Media & WHO’s Latest Pro-Terror, Science-Denying Claim: ‘Antibodies Mean Nothing’

In their blatantly obvious quest to inflict as much COVID-19 pain as possible for as long as possible, the media and academia are today claiming that it would be a freak anomaly if having antibodies actually meant a) you already had COVID-19 and b) you are protected from getting it again.

Yes, of course, to some degree you always have to research and confirm precisely what can be expected from antibodies.

But to be very clear: when a person contracts a virus, the resulting antibodies are evidence that they did in fact have the virus and that those antibodies exist primarily to protect them from contracting the same virus again.

And that is very common.

Today however the media along with their equally corrupt, politically compromised, desperately fear-mongering friends at the WHO are pretending that it would be a freak anomaly if antibodies were actually evidence that a person had COVID-19 already, and would be in any way protected from contracting it again.

They are setting a standard, as the media often do, that is miles higher for those they oppose than those they support. If a Democrat were president right now and Resistance Jake Tapper, NeverTrump Chuck Todd and the rest hadn’t spent the last 5 years getting beaten into bloody pulps and weren’t exhausted from all of their losing, they’d be celebrating the apparent ubiquity of COVID-19 antibodies as a tremendously positive and inspiring revelation that means we can safely re-open our nation, get our country back to work, jump-start our economy and put this whole, humiliating chapter behind us.

(Of course if a Democrat were president, or even just an establishment Republican who didn’t threaten the swamp’s power and status quo, none of this national nightmare would’ve ever happened. “COVID-19” would have been a 2-week story that ended with the accurate observation that it ultimately meant nothing more than a tougher-than-usual flu season.)

But because the president is a Republican — no less one who promised to drain the swamp wherein the media survive as parasites — suddenly the word “antibody” no longer means what it always has. And when turns out it does mean what it always has, the media want you to believe that it will be an unprecedented miracle as opposed to the entirely expected and predictable thing that it is.

In partnership with their once-respected friends in academia who have today become almost entirely discredited after decades of bastardizing their math and science in favor of bad faith funding and politics, the U.S. political news media have spent nearly 2 months exploiting the otherwise unremarkable COVID-19 expressly to inflict maximum terror and destruction. And they’ve been very effective.

But as the truth begins to win out — 1) the death rate is statistically on par with the flu, 2) the vast majority of us won’t be affected by it at all let alone in a serious way, 3) we are already much closer to herd immunity than even the most optimistic of us expected — as these realities emerge, the pro-terror wing of the COVID-19 conversation need to keep moving the goal posts to keep the terror flowing. And last week and next week (at a minimum), that means pretending “antibodies” no longer means what it always has, and that it will be a miracle if it turns out it does, and that anybody who says “antibodies” does mean what it always has are clearly science deniers who obviously want people to die.

Just another day at the office for the entirely discredited, disgraced, pathetic, oh-so-tired-of-losing Democrat activists masquerading as impartial journalists in the U.S. political news media. And, as was increasingly evident amid the faceplants they consistently endured thanks to their hilariously wrong doomsday predictions related to climate, just another day at the office for the WHO liberals in academia who have pissed away the credibility of almost the entire institution because they’ve proven there is no pathetic lows to which they will not go in terms of bastardizing once-durable math and science in service to their political narratives and agendas including and seemingly especially with particular dispensation for Communist China.

This isn’t them “being cautious.” This is them being dishonest. And as has been revealed every step of the way throughout the entire walk of shame that’s been our start-to-finish response to COVID-19, the greatest evidence will be the total absence of any of their predictions and fear-mongering coming to pass — except for the social, economic and health-related collateral damage that the media and academia managed to purposefully create by weaponizing the COVID-19 hysteria they manufactured.


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  1. […] You’re right that when masks are properly used they help prevent viral spread. But you assume or imply that masks are being used and cared for properly (among the vast majority of participants they’re not, and if you’re an honest broker than you’ll admit that you know it), and you also assume or imply that stopping the spread is a good thing. As I make clear, if those who aren’t high risk really want to help mitigate the spread, they will go get COVID-19 as fast as possible so they can recover and no longer spread it. And obviously built into that suggestion is that while infected they will take every precaution to not spread it to the elderly and immunocompromised. I do realize the experts are currently pretending that it would be some freak anomaly if having COVID-19 antibodies meant you weren’t able to get it again, but as any honest person will attest, the freak anomaly would be if having antibodies DIDN’T imply immunity. (Wrote about that, too:… […]


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