Your Mask Is Making You Meaner, Dumber, More Afraid & Less Safe

I’ll try to keep this respectful but it’s not easy because the masks that so many of you are so proudly wearing are the pinnacle of stupidity and I just don’t know how to be nice about communicating that.

I know we’re all desperate to stay positive. And I know most Americans don’t have the time or energy to really look past the top-line news they see and hear. And I know the media, academia and Hollywood are very effective at shaping our impressions of social and political goings-on. And I know politicians on both sides of the aisle are congratulating you for “doing your part” to help beat the COVID-19 virus. And I know that makes you feel good at a time we could all really use some lifting up.

It’s a powerful cocktail of forces especially when virtually everyone you know is 100% bought in, too. But as every good parent will at some point tell their children: just because everyone else is doing it, doesn’t make it right.


Because you’re wearing one, you’re mad at anyone else who isn’t. You can’t say with any real certainty or evidence that you know you’re right to wear one, or that the other person is wrong not to. But that’s what you were told, and you believed it. So you decided to get a mask and wear it and yes it’s a pain but you believe it’s part of a noble, collective effort to work together and do something big. And I say it’s a pain but let’s be honest: a good chunk of you excitedly see your masks as fashion accessories that make you look cooler, hotter or just more “woke.” But whether you love or hate wearing it, when you see someone who isn’t you take it personally. You’ve been told that that person doesn’t care about your health and safety. And you believed it. And so you see the person who isn’t wearing a mask as a bad person; one who isn’t willing to chip in, as you are, for the collective greater good. And worse, you see someone who doesn’t care if he or she puts others in harm’s way. You’re wrong. And I’ll explain why shortly. But that hostility you feel for those not wearing masks is both unhealthy and unfounded. Your mask is making you meaner.


You’ve decided to become a “joiner” without doing even the smallest amount of research. You’ve ignored the exhaustive list of things the experts have gotten wrong about COVID-19. You’ve barely glanced at the totality of the social, economic and health-related collateral damage that those experts’ failures have cost you, your family and our country. You were really worried about toilet paper a few months back but as soon as you got a decent supply, you just kind of accepted everything else that came after it. You’ve got toilet paper. You’re good. But man those jobless claims are hard to see. And man that tanking economy and all the businesses that are suffering or shuttering are a tough pill to swallow. Having the kids out of school is uncomfortably taxing on you, and them. Not being able to go out to eat or hang out with your friends, it’s all super rough. But what can you do? We just gotta grin and bear it and listen to the experts. Right? Wrong. You don’t have to look far to realize the experts’ response to this thing was wildly overblown. Everything they advised was to “flatten the curve” so we wouldn’t overburden hospitals. And now hospitals are firing people just so they can stay afloat. Why? Because the experts scared and in many cases mandated anyone who didn’t have COVID-19 out of treating their other health problems. So instead of getting help people are suffering and dying at home. and the hospitals are so thinned out that they can no longer pay their own bills. Great job! Sweden kept everything open and went straight for herd immunity, and their per capita numbers are effectively the same as everyone else’s with one important exception: they’re light years ahead of everyone else in terms of truly beating this thing. These aren’t opinions. These are facts. And you don’t have to look far to substantiate them. But at some point very early on in this whole national humiliation you decided you weren’t going to do any research of your own. You were just going to accept everything you were told. And you were told to be terrified. And you were told to stay home. And you were told never to go within 6 feet of anyone. And now you’re told to wear a mask. And you applied exactly zero critical thinking to any of what you were being told, and instead just accepted it because that’s what everyone else was doing and you lacked the confidence or courage to look more closely or assert even a shred of independent thought. And now you’re walking around with a mask on, and you’re mad at anyone you see who isn’t wearing one. You haven’t spent a full 20 seconds washing your hands in over a month. In fact you’re not even really washing your hands with any more diligence or regularity than you were before COVID-19 arrived. You’re touching your face without giving it a second thought. Those staples of common sense viral risk mitigation are out the window, because you didn’t really invest any of yourself in understanding their application or merit. You just listened to what you were told. And you’re not told those things so much anymore, so you basically forgot about them. But now you’re told to wear a mask. So you’re eagerly doing it. Because doing what you’re told is easier than thinking about things. Your mask is making you dumber.


You feel good about your mask because you believe you’re making a positive difference. You’re part of something bigger now. You’re doing your part to help really beat this thing once and for all. That’s how you feel. That’s what you tell yourself. That’s what you believe. But as human beings, we have something called subconscious. Your subconscious is where deeply meaningful impressions are forged psychologically that manifest in your thoughts and actions yet are completely undetected by your overt feelings or awareness. And while you tell yourself your mask is a badge of nobility that means you’re doing your part to help save lives, you’re subconsciously reinforcing a constant fear of the entire world that exists beyond the confines of your own home. Everywhere you go, you only see masks. When you don’t see masks, you’re offended and angry at the people not wearing them. You believe masks are saving lives, and the absence or inefficiency of masks means lives are at risk. And it’s constant. And it’s all around you, all the time. You wanted to get back to normal. You wanted to stop being afraid. You were told that masks were the best way to do that. But now masks are the new normal. And that means fear — ubiquitous, perpetual, constant fear — is the new normal. You don’t realize it because you’re so proud to be doing your small part to help those around you. You think about your fear and deem it appropriate given the dangerous environment that lurks all around you. But your mask, more than anything else, is what’s reinforcing the belief that a dangerous environment lurks all around you. And I’m here to tell you you’re wrong. A dangerous environment doesn’t lurk all around you, at least no more than usual anyway. Your mask is making you more afraid.


One of the cooler things about evolution is that nature provided a vaccine that’s built in automatically. It’s called “herd immunity.” And while the experts who want to scare you in to perpetual submission are pretending that “herd immunity” is some farcical phenomenon that only crazy people talk about, it is in reality our only current shot at actually beating COVID-19. The alternative to herd immunity is simple: stay home, keep the economy shut down, continue turning away any patient who doesn’t have COVID-19, and twiddle our thumbs for a year or two while our nation and its people rot away waiting for a vaccine to be found, approved, and delivered to everyone in America. And I’m guessing some of you, because you’re so bought into the fear, would say “Hey man, if that’s what it takes, so be it!” You’re insane. There isn’t a ventilator big enough to save the USA if we did that, and you’re so spoiled by all the comforts and security this nation has given you that you don’t even realize the irresponsibility of what you’re suggesting. The stupidity is eclipsed only by the sanctimony. One of the only things we know for sure about COVID-19 is that the overwhelming majority of people who get it will either have very mild symptoms or no symptoms at all. So for the love of all that’s holy if you’re not elderly or immunocompromised, go do everything you can to contract COVID-19. Because the sooner you get it, the sooner you’ll develop antibodies that will prevent you from getting it again. And that means you won’t be able to spread it. And when enough of us get it and can no longer spread it, do you know what happens? It stops spreading. That’s the goal. That’s where we want to be. That, if you were truly wanting to do something noble and contribute in a meaningful way to beating this, would be your goal. But because the experts have you so bought into the fear, and because they’re talking to you about things like “Phase 1” and “Phase 2” and convincing you that means they have a real plan other than herd immunity (they don’t), you’re instead walking around with a mask — meaner, dumber, more afraid — and doing everything you can to make sure we don’t develop herd immunity. Your mask is making you less safe.


Again, I wanted to be respectful but it’s very frustrating to watch. Most of you don’t appreciate that the social, economic and health-related collateral damage caused by our overblown response to this far eclipses anything the virus itself could’ve done with or without our “flatten the curve” measures. Most of you don’t realize that the data you’re being given is massively flawed across every metric and it’s all going in the same direction: toward prolonging the fear and collateral destruction, and away from calm and actual mitigation. Most of you are so convinced that you’re doing the right thing, because most of you are wonderful people who care deeply not just about your own health but your neighbors’, and your parents’, and your grandparents’, and really — at a time so beset by fear and perceived danger — even your worst enemy’s. You’re setting everything else aside because you want to help and do good. And I get that. But I’m telling you, your mask isn’t the way to do that. And I don’t expect you to take a stand with me and try to convince your friends and family and local leaders that the media and academia have been hyping this from the start and have actually been wrong about virtually all of it and have caused a lot more damage than they’ve prevented. But I had to at least try to make this case to you because if nothing else, I want you to be a little less judgmental of the people you see who aren’t wearing masks. I want you to be a little less sanctimonious, and mean, and uninformed, and afraid, and counter-productive with respect to our shared goal of beating this with as little pain as possible. And I want you to seriously consider investing in getting a serology (antibody) test. Because if you already got it and can no longer spread it, like tens of millions of Americans undoubtedly have, you deserve to know that instead of living in constant fear that is actually doing more to prolong the misery than to mitigate it.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: And because “mob mentality” is now considered a virtue while “herd immunity” is considered a vice, I realize anyone who says anything that goes against the COVID-19 grain will be accused of callously not caring if people live or die. For that reason I’m inclined to include this video as often as possible at the end of one of my pieces. If you’ve never watched it, you should. It’s under 2 minutes and provides some much needed perspective with regard to the sanctimony and intellectual dishonesty of the “YOU WANT PEOPLE TO DIE!” crowd.

UPDATE, 5/4/20 at 8:46AM ET: Seeing and hearing feedback that Sweden’s numbers are allegedly higher than everyone else’s. That feedback, like so much else that people are wrong about, is predicated on garbage numbers that the experts are pushing to help keep people afraid. The numbers they’re using assume nobody else in Sweden caught COVID-19 except those who went through their systems and were formally diagnosed with it. That is, of course, nonsense as one thing we know for sure about COVID-19 is that many or even the vast majority of us will have either mild symptoms or no symptoms at all, and are thus not being counted in the coveted “confirmed cases” numbers that Johns Hopkins and others are tallying and the media is amplifying. I explain in more detail in reply to a Sweden-related comment below, and will write about this later today.

UPDATE, 5/4/20 at 12:21PM ET: As promised, here’s a link to the piece specifically about Sweden.


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  1. Wonderful.
    Straight out facts with a sense of humor.
    A very clear well written easy to understand article.
    Thanks to the Author for something not seen in the daily hysteria media rag papers.
    Exactly how I have seen this ” Fear mongering herd the sheeple inside and let’s play globalist lockdown games part A since the bs began in November ’19.
    Wish to control the world?
    Shut it down with a fake flu.
    That maybe new, although it really is a new flu strain that the hundreds of thousands who have contracted it and survived with a snotty nose or something like that are totally ignored in the frenzied Media of BS and because of the puppeteers who pull the strings of the puppet politicians, the entire NZ was shut down because 1x elderly person in a rest home died and they decided to tag it covid-19 RELATED.
    Key words for too many thousands and thousands of Covid deaths is – Realted to – covid.
    More than likely a sniff before the person died of a heart attack and hey presto, another covid death.
    Businesses closed losing money all of what is written in the article and all of what is read points to 1 thing only.
    Puppets in lockdown by idiots who treat the people like pawns on a chess board.
    Helen Clarke is the UN security council #3 and guaranteed she pull Ardern’s strings to close the country down as a role model and good for her political future.
    Then there are the vaccination squads equally prepared to pump everyone full of some cocktail concoction of poisons and supposedly bio Nano chips too, to track the pawns.
    The hundreds of thousands who have recovered say NO.
    An immune system is so good as it is kept.
    Weakness is not poverty, it is ill health.
    Rich is not gold coin, it is an immune system that deals with the shit and carries on per normal.
    The gullible people who blindly follow the lead sheep, believe without a doubt the mass hysteria media and the G-mind control – overnments do not wish the people with half a brain to know about natural device and ways to enhance and strengthen, even rejuvenate one’s own body.
    BIG fckn Pharma Only wishes the sheeple to believe their monotone collective jargon about how a magic substance made from shit the ordinary man has never heard of and is expected to believe that it will protect their already healthy body when shot into their already healthy flowing blood system?
    My solace of quarantine has been going on for years and years my health regime is from childhood and still, no pills, injections, medicines, or multi-syllable pills needed for anything simply because I avoid all man made products that are not real foods or drinks or nutritious.
    Coffee and water, and a diet that would freak the fast food freaks out.
    Anyway, covid my ass.
    Global game of how can we install our billionaire club over the whole globe — yup.
    Gates’s, Bush’s, Obama’s, the Clinton’s, Bezos, Zuckerberg’s and all the Round table/s deviants behind them who think invading a relatively peaceful country for profit, or passing off a global lie for global control that destroys lives and economies, is not a worry to them in their palatial existence, are the ultimate virus to freedom.
    People who think everyone below them is just a piece to move on their monopoly board with no remorse because they are simply collateral damage on their staircase of self indulgent glory, these are the real virus spreaders…..
    Symbol of collective dumb down and collective mono-thought.
    1.5 m safe distance—for an airborne virus?
    Being locked down on sunny days when sunlight really does do more good than harm and does rid the body of bad bacteria, microbes, viral particles, and it is a vitamin D enhancer and makes all the other vitamins and minerals and essential oils in our bodies combine to give us an every strengthening immune system.
    It is like Chemotherapy that does not kill All living cells, sunlight just the kills the bad.
    Police without masks with sub-machine guns on the street harassing the lone couple on the grass on a sunny day eating fruit, or taking down a lone jogger who ” Broke quarantine rules ” jogging alone?
    Fear and the word Government go hand in hand when it comes to this magical worse than the black plague virus that has not killed tens of millions and has hundreds of thousands of survivors.
    I truly hope the complicit Government leaders have their due for the biggest farce of fear and damage to individual freedoms and lives and businesses and,,,,
    And what the hell are the Nurses dancing for anyway?
    See 2012 Olympic opening, dance of death.

    Thanks have a good day.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Wearing a mask is like putting a chain link fence around your back yard to keep mosquitoes out. Virus molecules are much smaller than the holes in the mask. On top of which you are not getting proper oxygen, you are breathing back in you Co2, that lowers your immune system. Catch 22. I’ll breathe fresh air thank you.


  2. Great piece. Everyone who believes that mask wearing is beneficial should take the following quiz.
    Questions on Mask Wearing.
    I would like to ask everyone a few questions.
    1. When you are ready to go out do you:
    A. Pick up your mask from where you put it last and put it on.
    B. Wash your hands then remove the mask from where it was isolated after disinfecting it and put it on.
    2. While out wearing your mask in public do you ever take it of (like when driving) then put it on again.
    A. Yes
    B. No
    3. If you touch your mask in do you:
    A. Do nothing
    B. Immediately wash or sanitize your hands before you touch anything.
    4. When you arrive home do you:
    A. Take off your mask and put it down or hang it for the next use
    B. Take your mask off and either throw it in the garbage or immediately contain it to be disinfected then immediately wash your hands.
    Any A answer will negate any benefit to you from wearing a mask. Answer A to question 3 means yo could be spreading the virus.
    I ask these questions because I work in an airport and have observed what the public is actually doing. I see more people touching their masks then I ever have seen them touching their face. By wearing a mask you are assuming that neither you nor anyone else has an “A” answers. I believe that logic and common sense were the first victims of the coronavirus

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    • The mask isn’t to stop germs from getting to you. The mask is to stop coughs, sneezes, droplets from getting OUT from you into the air to infect other people.

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      • But ready exposure to circulating microbes is precisely how the immune system thrives. Neither mass use of face masks nor social distancing made or make any sense.

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      • Which is totally dumb! …Because the people walking around freely not wearing a mask are not asking others to protect them!!!


      • Actually, that depends on the type of mask. In the case of an N95 mask, the air you breathe out is unfiltered, as in it could contain the coronavirus, however it does offer extreme filtered protection to you.

        That being said, why are you seeking to protect people from A. Something you probably don’t have. B. Is not deadly to most people, and C. has a death rate of .2%?


    • The mask isn’t to protect you, you ignorant jack-ass; it’s to protect other people if you’re infectious. If all you self-righteous twits would get down off your infantile, self-indulgent, self-righteous and utterly self-centered little soap-boxes you might actually begin to soak up some of what people who actually do know a far greater amount about this than you know. Which to be honest from reading the post and the comments, is virtually anybody. A more proudly and self-righteously ignorant bunch of twits would be hard to imagine.

      So the answer to your question is: no, I don’t do most of those things: because that’s not the point. When you wear a mask, it keeps you from breathing or sneezing infectious particles into others if *you’re* infected. Because the point is to protect others, whether you’re sticky about sterilizing it or ultra careful about how you handle it is largely beyond the point. Yes, care in handling may reduce the risk that *you* become infected, but in practical reality, that’s not the actual point of the mask so… it’s not really germane to your argument.



      • Yeah you fucking moron that’s why I said a million times throughout the piece that douchebag slapdicks like you see someone not wearing a mask and think that means the person doesn’t care about you or protecting others. Maybe if YOU open you idiot fucking eyes a little bit and acquire just a sliver of reading comprehension, then you’d discern that my entire fucking point in writing this piece was to wake stupid sacks of shit like you up to the fact that prolonging this virus’s visit is the dumbest fucking thing on earth, especially since the vast majority of us will either have no symptoms or very mild symptoms. You’re so bought into the fear and sanctimony that you can’t even grasp the value of herd immunity, or the idiocy behind 300 million people walking around kidding themselves into believing that the masks they’re neither wearing nor caring for properly are actually protecting the elderly and immunocompromised they wrongly THINK they’re now safe to interact with.

        Get the fuck outta here with your idiocy and don’t come back until you’ve got something new to bring to the table that I didn’t already address a dozen times throughout this piece.

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      • Let me also call you the biggest douche bag – a WET douche bag to boot! A mask to Protect YOU asshole. If you are wearing a certified mask correctly YOU are protected. Why do scientists wear masks in labs where there are no people?? BECAUSE THE MASK PROTECTS THE WEARER. If you wear a mask why the FUCK do you care if I do not?? Here’s an easy answer: All of the handkerchief masks have ZERO protection. All of the cloth masks have ZERO protection. You all parade through your grocery store acting like you are the right hand of God – and you are Satan – because you are the deceiver-in-chief. What is the gap on the left and right side of your nose bridge? It is where you will suck air from others who are infected because air follows the path or least resistence – to NOT go through your falkey little kleenex mask. Sorry assholes you are.

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      • I would like to see what study you got your info from that says cotton masks stop the covid 19 virus from getting out. Also what qualities about these masks make them act like a one way door?


  3. GREAT ARTICLE ad perspective. Thank you for the perfect words and way to convey how many of us feel who are repulsed by this fascist state we suddenly inherited from BOTH Democrats and some Republicans. Couldn’t agree with you more. Was walking through a grocery store the week. I don’t wear a mask (and couldn’t find one to buy anyway) because the homemade masks are faulty. Unless they are carefully made of many layers of pure cotton cloth they provide NO PROTECTION. Got a snide comment from an older woman who was wearing a single layer bandana across her nose/mouth with large gaps on each side of the bridge of her nose. I turned and “Why do you care about me not wearing a mask? If you have one you must be protected, right?” She had no reply and I kept walking not wanting to engage with anyone else. I am very concerned we will never go back to our former way of life – the deep state has struck hard at Trump since the previous 3 or 4 hoaxes failed. This is a globalist takeover of all economies. The 2020 election is absolutely critical for our republic and our individual liberty.

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    • I’ve looked for an author and don’t see anyone putting their name to this, so I’m not taking it too seriously either.

      Whoever you are, you made a lot of assumptions concerning why some of us wear masks and some don’t. And you accused a lot of people of making judgments of others, based, Apparently, on something you see…. in the eyes, of mask wearers? I think what you see is a reflection of your own guilt. It’s called projection. We tend to see and hate in others what we most hate and fear in ourselves.

      Do a little more real research, not on Fox News tonight, and take a deep breath. There aren’t as many people judging you as you think. There aren’t as many mean, dumb, fearful idiots as you assume.

      We’ll never know if the measures we’ve taken to flatten the curve worked or not. Without good testing there’s no telling if any of the numbers being thrown around are accurate.

      My question is: if it’s not a dangerous pandemic that’s wrecking havoc with our lives, and our economy, and if some 63,000 lives have not been lost to a virus in this country, then what is IT?

      Why have we been ordered into our homes, and apart from each other. Why are there bodies in refer trucks? Is there a vast conspiracy of the nurses and doctors union to keep us out of our neighborhood Applebee’s? Why do you who think that we are all dupes, for erring on the side of doing what scientists are telling us we need to do, think that we’re being duped? What is the grand design?

      If you believe none of the science, or the medical expertise, then why? Personally I’m beginning to feel like a lab rat in a social experiment. And the “they” that we should fear isn’t each other. It’s them. Whoever THEY are. Please, let’s not turn on each other. We may not all be in the same boat, but we are all up the creek.


      • Where are the bodies in the refer trucks? Not being smart…I would just like to know for my own research. Also, where I am, they are sending us non-mask wearers to hell!!!! We are the worst of the worst and we care for no one. This blog actually was spot on to those in my town. Sad to say.


      • If you click on the “about me” at the top you will be able to read all about the author. Kind of supports his thoughts about people not doing their own research.


  4. I didnt waste my time reading the entirety of this incredibly arrogant opinion piece. But I did find it amusing in that this person (I didn’t see the authors name) has all the answers…for everybody…no matter what age or stage. I’ll make sure to tell my resident/physician step daughter and her husband, working the exhausting front lines in Brooklyn Hospitals that the thousands of deaths, even some of their own, was just a blown out of proportion hoax. Go Trump.


    • You admit you didn’t read the article, and then you go on to contradict what is in the article. Have you read it, you would know that you just made an absolute fool out of yourself. Congratulations, though.

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    • No one thinks COVID19 is a hoax. It is a horrible virus! Most people probably know someone who has it and is struggling to fight through it. I know 2 people doing so. This article is about masks. Masks used by the general public, who didn’t even know it was a good idea to wash their hands before handling food prior to this virus. Please stay on topic. Improperly used masks aren’t helping anyone — for many of the reasons stated in this article.

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    • I at first didn’t waste my time reading your response, because you apparently don’t realize that you’re on a person’s blog, and that person whose blog it is would be the one writing their opinion on their blog. But I did see a snippet of what you said showing exactly what the writer was talking about.
      And while I’m sure it’s tough for your step-daughter, I’m sure it’s also tough for all the people who have other life-threatening illnesses like cancer and heart disease, who can’t see their doctor because they’ve basically been told that only COVID matters. -shrug- Just saying that yours is only one point of view.


    • It is now 9 months down the road and we have all learned by now the COVID numbers are all fake. Seasonal flu has gone to ZERO? Seriously? the whole thing is an act of war against America and the DNC is complicit.


    • Thank you for putting into words what millions of concerned and frustrated Americans are thinking every minute of this dystopian nightmare we’re watching unfold.

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  5. Unlike Patricia, I did read the whole piece and it WAS AWESOME! It wasn’t arrogant at all, but clever, funny, and absolutely spot on! Well done! And Amen!

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  6. Great article.

    How about the people in cars wearing mask driving around by themselves? LOL

    Also, the ones who wear the mask with nose exposed…”face palm!”

    Or the Dozens of people with gloves on touching things then touching her mask to adjust it every five or 10 minutes as I watch them walking around different stores…idiots.


    • Or maybe they are wearing their mask in their car because they wore it to the grocery story and they are waiting until they can take it off safely where they can put it in the washer and wash their hands? A lot of people are real dumb when it comes to how to use masks or gloves but not everyone.


  7. You make a hell of a lot of assumptions about people’s reasoning behind things. Maybe I’m misreading your tone but your coming off as incredibly arrogant and privileged. When used properly masks are really helpful and preventing someone who has it from spreading it. If people were only contagious when they were presenting symptoms that would be one thing. But people are contagious long before that and have no idea. Second you have no idea that persons background. Maybe they live with an immunocompromised person and want to take every precaution not to kill them but still have food on the table. Many people are in fact properly using them and not touching them after, washing them immediately etc. I have worn one, I don’t think I’m better than anyone else, I’m not mad at anyone else, if anything I’m self conscious cause so many are like this. But if there’s something I can do to prevent it from spreading to someone who won’t survive, then I will. I don’t know everyone else’s story at the grocery store and the danger they are in.


    • Everything after your first two sentences is entirely fair. And now that this piece has gotten the traction it has, I wish I’d have been more clear about the stakes for the elderly and otherwise immunocompromised. But I’ve written about this like 20 times and some of those pieces were expressly about quarantining and providing special consideration for the at-risk (elderly and immunocompromised), while others at least made very clear mention of that importance.

      See for yourself: .

      You’re right that when masks are properly used they help prevent viral spread. But you assume or imply that masks are being used and cared for properly (among the vast majority of participants they’re not, and if you’re an honest broker than you’ll admit that you know it), and you also assume or imply that stopping the spread is a good thing. As I make clear, if those who aren’t high risk really want to help mitigate the spread, they will go get COVID-19 as fast as possible so they can recover and no longer spread it. And obviously built into that suggestion is that while infected they will take every precaution to not spread it to the elderly and immunocompromised. I do realize the experts are currently pretending that it would be some freak anomaly if having COVID-19 antibodies meant you weren’t able to get it again, but as any honest person will attest, the freak anomaly would be if having antibodies DIDN’T imply immunity. (Wrote about that, too:

      If I lived with my elderly parents and hadn’t already gotten and recovered from it, I’d wear one along with taking all the other precautions that nobody talks about anymore. But I think the elderly and immunocompromised should be the only ones who are told to stay home. And they should have N-95 masks when they do go out. And stores should give them their own hours (as some have, like Target) to do their shopping without worrying about careless young people getting in their space. The rest of us should be working to contract it as soon as possible. Frankly, if we really wanted to get smart about this, we’d look very closely at “COVID-19 Parties” where kids stay at school for 3 weeks and all give it to each other and all recover and all be thus unable to get or spread it again. We could do it starting with very young kids and then work our way up. Crazy, I know, because it’s hard to imagine parents signing on to it. But my point is still valid, I think: what we really want is to stop spreading it, because simply living in a world where we’re enduring massive social, economic and health-related collateral damage as part of a fool’s errand to merely “slow” it, is untenable and irresponsible and while it might make people feel good I’m saying out loud that those people haven’t actually thought about a damn thing and the experts foisting that idiocy on them couldn’t give a prancing eff about all the other damage they’re doing.


      • When I was young – in the early 1960s my parents had me kiss my sister who had the mumps so I would get the Mumps and build immunity. Getting the mumps in adolescent years was serious business – and physicians and parnts knew that HERD IMMUNITY was a responsibility before BS vaccines.


  8. I believe there is a virus and action taken immediately should have been to quarantine the high percentage at risk elderly and people with existing medical.conditions , Rest of population continue working and living normal life . Politicians seen this as a way to put fear in everyone to control them along with the news media , Goal to ruin economy during election yr and wipe out small family owned business . They should announce that because of the virus that the presidential election will be cancelled untill 2024 , bet you would be surprised how fast things would change and virus would disappear so this would not happen.


  9. This virus has managed to divide us even more. It has prohibited Americans, who usually respond generously to natural disasters , to do so. We are afraid to help our neighbors, even talk to each other, and the politicians are taking advantage of this.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. This is simply a pro herd immunity piece, which is fine. But I don’t understand why it is necessary to insult people that choose to wear a mask in an effort to protect other people to get your point across. A more useful (and less offensive) article would be to explain the benefits of herd immunity and then explain how we could make that happen. That’s what people do not understand but need to know. How to get to herd immunity without killing our loved ones. If you could add an Author’s Note to explain how you and your family are actively trying to get infected would be very helpful (and also the resulting problems with the getting the infection). You mention the autoimmune deficient people should not be exposed to the virus. I believe that includes people with diabetes, hypertension, COPD, the elderly (over 60?). You could explain how many of these people exist in your family and in the US. Bottomline, moving toward herd immunity is more complicated and more risky than you portray.

    Liked by 1 person

    • HEY RICK! A mask protects YOU not he other people in the room. It is to prevent you from breathing in the contaminated droplets of others. The only problem is that all masks – except N or R95 masks are a joke and a false feeling of safety. Get it right man!


  11. this is such a breath of fresh air…pun intended.
    really fantastic to hear someone else express all of the points we’ve been trying to state, but done with such an even tone and balanced with humor.
    thank you…and it has been shared!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  12. This article says everything I want to say! We can’t fight a virus we aren’t exposed too so mask are pointless… I can’t lie i tried one time I almost died so I won’t be doing that again unless I absolute have to for entry to somewhere I need to go! Thanks for the comedy in this article all while speaking truth. The media has terrified smart humans in to virus fearing idiots.

    Let’s talk about the idiots riding int THEIR CARS with a mask on what the hell is that about? Like why? I mean at a red light in the car alone….. why? Or and sometimes they have on gloves while the drive too… cause that makes all the sense in the world. NOT!!


    • Some, maybe not all, of those people are working. They jump in and out of their cars regularly to deliver to places that have a higher risk of exposure to coronavirus. Why take the mask off in between stops when you are in your car for 2 minutes. Regarding the gloves, they may be required to wear them for reasons other than coronavirus. They wore gloves long before this pandemic and will wear them long after.


  13. Please stop. Your facts are inaccurate. Your bravado is appalling. Please re-examine how your words can affect the world. You’re exhibiting the ability to be a critical thinker, but you need to mix it with a good dose of responsibility.


  14. Even if I do everything else wrong with the mask…if I sneeze while wearing my mask over my mouth and nose, that mess is not going to have as much of a chance of reaching someone else. THAT is why people are told to wear masks. Apparently this author has missed that one point. I don’t usually wear one when outside and far from others, which is ok ….however a woman over 15 feet away from me in a park saw fit to yell at me for not wearing one. A bit of common sense goes a long way in this world.


    • It’s cute that you calculate the death rate by using numbers of “confirmed cases” which fails to even pretend to factor in the majority of people who get it and either have very mild symptoms or none at all. Even the idiots at Vox who feed you and other morons this drivel attest that they are only able to ding Sweden’s faring by “zooming out” which, put as charitably as possible, is exactly the opposite of what’s done by serious people who look closely at meaningful data. Conservative estimates are that 26% of just Stockholm County residents (~520,000 people) have already contracted the virus. With 2,679 confirmed deaths (also likely inflated as we know institutions are counting anyone who died *with* COVID-19 as definitely having died *from* COVID-19), that would put the death rate around 0.5%. Interestingly, not far off from Ohio’s a while back based on the numbers their experts suggested — before those numbers stopped fueling their inspire-perpetual-fear-at-all-costs narrative. I wrote about that, too:

      And again, that’s just based on Stockholm County.

      As noted, you’re relying on experts who have been feeding you garbage data from the beginning. But the virtue signalling is strong with you, and if sanctimony and idiocy were what you were going for, congrats: you nailed it.

      -Hrand Tookman (author of this piece)


  15. […] a reasonable doubt. Her attention seeking or corrupt performance has demeaned people who../1 ~ Your Mask Is Making You Meaner, Dumber, More Afraid & Less Safe This is an interesting take. I am not sure I agree with it all. There is so, so much information […]


  16. In that case shouldn’t you be at home self isolated because you are sick and shouldn’t be out anyway?


  17. Two things: I came up with these same conclusions on my own using some simple deductive reasoning and a little knowledge about basic economics and viruses in general. If it was easy for me, you can do it too! No need to rely on “experts” or studies that were paid for by some rich dude. Secondly, you should take a poll and see how many people were sick back in Jan/Feb of this year with a mysterious illness. Before you knew the name COVID, a mysterious illness swept through many cities and households. It was characterized, in many cases, by a fever, persistent cough, and fatigue. When tested, many people tested negative for flu and strep and were given antibiotics that didn’t work. Sound familiar? So the funny thing is, as much as people are terrified of getting coronavirus, they most likely already had it.


  18. Well said. I don’t wear a mask. In fact picked up a few things at Kroger, I noticed I was being looked at differently. It’s my choice and people can stare all they want just don’t touch.

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  19. I haven’t worn a mask, as I have yet to do when any other sickness is going around. I believe God blesses us with an immune system to help heal us, if we take care of our bodies the best we can. I also don’t believe masks will protect us from radiation poisoning. If the “terrain” in which a sickness tries to invade is healthy, then the body will fight it off and build an immunity to it. And from what we know about AIDS (the other we’ll know virus), we can’t catch a virus in the air, from contact like sitting on toilets- it must enter the body through injections, transfer of body fluids, etc. summary I think that if the inside is healthy then whatever tries to take over inside will be fought off.


  20. So, you assert that anyone wearing a mask is mad at anyone who isn’t (while providing no support for that assertion, which you can’t, because it’s false)…while being mad at anyone who is wearing a mask? Take a look in the mirror if you want to see someone who’s become meaner and dumber, to use your own words.

    I’m not a medical expert, and it’s pretty much impossible to tell from the media’s coverage just how dangerous the virus might be to someone in my demographic group…but I’d prefer to avoid catching it if I can. If wearing a mask when I’m out in public can help with that, by catching any large droplets that may be in the air before I inhale them, then great. If it can’t, well, I’m no worse off than if I weren’t wearing it, so no harm done. Am I proud about wearing one? No. Do I look down on others who aren’t wearing one? No. I’m just doing what I think is best for me, and I assume they’re doing the same.

    Think before you write.


    • Hi Jake. Author of the piece here. It’s pretty well established that wearing masks have little to nothing to do with protecting you from being infected, and everything to do with protecting others from being infected by you.

      In other words, you’re an idiot who doesn’t even have the most basic understanding of why tf you’re even wearing a mask to begin with.

      Think before you write.


  21. I loved your article- it’s exactly what a lot of us think. Wearing a mask will keep everyone home bound interminably and forever susceptible to the virus. But if persons under 65 (or so) & with no underlying conditions chuck the mask in favor of getting the virus & achieving herd immunity that will protect the vulnerable & our way of life.


  22. Ok, so I work with a surgeons group that deals with an extremely vulnerable demographic, so what do you suggest I do? I also feel that growing up, in the 70s, in a house full of smokers, has left me with a diminished lung capacity from 2nd hand smoke; do you think wearing a mask out in public is making me a pussy? I have two kids who depend on me to guide them through life; what do you suggest I do to weather the crazy bullshit of this storm?


    • Hi Angel. This is the author of the piece. Thank you so much for dropping a line in response to this. I understand your frustration as mine, too, was clear when I wrote the piece. But I have a few answers for you…

      Obviously working in any surgical environment you need to mask up and then some. Not sure if you cross the OR threshold but if you do, then you know all about sterilization etc. Even if you don’t, yes, you can and likely should work diligently to mitigate the spread by wearing at a minimum some kind of face covering. But I think (hope) you know, those face coverings aren’t about keeping you healthy. Their only real value is in slowing the spread to others. (If you’re infected and sneeze or cough or even talk loudly or laugh, the face covering slows down the droplet so instead of traveling 5-10 feet, it may only travel 1-2 feet at the most.) So if you work in an environment where virtually everyone you run into is immunocompromised, then you should be taking precautions.

      And if you believe you’re among the immunocompromised — the very small percentage of relatively young and otherwise healthy people for whom a COVID-19 infection would reflect a comorbidity — then you should invest in an N95 mask. But you should also be mindful of the carbon implications that wearing a protective mask like that can bring, over long periods. Make sure you have time to remove it in safe environments etc so you’re not just wearing it all day, as some people regrettably and even fatally have made the mistake of doing.

      You take care of the immunocompromised people you work with. And if you believe you’re one of them, then by all means get an N95 mask so you’re actually protecting yourself instead of just giving yourself the false sense of security that so many Americans sadly are wrapped up in.

      The rest of us — the vast majority of us to whom a COVID-19 infection will come and go with very mild or no symptoms at all — will do our part by developing herd immunity so that the virus can no longer spread.

      We need the immunocompromised who would present with comorbidities should they become infected with COVID-19 doing their part to protect themselves with tools like self-quarantining, and properly worn and maintained N95 masks. We need people who work or interact closely with those populations to do their part to help keep them safe. And we need the rest of us to stop fighting off the one thing that might actually help us truly beat this thing instead of just letting it linger for years and years until — if we’re lucky — a vaccine is found.

      Hope that makes sense and is received with the fairness, intellectual honesty, and respect I intended.

      Hrand Tookman


  23. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! This is the article I would have written if I wasn’t so worried about offending someone! You are bold and you give me hope that there are people out there who still have their brains turned on!!


  24. what a load of bs. I wear one, in case I am a carrier without knowing it, and wish not to pass along any splatter in my breath, in a room I’m walking in with others. Outside no. It is a courtesy. I don’t want to walk into someone else’s breath, as I’m sure no one wants to walk down the aisle and breath my air, lingering a trail behind me. We all leave trails of breath, stand next to a smoker, just because our breath has no smell doesn’t mean we aren’t walking through each others out breath. and only in this time of a pandemic, maybe its a lie, maybe its just flue season… either way, I don’t want to be the cause of someones ill health not realizing. I work sanitizing buildings people are working, so have to be conscious about keeping clean and safe. It is my choice to wear a mask while shopping, that does not make me a brain washed sheep, doing something because others are. It is an intelligent choice. Better safe than sorry. Its not like i’m taking up arms and shooting people because that is the consensus of the status quo. Talk about poor attitude. Feeling dreariness opposed to uplifting the spirit to play it safe.


  25. My sister sent me your blog and I agree with most of what you said and appreciated the comment from MM about masks. This inspired me to write the following response to a piece in my local paper quoting the top doc in our health department. Unbelievable! And yet, everyday new stuff that really doesn’t surprise me, but does scare me a bit. I live in Ohio. (side note: the governor did come out with a mandatory mask mandate last week but then retracted it a few hours later) So here is what I sent in after a local report with stats from the health department about Covid-19:

    “We are seeing more people wearing them. That is encouraging. Everyone wearing Face coverings should encourage those not wearing them to do so,” he said.

    This is one of the most irresponsible comments I have heard from a public official in a long time. The governor won’t make it a “law” to wear masks, so let’s police each other. Do you really want to encourage that?

    I have wondered what I would do if someone challenged me about not wearing a face mask to Kroger’s. I have been ambivalent about this decision. I don’t want to cause anyone to be afraid seeing me mask-less, but I also do not want to perpetuate what I think is a false sense of security! And the grocery store is probably the last place I trust for keeping people from getting ill from the “normal” flu, let alone Covid-19 and here is why! (This list recognizes that Covid-19 can be a deadly organism for some people and that almost every day we read about another added symptom to what the Covid-19 flu looks like, another scary fact about how this virus is different from others in that just because you even had Covid-19, you might get it again or we read that an even deadlier mutant strain might be out there somewhere.) The only way to really protect you 100% is to become the Bubble Boy.

    Certainly staying out of grocery stores or any place where other potential virus carriers might be found can be a step in preventing Covid-19.
    Maybe a mask in a grocery store or other public arena might make a slight difference and maybe it might make people feel better because they are at least doing something to fight this pandemic, but again, I fear this gives a false sense of security.

    Questions to ask.
    Do you have the right kind of mask and are you using the mask correctly?

    Are you practicing correct hand hygiene with sanitizer or soap and water? These two practices go hand in hand. Mask wearing and hand hygiene.

    Does a mask without a face shield protect you if someone has coughed or sneezed near you and the viri are dispersed in the air that comes in contact with your eyes or around a mask that doesn’t fit tightly over your face?

    Is the mask used disposable or reusable? If disposable, are you assuming it is contaminated after being out in public and then disposing of it correctly to protect yourself and others. While in the store, did you touch the mask because wearing a mask is strange if you aren’t used to it. How many times did you touch the mask or your face after touching surfaces or food in the store that have been touched multiple times by multiple people, who may or may not be practicing safe hand hygiene? Did you touch your eyes then or lift the mask and scratch your nose?

    Do you take the mask off in the car correctly with hands that have been cleansed or grab the mask, pull it off and put it on the seat or dashboard and then grab the steering wheel with possibly contaminated hands?

    If your mask is reusable, what do you do with it when you take it off after a trip to a store? Where do you store it? Are you washing your hands before you remove the mask and after you store it. Are you washing your hands before you take it out of the storage receptacle?

    Another question is are you trying to protect yourself or are you doing it to protect others. So, before assuming the person without a mask is a bad person, maybe they have had the Covid-19 virus and have positive antibodies. So maybe they aren’t worried about getting or giving the virus to someone else. Unless, maybe this virus is doing something really unusual and is still lingering even with antibodies!


  26. As we move farther into the future living with the Dem-panic, there is more and more information from the highest level of expertise showing us all how silly our government’s requirements of the quarantine, social distancing, and wearing of masks. Here is a very recent one talking about how ridiculous it is for Americans to be running around with a bandana stretched across their face (although it does hide many ugly faces).,


  27. More on masks and I love the comment from Shrugged about people who have stretched a bandana across their face. Our mall is opening this week with a list of rules to follow, one of which is mandatory masks.

    Who will police the masks worn? Is every person coming in wearing a mask that is effective AND being worn correctly? If it is so important to have one on when entering the mall, sholdn’t someone be checking?

    Will people be hauled off to jail if they don’t comply? Or gunned down if they try to make a run toward Auntie Ann’s Pretzels?

    If the mall or governor or Dr. Fauci really think masks are going to make a difference, then advocate a mask that will really work to prevent the transmission of the SARS-CoV-2, Covid-19 causing virus in every case. The masks I see being worn in the grocery store are a joke. When I see doctors and nurses treating Covid patients in the hospital on TV or the net I cringe because I am not sure they are even fully protected! Why don’t they all have face shields on?

    Circle back to the original blog: Your Mask Is Making You Meaner, Dumber, More Afraid & Less Safe


  28. I know I’m late reading this, but I wanted to thank you so much for this post. I was starting to feel like I was the only person who saw things this way. I’m sure the people that need to read this won’t, but I make sure it gets out there.
    And that video? Pure gold!


  29. This was one of the most ignorant, misinformed articles I have read in a long time, but good attempt at trying to sound smart.


  30. clothe masks dont stop all the particales from getting through theyre not made of lead, everytime you breath with a clothe mask your pushing the germs out the side of your mask on your face and in your hair.


  31. The much vaunted N95 masks have pores that are at least twice the size of the microscopic virus and provide zero protection at all.
    All lesser particulate masks (dust masks) are useless as well.
    It would take, at minimum, a respirator, or a military gas mask (with appropriate filters) to ward off a viral agent.
    (From my Army NBC training and recent reading as well)
    Masks are little better than ‘security blankets’, like Linus’ blanket in the Peanuts comic strip.
    They don’t help and Do make things worse, in a number of ways, including raising your viral load if you’ve already contracted it, possibly giving you a worse case of it.
    Masks also cause under oxygenation, CO2 poisonings, etc..
    That brings us back to herd immunity.
    Get it, get over it and get on with your lives, people!


  32. Just remember some of us wearing masks are 100% AGAINST doing so. I only wear one when my oppressive employer forces me to…so I can keep my job. I only wear one in the store because my oppressive government demands it. If people are in danger because of the virus, THEY should stay home. It would be a small number. Let the rest of us keep the country afloat. This is about control. It’s NOT about a juiced-up cold.


  33. Would love to see cited sources for your claims. As a graduate student (LCSW), I’ve learned not to trust anything I read unless it’s a legitimate study. As in: sourced, cited and based on a good research model. Not everything you read is true and not everyone who disagrees with you is “dumb” or “afraid.”


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