Call Gretchen Whitmer A ‘Nazi,’ She & Jake Tapper Will Tell The World You Said ‘I Love Swastikas’ [VIDEO]

So as it turns out, those “protesters with swastikas” that Democrats Gretchen Whitmer and Jake Tapper wept over appear to have actually been one guy with a sign portraying Whitmer as a Nazi.

If you can find evidence to the contrary, by all means share it. But as has been the case so many times with accusations of racism made by Democrats against Americans with whom they disagree, this appears to have been 100% contrived and yet more evidence of how the Democrats and media work together to create exponentially more division, disparity and destruction in a single day than the entirety of the Trump-supporting and freedom-loving Right ever possibly could in their combined lifetimes.

As noted in this piece from February 2019:

Democrats, liberals, progressives, SJWs — they’re all bigots and racists. Some are explicit racists who proudly judge themselves and others based on skin color, and others are more subtly racist as they define “progress” as conferring pity on brown people and scorn for white people.

But they’re the greatest blights on our nation’s progress and unity, and it’s always been that way, and there’s no indication that it’s going to change any time soon.

And as noted in this piece from July 2018:

The white liberals whose entire social and political lives are built on the idea that you’re a racist and black/brown people need their pity, are the biggest and most destructive collection of bigots our nation has seen in modern times. They’re the biggest and most effective hate group in our nation, exacerbating division and destruction at every level while purporting to combat both.

And as noted in this piece from August 2019 (which challenges The New York Times’ 1619 Project with one extremely potent and still unanswered question, and also has linked at the bottom nearly every piece I’d written about bigotry and racism in America up to that point):

Nothing creates disparity more than broken homes. Every time? No. Not every time. But generally speaking, two are better than one when it comes to parenting. And 72% of black children grow up in broken homes. (Compared to 53% of Hispanics, 29% of whites and 17% of Asians.) Those black children eventually become adults. And the disparity they endured as children follows them into adulthood. That is why Americans who happen to be black endure disproportionate disparity as adults. And the less we talk about that, the worse the problem will get. Which is exactly why the bigoted media and Democrats don’t want to talk about it. They want it to get worse, because they thrive off of black and brown peoples’ pain. And they always have. That’s also why they misappropriate blame and scream “RACISM!”, thus doing nothing to solve the real problem but doing plenty to create brand new problems — like brand new hatred and division to supplement the inter-generational social destruction they’ve spent decades manufacturing.

But enough virtue signaling my papertrail of writing original and intellectually honest pieces with respect to bigotry in America and how nobody does more to compel it than the Democrats and media who purport an easily disproven desire to combat it.

In their endless quest to create the impression that America is a racist hellhole and that anyone who disagrees with them is a white supremacist or a Nazi, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitner and CNN’s Resistance Jake Tapper lied to CNN’s literally tens of viewers on Sunday morning by implying that those patriotic Americans who exercised their First and Second Amendment rights while protesting the Governor’s draconian and idiotic edicts, were actually Nazis walking around carrying swastikas. Well I spent a solid hour looking and couldn’t find a single piece of evidence supporting the claim made by Whitmer and accepted uncritically by a teary-eyed Tapper.

Here’s what I did find:

That’s one image in one tweet from one guy who, like Whitmer and Tapper, is pretending that the swastika is actually being promoted by the protesters.

Clearly, however, it is not.

The only swastika I found among the Michigan protesters wasn’t promoting Nazism, as careless Democrats and their media allies would have you believe. Rather, it had been affixed to Whitmer as an attack on her and her socialist, authoritarian, anti-freedom style of governing. 

It’s hardly worth watching so I didn’t want to link it until the end of the piece. But if you’re inclined, here you go. If you’re not inclined, you can just take my word for it: Whitmer dishonestly asserts that the people protesting her and her policies were actually Nazis who were proudly carrying around swastikas, and Tapper — doing what he does — lets the charge go completely unchallenged while his resting “I’m about to cry” face does the rest of the work for her.

And I’m sorry but I have to include one more here because I remembered as I was writing that last sentence that I actually used Resistance Jake and his teary-eyed resting face as an example in a past piece about hoax hate crimes. So here you go, from this piece I did back in October 2017:

The real danger is that when the media reports these fake news stories, they’re actually creating brand new hate and pain.

For example: Jake Tapper tells the story about some poor Muslim woman being harassed by a Trump supporter. Liberal activists watching Jake’s emotional testimony become outraged. They were already outraged, but now they’re more outraged. Some have at this point hit their outrage threshold. They decide it’s their moral obligation to go commit their own hate crimes against Trump supporters. Some put on masks and show up at Trump rallies armed to the teeth with weapons of crass destruction. Others might spend months crafting exhaustive assassination plots outside of GOP baseball practices. And others, so upset by the news that a weeping Jake Tapper so emotionally shared with them, will go out and fabricate their own hoax hate crimes just to help “prove the point” that with Trump as President, America is now overrun with evil and ugliness.

All the pieces I linked throughout this one are worth reading. You can see how I’ve grown as a writer, but also the consistency of my messaging with respect to bigotry in America and the Left’s role (in 2020, Democrats and media) in fomenting and deriving power from that bigotry. It is, in my view, the single greatest social and political failing of our time that more on “my side” don’t see and indict the media and Democrats for this. But I know someday they will catch up, and in the meantime I’ll continue being among the first and only to truly think and write about it until they do.


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