which is about 2 minutes long.


What happened next? Well it’s pretty simple. Twitter completely got rid of the counting mechanism that users could monitor in real time to prove the company was manipulating the trending topics list.

As noted in this piece

Twitter several months ago did away with the one feature that would let users actually audit what words or phrases were truly trending with organic mentions: the ability to click a trend and watch the ensuing number of times the word or phrase was actually tweeted about. It was auto-populated and real-time, meaning you could open the trend “#TwitterRocks” and in a separate window open the trend “#TwitterSucks,” and then watch in real time to see which one truly was getting more mentions. (For example: after a few minutes, “#TwitterRocks” would show “1,274 tweets” while “#TwitterSucks” might show “1,622 tweets.”) But when you click a trend now you see only the most recent mention and have to refresh the page to see new mentions; an obvious step backward by any measure (highly suspect for a tech company), and one that deprives users the ability to actually see for themselves just how many mentions a trending word or phrase is truly getting. And ever since they took the obvious step backwards, the only words or phrases they’ve allowed to actually appear in their top trends listing are those that comport with the leftist media’s preferred narratives.

So they got rid of the counting mechanism and replaced it with literally nothing. Seriously. As the video above shows, it used to be that you could open a trend and then watch a real-time tally of mentions for that trend. Now if you open a trend all you see is the most recent mention of that trend, and nothing else. In order to see the new tweets you have to refresh the page. The counter — the one thing that let users really prove Twitter was manipulating the trends list — is gone, replaced with nothing. This is a tech company, folks. Think of a car company just one day deciding to remove the passenger side rear door. No explanation. No value. A clear step backward. But that’s how they’re selling cars now. Pretty much everything is the same, a few new bells and whistles here and there, but inexplicably and without explanation they no longer include rear passenger side doors. The one door is just gone.

That’s what Twitter did when they removed the counting mechanism and replaced it with nothing.

And the trending topics list since then has been nothing but a wish list of what liberals and the media (but I repeat myself) want the country to be thinking and talking about. There hasn’t been a single pro-Trump “trend” in months and if there was one, it wouldn’t have lasted more than a few minutes before someone at Twitter caught and removed it.

Here’s a quick example of how that plays out in real life: The FBI’s corrupt abuse of power in service to political partisanship and at the expense and freedom of General Michael Flynn, is one of the biggest stories of our lifetime. But within hours of the news breaking, the name “Flynn” literally didn’t appear even once anywhere amid the trending topics.


Instead, the liberals at Twitter allowed “Bill Barr” and “Judge Sullivan” to trend because the media’s messaging machine had rallied around Barr’s involvement as proof that the charges shouldn’t have been dropped, and Sullivan’s involvement as proof that the case against Flynn was just. When users clicked on either of those topics their screens were immediately flooded with conspiracy theories suggesting Barr freed Flynn because he’s a corrupt Attorney General hellbent on doing Trump’s evil bidding. That’s the narrative Twitter wanted users to absorb, so that’s all they let breach the well-guarded and entirely synthetic “trending topics” listing that they dishonestly purport to be organic.

Had they let “Flynn” trend then users would have been exposed to the dominant storyline and gotten an actual accounting of the bombshell story. But Twitter couldn’t let that happen. So they pretended the name “Flynn” wasn’t even a significant part of the story, and instead told users that two supporting characters — whose involvement the media had already packaged in a way that the Twitter liberals approved of — were the real story.

Flynn who?!

Twitter has long been a pathetic joke run by liberal idiots who believe their fascism, intolerance and hatred are all morally just values that promote a better tomorrow. They couldn’t be more wrong and while they may very well martyr the entire company by banning President Trump in the coming months (something I’d predicted privately in emails for years, suggesting that Trump’s inside team make sure they have alternative communication channels ready should that happen), they will never really be held to account today for their dishonest and pathetic attempts at social manipulation.

The good news is that liberalism and the fascist millennibags who embrace it so stridently are quickly being revealed for the regressive idiots they are. It’s one of the reasons Trump won so easily in 2016, and why so many young people and other reliable Democrat voters are seriously reconsidering their place among the newly violent and intolerant left, and why Trump will win again in 2020 by an even larger electoral landslide.

Still not tired of winning.

How about you, Twitter’s idiot employees? You’ve gotta be exhausted at this point with all that losing.


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  1. “and why so many young people and other reliable Democrat voters are seriously reconsidering their place among the newly violent and intolerant left”

    One of them right here. I’m 23 from a family of lifelong democrats, (shamefully) voted for Hillary last time and I will be proudly casting my vote for Trump this November. Your site is great work.


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