Media Mock 2 Dead WuFlu Skeptics; Ignore 75M Skeptics & 250M Hysterics Who Lived

Fresh off their anti-anecdotal evidence and pro-sanctity of life campaigns, the media today are dancing on the graves of 2 Americans whose deaths are anecdotal evidence of what they want to portray as proven science.

The COVID-19 related deaths of John W. McDaniel and Joe Joyce have both been essentially mocked by the media because both men at some point expressed skepticism with regard to the virus’s seriousness.

The tweet below captures just 2 of the many headlines written about each:

And you can’t go anywhere on social media today without your most virtue-signally friends pushing the notion that these 2 men dying from COVID-19 prove that our draconian response to it is justified and that anyone who denies that is an idiot.

Here are just two of the problems with that…

There are still somewhere in the neighborhood of 75 million other Americans who also think our response to COVID-19 has been overblown, and that when the data is complied in even a marginally respectable way it will reveal a death rate statistically on par with the flu.

And those 75 million Americans are still very much alive.

What’s more, there are around 250 million Americans who are utterly convinced that COVID-19 was going to spend March killing them and their families, and that 23 days into April their deaths are surely just around the corner.

And those 250 million Americans are also still very much alive.

But low and behold the media have found 2 — yes, two — whole people who correctly asserted skepticism with respect to our national panic attack, and that’s all the “proof” the media and their faithful need to insist that the panic attack and all of its collateral damage (social, economic, and health-related) has been totally worth it.

The media are holding up 2 deaths as evidence to prove their point, while ignoring the other ~325 million people whose skepticism and/or hysteria were not met with an untimely demise.

This is the same media that spent the last 6-7 weeks lambasting President Trump for hoping, based largely on anecdotal evidence, that hydroxychloroquine could help treat COVID-19 patients. And it’s the same media that spent the last 6-7 weeks implicitly signalling that any one COVID-19 death is as tragic as one hundred deaths from any other cause.

But as usual, their own rules don’t apply if those rules get in the way of their narrative. And so mocking the anecdotal stories behind two COVID-19 related deaths so they can be held up by their readers as evidence of proven science, is just another day at the office for the disgraced and discredited U.S. political news media.


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