CNN’s Sanjay Gupta Humiliates Himself While Trying & Failing To Justify COVID-19 Hysteria [VIDEO]

CNN’s liberal Democrat activist masquerading as a credible physician, Sanjay Gupta, made a fool of himself yet again. And it marks the umpteenth time Gupta has exploited the authority of his medical license in service to a partisan, political agenda that actually does more to harm people than to help them.

Today’s on-air faceplant occurred while he was trying to justify the media-driven national panic attack that our nation has endured since COVID-19 arrived on the scene. A viewer sent in a question:

We have had coronaviruses in the past (SARS, MERS). How is Covid-19 different from the other coronaviruses? Why didn’t we have to take such drastic measures such as lockdowns for SARS and MERS?

A good question. A very good question. Especially as with each passing day it’s becoming more evident that the myriad social, economic and health-related collateral damage caused by our national panic attack over COVID-19 was completely unjustified.

Gupta started his answer by saying two factors really drive the response to a virus:

1). How contagious — aka transmissible — a virus is

2). How deadly a virus is

Okay, fair enough. But here’s the problem.

By the time he finished his answer the two factors looked like this:

1). How contagious — aka transmissible — a virus is

2). How contagious — aka transmissible — a virus is

Because as many of us long predicted the death rate for COVID-19 increasingly appears to be statistically on par with the flu, Gupta knew he couldn’t use that to justify the destructive and draconian response that he and his pals at CNN have spent the last 7 weeks demanding and celebrating.

And so he just memory-holed that factor entirely.

Despite correctly identifying “death rate” as a vital factor at the start of his answer, by the end he laughably and magically turned “contagious” and “transmissibility” into the two separate factors that mattered most.


We started with two factors: transmissibility and death rate. But because one of those factors now clearly counters the political narrative and agenda that Gupta and his media pals are pushing, he just completely wiped that one off the map and hoped viewers were too stupid to notice. And because it’s CNN, sadly, many or even most probably were.

Just another day at the office for the fake news, fear-mongering, create-as-much-pain-as-possible cast and crew who make up the U.S. political news media.


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  1. He knows that the true believers will take what he says as gospel and expect to find it etched on stone tablets at the social distancing olympics.
    After all he wears a white coat and camped out at Marxist U. in an expensive flight from the real world.


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