Thankfully, Your Anti-Herd Immunity Mask Is Useless Because You’re Wearing & Caring For It Improperly

My heart breaks for fellow Americans who, having been terrorized for months and now completely paralyzed by fear, refuse to go out in public without wearing masks that the vast majority of them are neither wearing nor caring for properly.

It’s both sad and also infuriating to witness.

Parents walking around Target with masks and stopping every minute or so to “temporarily” flip it inside out (thus exposing it to myriad germs that will now be trapped inside when they put it back on) so they can speak more clearly, followed by their young children who have stopped even pretending to wear the masks and instead have them draped over their ears or foreheads or necks just going along with the novelty of this new accessory.

The young woman who pulls out a mask conveniently tucked away in her bra on her way into the store.

The couple driving around looking for a parking spot whose clearly soiled masks are hanging from the rear view mirror, just waiting to be donned seconds before they hit the entrance for the umpteenth time they’ve been used.

The shopper who wore the mask for a few days and is now annoyed by it but wants you to know he still has it so he’s whipping it around his index finger while he browses the dairy and cheese aisle.

The genius who thinks as long as it’s covering her mouth, she’s good.

Spoiler alert, people: Fresh air is good.

And fresh air is for the most part very clean.

Your week-old mask on the other hand is disgusting and the carelessness with which you treat and use it, makes it all the more so.

What a humiliating national walk of shame this entire COVID-19 spectacle has become for America.

It was bad enough that virtually none among us had the wherewithal to assert even a modicum of skepticism when the media and their friends in academia terrorized our government and corporations into virtually paralyzing our country socially and economically.

It was bad enough when we all stood by as people with otherwise very treatable, very preventable health problems were told to stay home and get sicker (or worse) because our nation and its hospitals and healthcare workers would only be treating and making time for patients with COVID-19.

It was bad enough when, as predicted by many in the grassroots who were ostracized and attacked for their rational and ultimately correct thinking, we began to learn that the death rate was exponentially lower than advertised and the percent of people who had already been infected and didn’t even know it — because COVID-19 for hundreds of millions of us literally means we won’t even have a single, mincey little symptom — was exponentially higher than advertised, and yet we ignored that useful and compelling information and chose instead to stick with “We’re scared out of our minds and won’t stop acting like it until there is no more COVID-19 anywhere on the planet.”

All of that was bad enough!

But now — with absolutely stunning social, economic and health-related collateral damage all around us thanks to highly contagious idiocy and the fear-mongering that compels it — we have to watch as millions of people proudly walk around with masks that might as well be toilet paper at this point splashed across their faces while pretending they’re actually helping to make things better.

And like the media who so easily manipulate and influence them, rather than realize the error of their ways or incur even a shred of introspection when it’s over, they’ll simply congratulate themselves and each other under the false pretense that what they just did together was actually a good thing.

Terrific. Just absolutely, effing terrific.

If we haven’t yet established herd immunity (which it’s entirely possible we’re much closer to than we realize), then the numbers will spike again the second we give it a chance to. Your half-assed soiled masks won’t change a thing. Worn properly by people who appreciate the microscopic qualities of contamination, sure. As I told a friend back on February 27th when he was asking if it’s true, per what “the experts” were pushing at the time, that masks won’t help…

Yes of course masks help. But all the spokespeople out there in the medical community are pretending that’s crazy talk because apparently they got a memo that there may be a shortage of those masks, and so they don’t want people wearing them for preventative purposes even though — obviously — if they keep your germs in, then they will also keep others’ out.

Masks do work. And for the at-risk and immunocompromised, they should and likely will properly wear and care for them. But the general public’s socially bedazzled sprint toward them coupled with their humiliating misuse of them and wildly under-appreciated realization that they’re actually stifling instead of helping achieve herd immunity, is just too frustrating to witness without writing something about it.

And so I did.


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