Trashing Sweden With The Same Junk Science Used To Terrify Everyone Else

They’ve gotten everything about COVID-19 wrong, but the experts are still using bad data and assumptions that you’re stupid to keep the fear quotient high and their own failures out of the headlines.

Most recently, the experts along with their media allies have decided to pitch a narrative that Sweden’s unique response to COVID-19 is in fact 57 gajillion times more devastating than anyone else’s.

You see, Sweden largely ignored the fire and brimstone COVID-19 preachings, thus opting out of a humiliating and crippling panic attack and leaning instead into nature’s vaccine; herd immunity.

And initial reports failed to indict the country for the approach, suggesting instead that they were actually faring about the same as everyone else with one glaring difference: they were much closer than the rest to achieving herd immunity.

But that narrative does tremendous damage to the one relied upon by the media and their compromised friends in academia to keep you afraid and themselves credible, so they started amplifying the new narrative…

The reality is that compared to everyone else Sweden today is a terrifying hellhole where bodies are piling up in the streets and nobody knows what to do about it.

The new narrative really took hold last week as the social and political crybullies who masquerade as impartial news professionals piled on, insisting that AKSHULLY Sweden is doing really, really poorly. The geniuses at Vox even suggested that if you “zoom out” then you can really see how bad things are in Sweden.

Just to be really clear, “zooming out” is exactly the opposite of what’s done by serious people who want to look closely and thoughtfully at meaningful data. So for Vox — which is the platinum standard of libsplaining from which many in the media get their cues — to claim that you can really ding Sweden if you would just stop looking so closely at their data, is peak stupidity.

But of far more substance than that, the problem lies in the actual data the alleged experts are using to attack Sweden. I’ve already written about the use of this bad data several times including this piece about the U.S. more broadly and this piece about Ohio specifically. (FYI for new readers: I don’t advertise or make a dime off of this, nor do I want to. Any ads you see here belong to WordPress who I pay $18.00 per year to host the site. I do this purely out of dual senses of duty and passion. So when I invite you to click on other pieces that I wrote, it’s simply about sharing the piece and has nothing to do with “clicks” or revenue or anything else.)

To put an easy-to-understand and finer point on what the makes the data unreliable: there are two variables that factor a “death rate.” The first is the total number of people infected, and the second is the total number of deaths. To factor a “death rate” you divide the number of deaths by the number of people infected. The problem we see today is that both variables — number of infected, and number of deaths — are badly flawed in ways that inflate the death rate. The “number of infected” is wildly understated as they’re only counting confirmed cases that somehow made it into the system, and the “number of deaths” is wildly overstated as they’re counting anyone who died with COVID-19 as definitely having died from COVID-19. The infected number is clearly off because one thing we know for sure about COVID-19 is that many or even the vast majority of people who get it will have very mild symptoms or no symptoms at all, and thus there’s a huge chunk of the population who have been infected but aren’t being counted as such. The deaths number is clearly off because another thing we know for sure about COVID-19 is that it’s highly transmissible, so people in hospitals who are dying from other causes can easily contract it and while they didn’t die from COVID-19, they still died with it, and are thus being erroneously counted.

In the case of Sweden, the uninformed snapshot relied upon by the media looks like this:

Confirmed Cases: 22,721
Deaths: 2,769
Death Rate: 12.18%

That’s terrifying. It’s really high. But it’s junk science based on garbage data.

Nevertheless, it’s also what people in the comments section of my last piece and in my email inbox — thanks to and along with the rest of the media — are crying about and hyping anytime they hear “Sweden” and “herd immunity” in the same breath.

So let’s consider a more probable analysis.

Estimates from Sweden’s Public Health Authority suggested that 26% of Stockholm County residents will have been infected with COVID-19 as of three days ago; May 1st.

Stockholm County has 2.3M residents
26%of 2.3M is 598,000
This would suggest a death rate of 0.4%, which is statistically on par with the flu

Notably, that’s just Stockholm County rather than all of Sweden, and still includes a likely inflated “number of deaths” figure. So it too, technically, would be flawed in ways that also inflate the actual death rate!

Can I promise you that 26% of Stockholm County residents have been infected with COVID-19? Of course not. But neither can similar promises be made by the experts who are passing off data that they know is wildly flawed to incite public terror and justify the collateral social, economic, and health-related carnage they’re leaving in their incredibly irresponsible wake.

Yet here they are, making those promises. And here so many of our friends and neighbors are, gobbling it up entirely uncritically while insisting that anyone who doesn’t fall in line with the bad information is a bad person who clearly wants everyone else to die.

What a time to be alive which, for anyone who forgot under the cloud of persistent terror and from behind the inhumanity of their newly-adorned masks, you still very much are.


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  1. Just found this site, and liking what I’m seeing.You are correct, if what my many Swedish friends and acquaintances report is true, and they have no reason to lie. And I’ll be stealing your observations about the DMB, and passing them off as my own. I would say, though, I like his version of “Long Black Veil”. And as for Jake Tapper, I’ve long argued that he has the most punchable face in America. Finally, I’ve added the term “belt cock” to my vocab! Iko Iko.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. A truly salient point from Sweden – just facts and logic – is that they handed control of their Coronavirus response over to their leading epidemiologist. The US handed control to the politicians and the media and either ignored any contradictory medical opinions were ignored, manipulated via doublespeak and outright lies to fit into the chosen narrative, or basically bribed by the American one-two addiction of fame and fortune into feeding the beast. Adjusting this would mean a huge number of Americans and its “leaders” would have to admit they were wrong. I can’t viably see that happening. I’m about to Walt Whitman out with my family. Goodness ….

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  3. Good information. Totally agree. One additional fact that obliterates the 12.18% claim is that Sweden, on March 14, publicly stated that they were not going to publish coronavirus numbers because they deemed them not important. See Breitbart: Sweden to Stop Publishing Coronavirus Numbers, Deems Them ‘Not Important’. This was mid-March, before New York or even California locked down. Sweden decided to focus on life, not death.

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