Jake Tapper Gets Slapped Around On Live TV For Pushing Fake News [VIDEO]

CNN’s Resistance Jake Tapper got smacked around live on his own air as Dr. Deborah Birx called him out for pushing fake news at the public’s expense.

Desperately clinging to the media’s laughable claim that President Trump told people to inject Lysol into their veins (he didn’t), Tapper pressed and pressed and pressed some more until finally Dr. Birx had to explain that her greatest frustration wasn’t anything President Trump said, but the media’s incessant fixation on it.

Of course unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 4 years, you already know this is really the only thing that the U.S. political news media is still capable of…

They 1) select stories they think and hope will hurt President Trump, 2) characterize those stories in what they think and hope will be the most damaging ways possible to President Trump, 3) fabricate the gravity of follow-up stories to keep the conversation going, 4) realize nobody outside of their own echo chamber — aka “The Resistance” — actually believes the hysterical nonsense they’re spewing, and 5) avoid any semblance of accountability or introspective humiliation by pretending it never happened and instead starting over with a new “story” that will follow the exact same course.

So goes the media’s “Trump wants people to inject Lysol” story, which as of this writing is dominating the news cycle for a third straight day.

And always a faithful leader of fake news in service to the swamp wherein he’s a parasite still clinging to what’s left of his pathetic life, CNN’s Resistance Jake Tapper did his best today to humiliate Dr. Deborah Birx by making her answer for something that never actually happened.

And her response, rather than to dignify Resistance Jake’s ridiculous narrative, was to remind him that it’s not her fault or President Trump’s that the story is circulating so wide and deep for so long, thereby distracting from more important stories.

It’s the media’s fault.


(Also of note, Tapper ends the interview with the dishonest media’s increasingly popular “But let’s move on” technique, which basically amounts to a host saying “I heard your answer and still say you’re an idiot but rather than let you swing back at me, let’s move on.” I further highlight and describe the technique in a post you can read here.)

It’s because of the media that this story is as big as it is. Anyone who heard President Trump ask about using UV rays internally to help kill the virus knew exactly what he was talking about. He was talking about using UV rays internally to help kill the virus.

But the media wanted audiences to conflate that with “He wants you to inject Lysol in your veins.”

And so they started pushing it nonstop on-air, in print, and on social media. And eventually their idiot corporate partners in political pile-ons (this time, Lysol) did their part by releasing a statement saying “Don’t inject our deadly product in to your veins.”

And for the record, he didn’t help much either with his ill-advised “it was sarcasm” defense. It was actually a perfectly fair inquiry and I’m not sure why President Trump sometimes lets the media bully him out of the posture from which he is so regularly so well served: unafraid, unabashed honesty.

But from there it was blasted all across the media every minute of every hour for days on end.


And now, thanks to the media, tens of millions more people who would have never thought to inject Lysol in their veins, have heard that someone somewhere must be suggesting it. And of those tens of millions of people, a few might be really sick. And out of those few who might be really sick, a few might be rabid idiots. And of those rabid idiots, a few might decide to try it.

President Trump didn’t do that.

Dr. Birx didn’t do that.

Resistance Jake Tapper, NeverTrump Chuck Todd and the rest of their disgraced and discredited media pals along with the millennials who run Lysol’s PR arm and thought it’d be kind of hilarious to pile on — they did it.

They’re the ones who took what was an entirely fair yet unremarkable and otherwise ignored few words at a press briefing and, in their zeal to attack President Trump, amplified those words in to what’s become an “idea” that no American could avoid hearing if they wanted to.

As noted in another piece from a few months ago also, go figure, about Resistance Jake…

It always amused me when people like Resistance Jake Tapper or others in the media would claim: “We don’t choose the stories. The stories choose us. All we’re doing is reporting what’s going on in the world. That’s our job.”

It amused me because they literally write the headlines. They choose exactly what stories to cover and as has become painfully obvious to anyone with a pulse, they also choose the narratives attached to those stories and how every twist and turn is characterized throughout the 24×7 news cycle.

They’re the ones who chose to turn this nothingburger in to a days-long story that resulted in exponentially more air time and coverage than it would have ever gotten in a million years without their pathetic piling on to make something out of nothing.

And it also appears that there was some veracity to President Trump’s entirely fair-minded inquiry: we know light reflects and bends. And we know UV rays disinfect generally. And now we know that UV rays also appear to kill the COVID-19 virus. So why not ask whether or not those UV rays can possibly work intravenously?

It’s a perfectly plausible question to anyone operating with good faith and deference to the wonders of science and medicine. But the media along with their corporate partners (again, in this case, Lysol) saw an opportunity to pile on and try to humiliate President Trump — and so they went for it. And in doing so they mischaracterized what he actually said, presenting their version to the tens of millions of Americans who wouldn’t have otherwise heard anything about it. And in mischaracterizing what he actually said, they planted the seed in the minds of other Americans — some of whom are perhaps unwell both physically and mentally — that maybe just maybe there’s something to this “injecting Lysol in our veins” thing.

Meanwhile, as it turns out, a respected and publicly-traded company called AYTU Bioscience has actually been working on using UV lights to treat COVID-19 patients, in part by injecting UV lights to treat their lungs where the virus does the most damage. You can learn more about their work by clicking here.

But don’t let Twitter or Google (YouTube) find out there might be a company working diligently within the incredible confines of math and science to develop a treatment for COVID-19 that would negate from the media’s dishonest, divisive and destructive anti-Trump narrative. Because if Twitter and/or Google find out, they’ll suspend that account and remove their videos!

Oops. Too late, I guess.

Just another day at the office for the media and their bad faith pals who want America as sick and scared as possible for as long as possible. And who, in pursuit of that ongoing act of terror, will lie about President Trump and do everything they can to hurt him and anyone who dares to support or even just accidentally defend him.

This is why some of us who once cringed when Trump called the media “the enemy of the people,” now agree. And it appears that the media themselves may be making true believers out of even people like Dr. Birx and Dr. Fauci, too.


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