Top 10 Lies Told By COVID-19 ‘Experts’ Who Value Social Engineering Over Truth

While often well-intended, those we rely on for expertise have taken advantage of our trust from the beginning. As we look to re-open it’s imperative they start trusting us with the truth lest we end up right back where we are: uninformed, unprepared and unnecessarily suffering massive collateral damage.

But it’s an unfortunate constant in the modern era: at nearly every turn throughout the entire academic universe, math and science are routinely manipulated and bastardized in service to social and political agendas.

We’ve seen it for decades with respect to our ubiquitously changing climate, as one earth-shattering study after another would be peer-reviewed and then packaged by the media in ways that laypeople could understand. And every single one of those earth-shattering, peer-reviewed studies promised the end of mankind as we know it if we don’t cede the entirety of our oil and gas industries to big government liberals who promise they’ll use their newfound money and power to save humanity from certain death and destruction.

And every time, nothing even close to their doomsday predictions came true.

And they’re still at it, convinced that their having harped on it for 50 years at this point is evidence enough that they’ve been right all along. It doesn’t matter that so many of their platinum-standard studies were either revealed to be junk science or simply disproven by time.

We’ve told you for decades that humanity’s greatest source of power and wealth will destroy us all unless you let us control it, and anyone who doubts us after all this time is just a knuckle-dragging rube.


Hollywood, the mainstream media, and academia. These three once massively powerful communication vehicles make up what some of us call “the institutional left.” But after generations of their incessant, uniform, hypocritical, entirely transparent blathering — two of those vehicles have largely become jokes. The only one that’s still remotely credible is academia and that’s because there are unsung heroes all across it who still do tremendously valuable work often bordering on the miraculous.

But those academic heroes rarely if ever get any recognition. The glory instead goes almost exclusively to their peers who have long since abandoned academic integrity and good faith, and now operate in service only to the social and political left. Those are the superstars who get the spotlight and celebrity from Hollywood and the media.

What the researchers, physicians, residents, and scientists and mathematicians more broadly get, more than anything else, is the personal satisfaction of a truly meaningful job well done. And for most, because you don’t work as hard as these people do unless you truly believe in what you’re doing, that personal satisfaction of contributing to humanity in meaningful ways is exactly the reward that inspired them to pursue their various fields. But they sadly too often fade into the background of an academia-in-decline, thanks to the intolerant and illiberal among them who have exploited academia’s once-revered reputation for social and political ends.

And that brings us to the top ten lies told by “experts” since our national panic attack over COVID-19 began. And mind you, this is to say nothing of the media’s many lies or even WHO’s; two entities that have so completely beclowned themselves that their inclusion in this list would actually dilute its gravity.

This is a list of solely of lies told by those we relied on to be experts; something nobody has relied on the media or the WHO for in a very long time.


This was ridiculous from the start. The claim went, “Masks only work on people who are already sick, to protect others from getting sick. But if you’re healthy then you don’t really need a mask because it won’t stop you from getting sick.” It seemed as though a memo had gone out among the healthcare and media communities pleading with them to convince the public not to get masks. They were worried about a shortage and this was their way of avoiding that shortage. They should’ve just told us the truth, because the poorly-communicated claim taxed their credibility and our patience right out of the gate. Obviously if a mask could slow or even stop your germs from getting out if you’re sick, then it can slow or even stop other peoples’ germs from getting in. If a sick person sneezes on two people and one of those people is wearing a mask while the other isn’t, then the person not wearing a mask is more likely to get sick also. The science on this just isn’t too hard to extrapolate. There are nuances and different kinds of masks, but generally speaking, the idea that “masks don’t work” was ridiculous on its face. But because the experts don’t think you’re competent enough to process information and handle the truth, they bastardize the facts in service to social engineering instead of just being honest.


Many of us knew from the start that the sweeping and angrily rigid proclamations and demands being made about a virus we knew virtually nothing about, were ill-advised. Chalk it up to the old adage, “Don’t make big decisions when you’re emotional.” But for whatever reason (some, including yours truly, speculated that it’s because Trump is president and this would be a good way to hurt him), we decided for this particular virus that we needed to literally shut down the entire planet and we were told without evidence that we had good data justifying that wildly overblown and irresponsible decision. As we’d learn over 2 months that felt more like 2 decades, the data we had at the onset wasn’t anywhere near durable enough to have made the sweeping proclamations and decisions that we allowed. But the experts promised us they had enough information to make smart decisions. They didn’t. They lied.


The experts knew this wasn’t true but their guiding principle is that you’re an idiot who can’t handle the truth, so the best way to get you out of the way while they tried to learn a little more was to paralyze you with fear and lock you down in your homes. Sure there are some among them, Birx and Fauci are likely two, who were truly concerned about your well-being and as such erred on the side of “better safe than sorry.” But even they didn’t package it in those terms. They packaged the draconian measures as factually the only way we could stave off extinction or something close to it. And that wasn’t true. The truth was that they didn’t understand this thing at all, and it would be much better for them if we could all just go away and hit “pause” for a bit while they try to learn more. The truth would’ve been fine. But they don’t trust you with the truth and think you’re an idiot, so they went with wildly uninformed fear-mongering instead and insisted that it was “the only way” we could preserve humanity.


One of the first things they did figure out was that the vast majority of us would either have very mild symptoms or no symptoms at all. Sadly however, that important piece of data — one of the few we knew with certainty — was cast aside because it would hurt their broader narrative if we found out that tens of millions of us likely already got and recovered from it. Instead, we’re told the number of infected in America (as of this writing) is approaching a paltry one million. The truth would have been, “We have no idea how many are infected or have been because for the vast majority of you, the symptoms will be very mild or entirely non-existent.” But because that reality disrupted their “THE SKY IS FALLING!” narrative, they stuck with the Johns Hopkins tally that’s been plastered on fully one third of your television screen ever since.


Again, a completely farcical number that the experts know is utter b.s. but continue to push because it helps reinforce the fear that’s afforded them so much power, funding, time, space and submission. We know the number is wildly inflated because it’s been long-established that they’re counting every person who dies with COVID-19 as definitely having died from COVID-19. Evidence is also now emerging that shows more flagrant manipulation of the death counts and the public’s perception of them. (Example from Pennsylvania here, and Colorado here.) The truth is that COVID-19 isn’t killing nearly as many people as they thought it would, and I won’t speculate as to why they’re lying about it other than to state the obvious: it’s in service to their agenda and interests, at the expense of your trust and your ability to judge what’s happening with accurately informed analyses. Whatever the number is, it’s tragic. But the number that’s being advertised to us is an inflated one and they’re doing everything they can to continue inflating (i.e. lying about) it.


Because COVID-19 is so much more widespread than they told us, and because the vast majority of the time it’s entirely inconsequential to those who get or have gotten it, and because they have to inflate the death count to keep it scary, and because they lied about the importance of the draconian measures — because of every lie I already outlined above, they also have to now lie and claim that your heroic adherence to their social distancing demands did all the work. It’s a great lie because Americans are itching to pat themselves on the back for their hard work, and this particular lie gives them reason and room to do so. But it’s not true, and honest people among the experts are noting as much with increasing frequency. As is surmised in this piece written by an ER physician in NYC, “the ebb and flow had more to do with the natural course of the outbreak than it did with the lockdown.” But even if social distancing did slow the spread, a perfectly logical conclusion, all it truly did was hit a pause button. Nothing else changed. We bought ourselves time to learn that we do in fact have the resources to care for the small percentage of people who become critically ill, and to learn that for the vast majority of us it’s not nearly as deadly or even dangerous as we were initially promised it was. But the outrageously hyperbolic social distancing we’re all so familiar with now didn’t actually “work” in any capacity other than to buy us that time to reveal how wrong the experts were about so much of this, and give those same experts something to pat you on the head with. Other than those two things, social distancing didn’t work in any meaningful way.


I’d like to think this one was true because of all the lies we’ve been told, this is the one pursuit that I could see at least beginning to justify those lies. We didn’t know what was coming and rationing care is an ugly, ugly thing, so we were fed a bunch of lies so we’d fall in line and help ensure hospitals and resources weren’t overwhelmed. The problem is now that we have a clearly flattened curve, the goal posts have moved to testing, tracing and sheltering-in-place in perpetuity. And that, unfortunately, leads many of us to believe that “flattening the curve” was just a nicer way of saying “we want you to submit to our every whim and this is a nice way of getting started while making you think you’re doing something useful.” The curve is clearly flattened. And if that was really the purpose for the wildly destructive measures we were forced to comply with, then we wouldn’t still have to comply with those wildly destructive measures. “Flattening the curve” appears to have been a lie we were told to flatten our initial resistance.


It’s lost on nobody that the experts we’d all love to trust started with “Masks are useless” and have now pivoted a full 180 degrees to “Anyone who isn’t wearing a mask clearly wants people to die.” The fact is, many of you aren’t wearing your masks properly and virtually none of you are caring for them properly. And the experts know this. What’s more, we may as well call them “anti-herd immunity masks” because all they’re really doing is mitigating the one thing that truly could allow us to actually beat this thing: herd immunity. But as the public tires of the fear-mongering that largely hasn’t netted the carnage we were initially threatened with, the “Wear A Mask Or You Hate America” campaign is a useful one for the experts who think you’re an idiot and who value social engineering more than telling the truth. So now they’ve created an environment where sanctimonious Karens and terrified Kareems have their faces plastered with their week-old masks that have become the biological equivalent of toilet paper, and they’re harshly hating you if you’re not doing the same. And it’s all predicated on a lie. Yes, masks do work in many critical situations and environments. But no, scaring 330 million people into improperly wearing and caring for them while ostracizing anyone who fails to comply all in a futile effort that more than anything mitigates the herd immunity that could actually be of some use to us, is not a truthfully asserted suggestion made in good faith from the experts. It’s a distraction and a lie to prolong the fear, and one they’re able to tell with a straight face because they’re convinced that you’re an idiot and social engineering is more important than just being honest with you.


From an earlier piece, “when a person contracts a virus, the resulting antibodies are evidence that they did in fact have the virus and that those antibodies exist primarily to protect them from contracting the same virus again. And that is very common. Today however the media along with their equally corrupt, politically compromised, desperately fear-mongering friends at the WHO are pretending that it would be a freak anomaly if antibodies were actually evidence that a person had COVID-19 already, and would be in any way protected from contracting it again.” Again, this is a lie the experts are promoting because the truth negates from their clearly preferred world where the public lives in a state of perpetual fear and submission.


This is the one that initially inspired me to write today. I’m absolutely petrified by, for example, Governor Abbott of Texas pretending that if we don’t yet have herd immunity then we can re-open in a strategic way that will prevent a spike from occurring. I just can’t fathom why after all the pain and suffering and sensationalized death and destruction we’ve just endured, they’d lie about this one. I mean I know why: It’s because, as noted many times in this piece, they think you’re an idiot and you can’t handle the truth. But the truth is, unless we already established herd immunity, then the virus is still sitting out there waiting for us and no amount of careful planning will stop it from spiking when we get back to any semblance of normal life. And it’s so dangerous and stupid for Abbott and anyone else to pretend like they have a plan that will prevent that from happening. Because when it does happen, what then? The truth would be so much better:

It’s likely still out there. That means we will see significant spikes in cases. But we’ve learned a lot about it over the last few months. Chief among these lessons, the vast majority of you will either have mild symptoms or no symptoms at all. That means the vast majority of you are in no real personal danger. But we also have to take extra care to protect those who are vulnerable to more serious reactions, like the elderly and immunocompromised. So use your judgment and assume the risks as the free individuals you are. But please be particularly careful with respect to the elderly and immunocompromised, and help them protect themselves until we either achieve herd immunity or find a cure.

That’s perfectly fine. But they’re not saying that because they think you’re an idiot, and that you need to be lied to because you can’t handle the truth.


I hate to sound like one of these “The man is lying to you!” types who angrily rejects being “part of your system” and has no qualms yelling “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE GROUND!” (Watch the hilarious video if you don’t get the reference. You could use a laugh!) But I thought about it today, and realized the “experts” truly have been lying to us at every turn. And whether they’re the do-gooder types who think they’re protecting you, or the self-interested types who just want the power and spotlight, they justify the lies by convincing themselves that you can’t handle the truth and lack the common sense and curiosity to actually realize they’re not being straight with you.

And since neither of those things are true of me, I decided to call them out for it and say so out loud.


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