Please Put Scott Gottlieb Back In The Pomade Jar From Which He Came

I’ve tried to step lightly around the “some healthcare authorities just straight get up off on their power, your fear, and the symbiotic relationship the two share” observation — but every time that insufferable Scott Gottlieb rears his gooey little charlatan dome, it’s nearly impossible not to fire off a screed noting that he exemplifies the unfortunate reality.

And tonight I’m finally firing off that screed.

I’m not gonna waste time trying to give you a detailed accounting of his background or credentials which are nothing to sneeze at. Instead I’m just going to give you the snapshot-deep opinion of one American onlooker: me.

Every time this guy surfaces in any capacity across any media medium or vehicle, he’s ringing a fire alarm with some promise that the sky is definitely falling.

It started with his idiotic crusade to ban vaping, which was predicated entirely on a handful of not-so-mysterious deaths all stemming from black market cannabis vape cartridges. But Gottlieb, along with every other grifting medical professional the media could get their hands on, couldn’t wait to conflate all vaping of any kind with that experienced by the small handful who died from the black market cannabis cartridges.

By the time Gottlieb was done crying about vaping, he had many in the media and among the media’s faithful (ie, liberals) absolutely certain that vaping really wasn’t any better than smoking and, in fact, was likely much, much, much worse.

The idiocy it took to buy that position paled in comparison to the intellectual dishonesty and power-hungry pursuit for authority it took to sell it.

When you smoke you are burning tobacco and inhaling the resulting burned-off embers, which means you’re literally inhaling matter — actual particles, microscopic but still hard — into your lungs.

I did it for 25 years, from when I was 12 until I was 37; one pack of Marlboro Reds per day. Sometimes more, depending on what kind of night it was going to be.

I never had any intention of quitting and never once tried to but finally one day when my wife and I were talking seriously about starting a family, I realized out of nowhere the time had come. So I called the good people at VapeNY in Midtown Manhattan and told them I’d need at least an hour to ask an expert every question I could think of about getting set up. They assured me they had the experts and would invest the time, so I went in. About 90 minutes later I left the shop, fully set up for at least the next 30 days so I wouldn’t have any excuses to fall off the wagon and go back to cigarettes. I smoked as much as I could on the way back to the subway, and on my walk back to my Bronx apartment, and until around 7PM when, after dinner, I sent my wife the blog post for her birthday telling her I was quitting. (And I still have the rest of that unfinished pack, taped up in some box somewhere.) And that was it. Full stop. Never smoked another cigarette again since. And it was thanks entirely to vaping.

And for the last few years I haven’t even been vaping nicotine. That’s right. You can, and many people do, buy vape “juice” that has 0 nicotine in it. So to hear Gottlieb and the rest of the idiots fall back on, “Well AKSHULLY nicotine is what makes vaping so dangerous” was just the most grating line of bs they could possibly come up with.

I mean seriously!? Now you’re not even worried about the literal particles that smokers breathe into their lungs, but it’s the damn nicotine that you’re going to claim makes smoking so dangerous? Nicotine doesn’t cause cancer, morons. And plenty of vapers out there, like me, don’t even use any nicotine at all. For me it’s all about the draw and the exhale. It’s very soothing to me. And I’m an introvert albeit one who can hang socially in any situation, but any excuse I can get to step away from the group and go take a little refuge on my own somewhere, I’ll jump at. Vaping, especially with 0 nicotine, has just worked out great for me.

Anyway that was Gottlieb’s first excruciatingly annoying crusade on to my radar.

Then COVID-19 hit the scene and boy oh boy was Dr. Scott The Sky Is Always Falling Gottlieb there for it.

This guy is such a bottom-feeding grifter that he doesn’t even care how wildly — exponentially — wrong he is literally every time about literally every prediction he makes. He just wants to be the first one on the scene to scream bloody murder so he can gobble up all the media darling and liberal hysteric attention that’s available for any single event or revelation.

Your fear and desperation are the sole source of his power and his authority, and inciting the former so that he can bask in the latter has become literally all he lives for in terms of his professional career.

He will be wrong, and badly so, over and over and over again. And because he doesn’t really have a shred of skin in the game and zero actual authority (hes’ now over at AEI with the rest of the NeverTrump kindalectuals), he’s never really held accountable for it. He’s like the IHME guys: he can just keep screwing up over and over again and then as things change, he changes slightly with them while still erring on the side of the absurdly worst-case-scenario to help inspire as much fear as possible. And his core audience — the media and liberals who came to the party already afraid of their own shadows — just gorge on whatever horror story he’s selling.

I’m sick to death of Scott Gottlieb being taken seriously and while I know a lot of powerful people in the conservative media and political positions share my annoyance, I have the luxury of saying so out loud in no uncertain terms without worrying about even a modicum of blowback.

Kinda like Scott Gottlieb, only I’m preaching the truth out of good faith frustration that will stand the test of time — while he preaches horror fiction based on a bad faith pursuit for power that typically exhausts itself in hours or days.

Below is just the most recent iteration of him showing up somewhere with his “OMG THE WALLS ARE CLOSING IN!” news in hand, this time courtesy of the equally laughable but a little less awful about the whole thing IHME.

But don’t let that one example fool you into thinking there isn’t a long papertrail of even worse the-sky-is-falling fear mongering. Go look at everything the guy has done in the last year or so or keep an eye out for what he does in the coming months, and all you’ll find is Scott Gottlieb crying “WOLF!” for the cameras every chance he gets to the delight of the media and the left and without ever paying a price despite his being wrong every single time.


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